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Chapter 82 like drawn to like

Fortunately, Chen Dongxing is a master of Dharma and can perfectly control the rampant soldiers refined by himself.

if ordinary mages did this, it is estimated that the soldiers under them would have rebelled long ago.

I really think that the rampant soldiers of the Fifth Battalion are not good ghosts. If ordinary monks are employed, they will not travel without flesh and blood.

even backfire on the master in the end!

hearing Wei Yi's praise, Chen Dongxing seemed to be very dismissive:

'I can't be so praised by my friends.'

'it's just some magic. Next, it's up to Taoist friends.'

hearing Chen Dongxing's words, Wei Yi nodded:

'it should be so.'

he had already sensed something wrong in the hall.

then, with the three mountain seals on his left hand and the sword finger on his right hand pointing diagonally to the sky, he recited a few mantras:

'Tai Chi moon, condensed true form.'


drink it out of his mouth.

it seems that there is an inexplicable force that spreads from him in all directions.

then, something surprising suddenly appeared.

only see the direction pointed by Wei Yi's right sword finger, it seems that there is a virtual shadow of a full moon, with the guidance of his sword finger.

there seems to be a constant source of water vapor in the air gathering in his hands.

in a moment.

the left hand holding the Sanshan formula has an ice bowl like a white jade at the moment.

the more water vapor gathered, the more silvery it became under Wei Yi's sword finger.

Wei Yi breathed into the moonlight.

then spit out at the water bowl in your hand:

'Hoo ~

something magical happened.

the water bowl in your hand was originally silver beads, but now it turned out to be like mercury.

seeing this scene, Chen Dongxing, who has been watching the action, couldn't help taking a deep breath:

'hiss... The achievements of Taoist friends in the way of water travel are indeed unfathomable.'

'it's really an eye opener for me to be able to attract this Taiyin water in the daytime.'

the sun and moon are the origin of heaven and earth.

not everyone is qualified to absorb the essence of the sun and the moon.

if you really dare to absorb it, I'm afraid you can't escape a word of death, and it's still the kind that even gods and souls no longer exist!

Wei Yi didn't care about Chen Dongxing's admiration. The white jade water bowl in his hand was splashed on the pine and bamboo landscape map above the hall.



with the water of the Taiyin splashed on the pine and bamboo map in front of the hall that night.

on that drawing, there was a sound of white paper being torn, followed by a series of zips.

it's like arsenic splashed on the water.

this scene really attracted Chen Dongxing's eyes, and the two people just stared at each landscape map quietly.

sure enough.

they both guessed right.

with the moonlight in that bowl of water, it is gradually absorbed by the landscape.

a vortex suddenly appeared on the wall.

it's like an opening in a world that attracts others to enter.

Wei Yi and Chen Dongxing looked at each other, and then walked towards the vortex in front:


both sides are fleeting.

in a short time, two people have been lost in the real world.

and miraculously, there are two more villains on the landscape picture hanging on the wall.

it looks very abrupt!

into a vortex.

at a glance, I found that the whole world was confused and deep, which seemed to be similar to the dead field of old man Li.

seeing this scene, Chen Dongxing, who has been more knowledgeable, explained:

'this is the gap between yin and Yang, a small fragment between yin and Yang.'

'generally, if you want to open up a gap between yin and Yang, you need a ghost vein connecting Yin and hell under the ground.'

'unexpectedly, there is still a gap between yin and Yang in this small Zheng family. It seems that their ancestors are not ordinary people ~

those who can open up the gap between yin and yang are likely to be powerful mages.

the yin-yang gap sounds very high, but it also has different sizes. Obviously, this place is not big.

at most, it is only as big as a basketball court. It looks like a secret room.

two people walked quickly, but found that there seemed to be several hard chains cut off by others in the most central position.

and it's on the lock surface.

it seems that there is still blood evil Yin that has not dissipated!

seeing this scene, Wei Yi and Chen Dongxing both became a little silent.

Wei Yi gently pinched the very strong iron chain, and then said:

'it seems that there is a mistake in the guess.'

'we two may be late.'

'the time to see this thing should be the accident that occurred on the night of the massacre three years ago.'

'the fierce ghost is gone, and the dark hand behind it has also left, and all traces have disappeared.'

it is almost difficult to explore the cause of such things that have passed for twoorthree years and the traces have been eliminated by others.

if it is an ordinary ghost, it will definitely stay where it is.

but obviously.

there is another reason for the extermination of the Zheng family!

there was a moment of silence between the two.

then they looked at each other, and there seemed to be joy in their eyes.

therefore, Chen Dongxing first tentatively asked:

'shall we divide it?'

hearing his words, Wei Yizhong nodded:

'you should be so!'

'genius earth treasure, where those with virtue live, who can achieve those with virtue except you and me in the presence?'

then the two men started.

Wei Yi's action is very simple, and then the five golden armor gods constantly absorb the yin-yang gap, which comes from the pure Yin-Qi source of the underworld.

at the same time, he also constantly painted lines on his Taoist robe, and constantly strengthened his Taoist robe.

although his movements are small.

but the Yin Qi in the whole yin-yang gap seems to have been attracted by him, and the momentum is very huge.


compared with him, Chen Dongxing is more arrogant. Compared with him, Wei Yi is simply like a witch sees a witch.

Chen Dongxing first took out a token from his pocket.

then he bit his finger, wrote a picture on the token, and muttered strange words that others did not understand:

% ×Ψ& amp; amp;*?& amp; amp;… '

' Chi! '

as the last edict sounded.

countless strange cries came from all directions.

if someone looked in all directions outside Zheng's house, he would see countless shadows floating in the grass and trees.

just like the soldiers besieging the enemy.

after these rampant soldiers were summoned by Chen Dongxing, they flew one by one towards the picture.

' ow... '

' sobing! Woo... '

' roar... '


strange sound audio appears.

at this time, Wei Yi looks over again, only to see this gloomy, shadowy figure of more than a thousand!

each is green faced fangs.

swords, halberds, axes, hooks and forks, look very organized.

wait until a incense time passes.

both of them are smiling, and come out of the Yin and Yang.

look back.

Only to see that a landscape map has become broken, it seems to have the air leakage.

it must have been beyond the imagination of the predecessors hundreds of years ago that there would be descendants who would go so far.

it's three feet tall.

unable to find benefits, he even didn't let go of Yin Qi. When he walked, he even pried away the tiles and soil between yin and Yang.

what's the difference between this and going to people's homes to breathe their air?

I'm not particular about it!

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