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Chapter 80 Ape dung

One by one.

this group of people is also open-minded. They broke off all kinds of orifices, crushed them, and slowly explained to Wei Yi.

at this time, Wei Yi suddenly found that there were so many ways in this file.

it's even more complicated than he thought!

but these people are really fast.

are all experts.

so in just two days, more than 120 people mixed in these hundreds of papers have been selected for the conspiracy.

it can be said that in these two days, Wei Yi is about to figure out all the tricks in the file.

after all the artificial files have been withdrawn, the remaining hundreds of files are really big heads.

because these are all vague.

if you really want to observe carefully, you have to make a real field visit.

'among the following, please find the most obvious and easy to detect.'

'I have been resting in this study. I really should do my duty and make a field trip.'

hearing Wei Yi's request, the three people quickly gave the answer.

the boss recommended by them came to Wei Yiding with a file:

'Taoist priest, please look at this one.'

seeing that they got it out so quickly, Wei Yi was also a little surprised:

'Oh? Let me see it quickly.'

'... Well, let's talk to you, sir.'

he just wanted to have a look, but when he thought that there were professionals in front of him, he decided not to make a fool of himself.

the scholar did nothing else, but turned a few pages of this volume and put it in front of Wei Yi:

'Taoist priest, please look at this door.'

'the hazy ones are definitely the most conspicuous, although they are written in a mysterious way.'

'because what the people at the bottom like most is to attribute some massacres to bandits.'

'it's like that group of Qiu Ba killed Liang, which is actually very common.'

Wei Yi, the scholar, did not hide his contempt for soldiers in the slightest.

after all, it's true.

in these days, everyone who can be a Taoist is knowledgeable.

so really speaking, the status of Taoist in the literati class is actually very high.

'please give me some advice'

the document then continued to explain:

'this is a massacre of hundreds of people.'

'logically speaking, major events at this level basically require the government to send troops to suppress bandits.'

'but the strange thing is here, because in the records, after this happened, the government just sent people to rectify the civil order, and arrested some hooligans.'

'this thing is extremely illogical.'

'and later, it was said that some people asked Taoists to practice transcendence, which is the core.'

'so I judge that this should be the most obvious and easiest thing to explore among all the files.'

'after all, hundreds of people have been killed. Even if the family's house has been deserted, there will still be omissions.'

'I believe the Taoist priest should be able to find out the secret soon.'

this matter is confirmed.

Wei Yi held the file in his hand, and then took Wang Erniu with him to the door of the yamen gate.

this time it is a tolerance.

so they are also riding the carriage in the Yamen towards the outside.

the goal this time is in the north of the city.

the two didn't linger much, and soon came to the residential area in the north of the city.

to the North District.

the two people walked directly to the Zheng house where no one lived.

as for why we can accurately locate, we have to talk about the land snake king and cattle.

it's normal to inquire and know more.

'crunchy ~

Wang Erniu pushed the broken door in front of him.

however, with his push.

that gate fell towards the back.


the originally broken gate, now sleeping on the ground, has turned into eight petals.

it is estimated that it is useless.

seeing this scene, Wang Erniu hurriedly thought of Wei Yi and explained:

'Taoist priest, it's not... I... I...'


watching him explain in such a hurry, Wei Yi shook his head indifferently:

'it's just a shabby wooden door, and walked forward.'


they crossed this gate.

the destination is a very large and shabby house.

dense spider web.

walk past, and the dust is scattered, not for those who choke.


'Taoist priest, slow down, let the villain go to the front to clean up.'

Wang Erniu took his hands and fanned them in front of him. He found a broom and began to clean the only way.

Wei Yi opened his eyes and looked in all directions.

'this place is indeed gloomy.'

'is it true that there are ghosts and gods living here?'

when he looked around.

suddenly, a dark wind came from the distance.

then, he saw a virtual figure holding a steel fork suddenly appear.

this is also an acquaintance!

looking behind, I saw a white paper sedan chair suddenly floating in the distance.

it has been flying more than two feet above the ground, swinging, as if it were fragile.

in a short time, it fell into this courtyard.

Peng! !

the paper sedan chair makes a sound when it falls to the ground.

then I saw the curtain of the sedan chair, which was suddenly lifted, and out came a young Taoist in Purple:

'Taoist friends, wait a minute!'

'I don't mean any harm. I just want to make friends with Taoist friends.'

while talking, the Taoist in purple suddenly pointed to the paper sedan chair carrying him.


a black light flashed.

when the paper sedan chair, which was much taller than that person, gradually shrunk and finally became a size, it was included in the sleeve of the purple Taoist.

seeing this scene, Wei Yi was alert.

the monks who serve rampant soldiers have a little special temperament, and they are prone to murderous and evil people.

and this person's appearance is so strange.

that's even more important!

Wei Yi slightly narrowed his eyes, then his hands shrank in his big sleeves, and then slowly said:

'the heart of making friends is really strong.'

'it was unexpectedly able to leave the Dharma altar of the ancient battlefield in place and look for poverty alone.'

'I'm really flattered.'

the Taoist in purple subconsciously glanced at Wei Yi's sleeve from the corner of his eye, and his eyes were much dignified.

he knows.

if there is really a disagreement, he will be hit by Wei Yi.

however, since he can talk, he will be given a chance. With talk, there will be the possibility of cooperation.

so he hurriedly explained:

'Taoist friends misunderstood. In fact, I came here for the fierce ghost of Zheng's house.'

'who knows we met here? It's really fate. I'm Chen Dongxing. I'm willing to explore the nest with my Taoist friends.'


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