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Chapter 91 The remnant Party of the old era

Chen Dongxing has great momentum.

but Wei Yi, who has been completely released, is also not small.

the sound of waves appears from the ground.

just between breathing, the ground has been covered with thick ice.

suddenly, the ice layer under the ground suddenly broke, and a water flow like a waterfall appeared.

fierce and abnormal.


countless spikes appear from the ground.

every occurrence is accompanied by countless ice crystals, which are very sharp and cold.

just looking at it, I feel that the spirit seems to be frozen.

the whole yard was dyed silver.

even the underground ice crystals are still growing, and then spread in all directions.

a full moon is floating in the sky.

there seems to be silver gas faintly, falling from the moon.

the inexplicable chill is getting colder.

the old wizard and the Taoist, both of whom are holding their bodies tightly at the moment, shivering.

the eyes of the two people were full of shock.

'this... This, this is the fairy.'

'fear... Fear!'


at the moment, Wei Yi and Chen Dongxing did not care about the two wounded people next to them.

Wei Yi's fingers touch in front of him.


a series of blue crystal runes suddenly appeared in his hands.

even absorbed the power of the moonlight, and it seems that there are some inexplicable blessings, making them brighter and more mysterious.

I can only see countless ice crystal runes floating beside Wei Yi.

with a wave of his hand, countless exorcisms appeared around him again, each as huge as a door plank.

it makes the demons shudder at a glance.

Wei Yi opened his mouth to Chen Dongxing and shouted:

'don't keep your hand, kill at one stroke!'

'once we wake him up, I'm afraid we can't make any good.'

Chen Dongxing also nodded.

just so.

as a result, the whole courtyard seemed to become a battlefield for gods and demons.

ice crystals, snowflakes, ghosts and gods.

ghosts walk at night, and the wind howls.

the talismans all over the sky seem to be free of money, which are enlightened by Wei Yishou.

at this time, let alone the two wounded people who are on the sidelines. Even Chen Dongxing, who has always been the main force, couldn't help opening his mouth at the moment.

good guy.

before others draw the talisman, they need to bathe and clean their bodies, and then step on the gangdou. They also have to choose auspicious times and auspicious days.

even have to take advantage of the spirit of heaven and earth.

such a troublesome step may not succeed every time.

Wei Yi is good. The talisman in his hand is just like those who don't need money. At any time, countless blue Ying ice crystal talisman appear.

although it is as thin as cicada wings, it makes people dare not look down on it.

it's amazing!

of course, the two people broke out such a powerful killing skill, but the ghosts and gods also failed to make timely resistance.

after all, he is a ghost with a little brain problems.

if you can't kill him at one time, maybe you can wake him up.

but partial.

these two people are the kind of honest young man.

so it's natural to be ruthless.


a roar to the sky.

the surrounding courtyard walls were knocked down when everyone was fighting.


the ghost never struggled again.

the black gas that seemed to break through the sky also gradually dissipated in the world.

countless fine ice marks suddenly appeared on the open eyes.

it is obvious that his spirit has been frozen by the cold of the Taiyin, and it is eternal silence.

seeing this scene, Wei Yi and Chen Dongxing breathed a sigh of relief:

'Hoo ~

Wei Yi was glad that there was a chill in the water, and he could imperceptibly freeze his body and soul.

this head is taken.

and Chen Dongxing breathed a sigh of relief for the end of this ghost.

he doesn't care who killed him.

just get the body at last.

but even if it was like this, when he saw the cold ice in the ghost, his pupils couldn't help shrinking.

'this chill...'

although the attack on the surface is very important.

but the hidden erosion is more difficult.

especially Wei Yi.

countless lands will be frozen during each battle, and they have been trapped by him before the start of the war, which makes them weaker and weaker.

until the end of the ice.

looking at the fallen ghost, Wei Yi made a sigh at this time:

'this is the end of the generation of ghosts and gods, sad, lamentable ~

hearing Wei Yi's sigh, Chen Dongxing shook his head and expressed a different opinion:

' this may be the best for him. '

'they are just the remnants of the old era, and the new era can't carry their boats.'

'even if we don't fight today, the Daqian court will still send generals to suppress it. This is not their era.'

when talking about this, Chen Dong walked in front of the ghost and gently closed his still open eyes:

'rest with the country, this ghost is also admirable, and its loyalty naturally needs no more words.'

'if in his heyday, we two might just be the food in his mouth, and he won't pay attention at all.'

'unfortunately, the turn of the times, he is no longer him, and then let him continue to live in ignorance, it is just a stain on the once ghost.'

'this era has changed after all ~

at the end, Chen Dongxing waved his hand.

the rampant soldiers behind him quickly surrounded this ghost and God, just for a moment.

the huge figure of ghosts and gods has disappeared in front of everyone.

speed is a must!

looking at him, he sighed, but with his first-class hand speed, Wei Yi's mouth couldn't help but evoke an arc.

after just chatting for a while, the two people walked behind.

and at this time.

just those two half dead guys, now we are staggering to stand up.

when they saw Wei Yi coming, they held hands and shouted:

'I've seen two predecessors!'

'met two predecessors!'


looking at their performance, Wei Yi also waved his hand, so that they didn't have to be too polite:

'Feng Quan ran away with people.'

'please tidy up for a while.'

'there is also a master with bright lights, so he doesn't have to worry too much. After all, the culprit has been removed, and the matter of exceeding the time limit can be handled slowly.'

'although what Feng Quan promised is likely to fail, if you bring the news to Zhao Yue, the county magistrate, he should say something.'

'let's follow up first.'

'after all, this is also a ghost in ancient times. Even if he is weak, he is not a mortal can resist.'

after that, a cloud suddenly appeared under Wei Yi's feet, and then flew away in the distance in front of the public.

see Wei Yi's action.

Chen Dongxing is naturally not willing to be outdone.

the light purple robe on his body suddenly stirred up and made a strong noise in the wind.


only a mass of Yin Qi suddenly appeared from his body, turned into a violent wind, rolled it up, and chased after Wei Yi.

'I'll come too!'

after that, the whole person disappeared into the sky.

finally, only two people looked at each other.

are bosses so wayward these days?

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Do you think I look like an immortal] online and go to the source website for reading.