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Chapter 95 Fireworks

Qingyang City is as lively as ever.

in the evening, even beside the city gate, there are small doors for residents and hawkers who participate in the grass market outside.

it's so busy at night.

let alone it's all day.

a lot of green bricks and tiles are paved on the ground, and there is nothing filthy on the ground.

compared with the countryside, it is a day and a place.

this made many young people who came to the city for the first time with a burden look crazy, open their mouths, and even marvel.

'big cities are different!'

the small moss flowers on the small moss in the corner are waving in the wind.

one or two looks inconspicuous.

but more makes people feel good.

people set up stalls in all streets and alleys.

those who sell umbrellas in broad daylight, the Yellow oilpaper umbrella is very well made.

but even if the peddler shouted, few people went there. After all, umbrellas are also valuable.

ordinary people just wear a hat.

in the morning, someone has set up a stall early to welcome the incoming and outgoing guests.

there is a fire on a small stove in the street, and a small iron plate is placed on it, which seems to be used to make pancakes.


the whole street was moved by its fragrance.

'how much is this pancake?'

'one for two Wen.'

'come on, I want a warm ha ~

there are a lot of exchanges like this.

not only those who sell cakes.

there are even people who fry fried dough sticks on the street. That technique is very unusual at first sight. With a light lift of both hands, one fried dough stick explodes.

fragrant and crisp.

let those who got up early to work, and the group of dock workers couldn't help sniffing their noses.

'two fried dough sticks, wrap them up and take them away.'

'OK, wait a moment!'

this oil is a good thing. After working all day, there is no oil and water, and the body can't bear it.

besides, if you eat one of these fried dough sticks yourself and go back to your wife and children, isn't everyone happy?

wonderful, wonderful!

in this way, one after another dock workers who had just unloaded the goods walked home happily with oil paper.

this is breakfast time.

there are hundreds of schools of thought contending and thousands of flowers blooming on this street after street.

everything you have seen or haven't seen.

the red candied haws are almost drooling to the viewer.

at this time.

a Taoist dressed in Taoist robes, who looked young but had extraordinary temperament, came in with a sugar gourd.

as soon as he came in, Wei Yi sat on the side table very skillfully and greeted the boss with his mouth:

'the boss wants two fried dough sticks, a bowl of tofu brain. Add more pickled vegetables and coriander to tofu brain. I love this salty one.'

sun Erye, who was busy, saw Wei Yi sitting here with no surprise in his eyes.


Wei Yi has had breakfast for a long time in this small shop.

'look at what you said, the little old man can't remember your taste, and the material is absolutely enough.'

'first, I'll give you two fried dough sticks. Here are the tea eggs my wife cooked for us. Taoist priest, you can also taste them.'

sun Erye wiped his hands on the cloth in front of him, sandwiched two fried dough sticks and walked over.

even sent an egg.

expertly peel off the eggs. Wei Yi praises sun Erye while eating:

'I'm here to eat tea eggs today.'

'your wife's skill is good, which is much better than the tea eggs in the so-called restaurant outside.'

'but if anyone comes outside, you can give an egg as a gift. Can you make money?'

this egg is not cheap. Giving an egg as a gift will make a lot of money less.

at this time.

several regular customers eating and drinking on the next tables are also ha ha! Laugh:

'this old man sun is benevolence and righteousness.'

'we ate his bean curd here many years ago, but now the price hasn't changed.'

'sometimes our regular customers want to persuade him to raise the price. In case he quits his casual work, what shall we eat?'

hearing this laughter, several people on the other side also peeled eggs and said with a smile:

'as a result, the old sun did raise the price later, but one person sent another egg.'

'it's like not raising the price.'

'it's been eaten for decades. If we can eat it for our grandparents, then our old neighborhood neighbor is really perfect ~

the diner who speaks is also a person of great age. Speaking, his words are full of vicissitudes.

I heard so many people praise him.

the second master sun also smiled a little embarrassed:

'how can you say so well?'

'raising that price can't make a lot of money. Our neighbors can eat it. That's the biggest and best reward.'

'besides, our small stall also makes a lot of money. My son married a new wife last year.'

'hey... Nice!'

sun Erye didn't go to any school, and naturally he couldn't say anything too philosophical.

but a good one also reflects his happiness. Family reunion is his biggest pursuit.

at this time, the second master sun pleaded guilty to the crowd:

'eat first, little old man, I'll go out first.'

after that, sun Erye wiped his hands, and then walked into the kitchen, as if looking for something.

see his performance.

Wei Yi, who was eating fried dough sticks on the other side, couldn't help laughing at several familiar diners nearby:

'what do you think the second master sun can bring out today?'

hear Wei Yi's words.

the diners on several nearby tables are also smiling while eating fried dough sticks.

one of the older ones showed his head at this time, and then said with a smart expression:

'I guess he must have helped the beggars again, which is an old tradition of his family.'


just as he was about to continue speaking, the diner on the other side, who was drinking tofu curd with a small spoon, rushed to say:

' I guess it must be Wotou again today, and it's also fennel sprout and noodles. '


'as far as I know, the old head Sun's family always uses old-fashioned noodles to help beggars, mixed with some wild vegetables, which is not delicious but hungry.'

'it was corncob last time, and it was a little noisy. This time it must be fennel sprout. That taste is really amazing!'

in the end, this diner seems to have an unspeakable past.

hear here.

several other people also burst out laughing:

'ha ha! Ha ha!...'

'it's all old craft ~

these people have also tasted the Wotou. I have to say that the taste is really a little strange.

sure enough.

looking inside, I only saw that the second master sun in the kitchen had come out at the moment.

holding two green buns in his hand, he looks neither yellow nor green, which is really a little hard to swallow.

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