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Chapter 92 Draw the blind box again

Wei Yi flew quickly in front of him, and the strong wind made his robe rattle.

at this time.

a cloud suddenly appeared behind Wei Yi, and then quickly flew in his direction.

the speed is very fast, and there is a trend of overtaking in curves.


in the next moment, that cloud has gone hand in hand with Wei Yi.

then the cloud drifted in the other direction, and Wei Yi followed it.

after a while.

Chen Dongxing, who has been surrounded by clouds, suddenly approached Wei Yi, and then asked with a depressed face:

'it's only a short time, how can they run so fast?'

'can't they also fly?'

'but there seems to be something wrong in this direction.'

'I remember if I go further, it will be a swamp. Can I leave here?'

hearing Chen Dongxing's words, Wei Yi, who was above the clouds, was suddenly stunned, and then stopped.

then he was a little surprised and asked:

'isn't it their trace located by Taoist friends?'

hearing Wei Yi's inquiry, Chen Dongxing was also stunned at the moment, and then asked back:

'isn't it the leader led by Daoyou?'

hearing this, Wei Yi shook his head in embarrassment:

'I thought my Taoist friends were leading the way. After all, I followed my Taoist friends.'

well, that's all.

at the moment, two people don't know what happened.

these two people think that the other party is leading the way.

as a result, they ran against each other and didn't know where to go for a long time.

after thinking about it, the two people looked at each other in embarrassment, and then issued several dry smiles:

'ah, ha ha! Ha ha!...'

Chen Dong smiled, and then said:

'find their trace first, and I'll find their trace now.'

'in the dark, they can't run far.'

after that, he did it quickly.

in an instant, an equally Mini villain suddenly appeared on Chen Dongxing's forehead.


the whole person was divided into thousands, turned into countless virtual shadows, and flew in all directions:

'search heaven and earth!'

in an instant, the dark yellow light flashed from his forehead, and then it spread in all directions.

after a stick of incense, Chen Dongxing slowly opened his eyes.

at this time, the two of them were very tacit, and did not mention the embarrassing experience of gang.

I only saw Chen Dongxing say:

'although the direction is a little wrong, it's not much different.'

'friends, come with me!'

after that, he flew in the opposite direction.

smoke and cloud rolling.

although it doesn't have the momentum of ghosts and gods, it doesn't look like I'm an orthodox fairy family.

looking at the direction of his flight, Wei Yi subconsciously pulled out the corner of his mouth and didn't know where to spit.

is there little difference in direction?

this is simply the opposite.

is outrageous.

feelings have been flying in the sky for so long, and neither of them has found the right direction.

no wonder he feels a little out of line.

thinking of this, Wei Yi quickly followed.

Baiyun is still stable, but the speed is really amazing.

fortunately, it is in the sky.

otherwise, there may be another legend of ghosts and gods in the village.


after floating in the sky for a period of time, Chen Dongxing, who led the way in front, finally pressed down the clouds.

see this scene.

Wei Yi also fell towards the bottom.

look around at this time. It's not far from Qingyang City.

fall on the ground.

Wei Yi looked at the carriages and the guards who had been guarding around, and shook his head compassionately:


'fate has already quietly marked everything with a price.'

'how can there be such a good thing if you just want to enjoy success but don't want to take responsibility?'

look around.

I only saw dozens of servants holding fire handles and knife soldiers who had lost their temperature at the moment.

everyone who dies is very ferocious.

it's like being tortured by some terror.

open the curtain of the carriage.

inside the huge carriage is Feng Quan's family.

everyone has big eyes, big mouth, and wrinkled skin.

the body is surrounded by damaged souls.

I don't know which demon god they promised to make such a terrible scene.

Wei Yi doesn't know much about this, but he can't stand being surrounded by Chen Dongxing, who practices the way of rampant soldiers.

he just glanced at it, and then decided what kind of means it was:

'this is the yin-yang life and death contract.'

'used to be the voucher used by ancient Shang ghosts and gods to trade with each other.'

'later, I don't know which genius created it. Countless spells were added to it, forming this ghost contract.'

'however, although I don't know the identity of that person, people agree that it is a certain ancestor of the hell.'

'because the contract in charge now is the one of yin and Yang inn!'

when talking about this, even Chen Dongxing couldn't help showing a trace of fear on his face:

'this contract is very strong.'

'not only money, but even life and Qi can be used as the cost of transactions.'

'no wonder Feng Quan was able to get rich all the way, and his life was complete. It turned out that he signed a yin-yang life and death contract with that ghost.'

'after all, apart from the Yin and Yang Inn, only the ghosts and gods of the ancient Shang Dynasty can take it out.'

even life and gas can be traded?

this contract is a little too powerful.

even Wei Yi's thinking of recalling at this time is somewhat divergent.

if this contract is obtained by ordinary people in the material world, there may be a yin-yang inn that exchanges the life of Qi and fortune.




opened the box on the carriage.

I only saw that the box was not real gold and silver, agate pearls, and even a large part of antique calligraphy and painting.

although these things are relatively few.

but it is almost half of the property of Feng Zhai.

seeing this scene, Wei Yi is tut! tut! He said aloud:

'with so many standard gold and silver, it seems that he has long had the idea of exploiting loopholes.'

'what a pity...'

in the world of practitioners, without control of power, everything is meaningless.

Wei Yi has no excuse for this part of gold and silver. Anyway, people are dead, and there is no cause and effect.

any one of two people.

all is well!

of course, the three mages who have been in Feng's house are not without benefits.

although they didn't fight ghosts and gods, it was all because a big guy suddenly jumped out, diving and jumping out of a dragon.

they don't have many fuel-efficient lights.

before reporting to the official, they also clean up the materials they need, and each one is happy.

after all, the Feng family wants to leave quickly. Naturally, they ask the car to reduce their travel. The rest of the things they can't take away are all hidden in the secret room.


facing the three practitioners, there is no difference between the secret room and the secret room.

speaking of this, I have to say that the bright light mage who has been living beyond the Black Lotus is also a cruel man.

transcend the dead in front of Zhao Yue, the county magistrate.

for three days and nights, he just didn't stop!

in the face of his efforts, Zhao Yue, the county magistrate, also waved a big hand, directly approving the land and the cops.

a temple has emerged under the huge manpower.

the next day, Wei Yi's eyes were full of expectations:

'it's time to open the blind box again.'

'what can a demon God do?'


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