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Chapter 9 Water ghosts pull people

Lao Zhang is naturally an honest man.

my grandparents sold peaches here, which can be said to be honest and make money.

who doesn't say he's a good friend in the neighborhood?

but partial.

when you know the day, you sell a cart full of peaches, and your family's life gets better and better. It can be said to be a steaming day.

but he felt a little uncomfortable.

'the Taoist priest said that I have had twists and turns recently.'

'but I'm a small peach farmer. I spend all day in the peach forest. Where can there be any twists and turns?'

'can there be a sudden disaster?'

Lao Zhang squatted in his own yard, smashing rotten peach stones while smoking his own dry tobacco bag, feeling a little bored.

of course, he is not a strange Wei Yi.

after all, the Taoist priest knew that he was destined and capable.

and he is honest, not stupid.

it is obvious that people say it because he is kind and gives some peaches to the Taoist priest to quench his thirst.


an ordinary Taoist who has nothing to do with you may say to you: 'the secret of heaven must not be revealed.'

if you meet a monk, people may give you an edge.

only those who go to the bottom can truly feel the kindness of others.

at this time, a woman in a small flowered jacket came over. Although she didn't have the appearance of a country or a city, she had the unique simplicity of the villagers:

'what are you muttering about, the head of the family?'

'come and have dinner quickly. Today I made a turtle specially.'

hear this.

Lao Zhang, who was just depressed, was instantly revived with blood.

'did you make turtle?'

'this is a big tonic!'

'call some children to drink turtle soup together.'

Lao Zhang knocked his cigarette bag pole, patted his ass, and immediately forgot the matter.

after all, turtle is not a cheap thing.

if you can wear a small flowered jacket and eat turtle, you can know that Lao Zhang and his family are rich peasants.

after dinner.

after the family had a lively chat for a long time, Lao Zhang also packed his bags and wanted to go to the peach forest opposite.

taolinzi is not close to home.

if he doesn't watch at night, there may be a thief stealing peaches.

I don't care about eating oneortwo during the day.

but when you steal at night, you steal a lot, that is, you are digging into his lifeblood. You have to guard your food.

the night is quiet.

the dark clouds in the sky also gradually cover the moon, which can be said to be out of sight.

the first midnight.

at the end of the night, Lao Zhang felt sleepy.

I don't sleep as well as before.

half asleep, I heard my ears chirping, as if someone was chatting.

the original sound is very complicated.

when he hears it, he is talking. It makes his head grow up! of

if he is awake, he must carry the sole of his shoe and go out to ask who is crying and Howling here in the middle of the night.

but the problem is.

at this time, he was half asleep and half awake. He wanted to wake up, and there was noise in his ears.

that will make Lao Zhang angry!

I don't know what happened. He was very upset and still confused. He suddenly said:

'if you want to speak clearly.'

'what are you talking about?'

it's OK.

as soon as this remark was made, the noise that was still very complicated suddenly became lighter.

seems to be disappearing slowly.

just when he thought he could have a good sleep, he found that the very noisy and inaudible voice in his ear turned into a conversation between two people!

a voice was very thick and seemed to be complaining:

'how's brother Shuigui doing recently? I'm really getting more and more sad these days. No one comes to offer incense. My life is becoming more and more bitter. My mouth has no taste. I'm almost fading out of a bird.'

the other side.

a very gloomy but somewhat sharp voice sounded:

'brother stone, you don't know your blessings. You have landed, and I am still in the river.'

this seems to open the conversation.


the owner of that gloomy and sharp voice suddenly lowered his voice mysteriously:

'brother stone, I tell you quietly that I got the secret today and learned the secret in advance. I can't say that I will go ashore at this time tomorrow.'

'I'll take refuge in your brother. We can have fun, too, can't we?'

brother Shitou seemed curious, and asked in the same low voice:

'brother, what secret mystery did you get? Can you tell me?'

hear him.

the water ghost brother chuckled and seemed to be very proud:

'I don't know.'

'those of us who are water ghosts are struggling in the water day and night. It is gloomy and wet all day.'

'but tomorrow will be different.'

'at a quarter to three tomorrow afternoon, a middle-aged man with some baldness will come. He will shake the iron pot on his head. At that time, he will be thirsty and squat down by the Xiliang River to drink.'

'he is our substitute.'

'when we take him down to replace us, we don't have to be subject to the river, and we don't have to work hard to find Bala, so we can talk to brother stone...'

at last, the voice became lower and lower, and we couldn't hear the voice in a while.

at this time.

Lao Zhang also woke up suddenly.

he opened the cabin where he guarded the peach tree and went out with a peach stick in his hand.

but when he looked around, he didn't find anything strange.

let alone human.

not even a ghost!

he was really sleepy. Lao Zhang went back to close his door and began to fall asleep.

but somehow, what he said last night seemed to be a needle, which pierced his heart and made him a little afraid.


during the day, Lao Zhang went back early, ate his breakfast quickly, and squatted down at the Xiliang river.

today he has to see whether he had a dream last night or really heard some strange words.

he has to see if there is such a person.

there is a specific description of the body shape, the iron pot on the top of the head, and three steps. Can this be a normal person?


there are also several village households along the Xiliang river. Is it not good to beg for hot tea? I have to come and drink a mouthful of the river.

If yesterday was really a water ghost.

this person is really like this today. He is really in a hurry to reincarnate.

took a few puffs of dry smoke.

Lao Zhang looked up at the sun and wiped the sweat on his head:

'it's getting better and better. Is there anyone else coming? It's time to wait a little longer. It's three quarters past noon.'

tell the truth.

at this time, Lao Zhang really thought more and regretted more. He was really knocked out of his skull by a stick before he did such a tasteless thing.

just as he patted the dust on his buttocks and was about to leave, he saw a figure suddenly flashing from the Xiliang river opposite him.

check carefully.

a middle-aged man with thin hair, who can be the protagonist discussed last night?

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