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Chapter 123 I wanted to kiss you on the bus just now [first watch]

Bo Jinlan leaves the waiting room with Jiang Yaoyao and goes out all the way.

because of the sudden gale of force 6 or 7 in Dilu, some flights were affected in the morning. At the moment, the airport is also full of people.

in front of the store, there are more people than ever.

when passing the bookstore, Jiang Yaoyao was just about to go in when she was pulled away by Bo Jinlan.

she was curious. 'Aren't you going to buy a book?'

thin brocade appendix slightly hooks his lips, 'I won't buy it.'

'ah?' Jiang Yaoyao thought he was baffled.

then Bo Jinlan directly pulled her to a mini karaoke machine in the corner.

when entering, Jiang Yaoyao was naive enough to think that he wanted to sing. 'You didn't sing at dinner that day. Why are you suddenly interested today?'

this kind of mini karaoke machine is generally installed in shopping malls, which is similar to the doll grabbing machine, and can be played by scanning the code.

she even took a look at the price, took out her mobile phone, and was about to scan the code when the man grabbed her wrist.

'do you really want to sing?'

'otherwise? Everyone came...'

before Jiang Yaoyao finished speaking, Bo Jinlan didn't know where to pull it. Unexpectedly, a thin gauze curtain was unfolded, directly covering the whole machine room.


if you don't understand what he wants at this time, Jiang Yaoyao will be too late...

Bo Jinlan bent over with a low smile, found her lips, and held them in her mouth.

Jiang Yaoyao: '......

the hot breath enters and turns into a crisp current, which flows around her.

then she heard a man's hoarse voice saying in her ear, 'I wanted to kiss you in the car just now.'

as a result, there was old money in the car. When we arrived at the airport, there were a lot of people in a mess...

the bathroom was not good, the smoking room was not good, and the airport was full of people...

Bo jinlang suddenly regretted taking so many people to travel together. Fortunately, he found such a hidden place in time.

Jiang shook his face and said, 'are you kissing the fish?'

kiss her whenever you get a chance. It's just like that!

Bo jinlang just smiled in a low voice, 'because I like you.'

the sudden confession makes Jiang Yaoyao blush, but her heart is sweet. This mixed emotion is vividly displayed on her face. She is shy and cute, and makes the man's lips rise happily. 'Kiss again?'

Jiang Yaoyao shook his head and wanted to refuse. 'Don't let them wait...'

'don't worry, there is still an hour.' Bo Jinlan said this, then bowed her head and kissed her again. Her fingers also pinched her waist until the little girl lay soft in his arms...

* *

at 12:30 noon, the radio finally reminded her that she could board the plane.

and Bo Jinlan came late with Jiang Yaoyao.

'slim, why are you going? Hurry up and you can board the plane.' Song curls urge me.

Jiang shook his head and ran over with his lips pursed, lifting his small bag.

her lips are still numb, especially the lower lip, which is swollen and painful, so she can only sip it hard.

it's lucky that she didn't wear lipstick today, but only applied some lipstick...

shouldn't you see it?

but because of his guilty conscience, his face was red, and his eyes were dodging everywhere...

Xu Feng stared at the two men, his eyes staring like copper bells. 'To be honest, why did you two go just now?'

Bo jinlang calmly took the bag from her girlfriend's hand. 'Did you just take them to share it?'

'of course!' Xu Feng's angry teeth.

this bastard took the little girl to make love at first sight, and his lips were swollen. He was just a beast... No, old beast!

after getting on the plane, Jiang Yaoyao asked the steward for a blanket. 'I'll take a nap.'

I slept late last night. I wanted to go to bed when I was playing a game just now, but I was taken by someone...

Bo Jinlan helped her unfold the blanket and put it on her body. 'Go to sleep. I'll call you when it's time.'


their positions are connected. Duan Fei and song curly are sitting on the other side of the aisle. Xu Feng is the only one sitting with others, and they are still in the back row.

after takeoff, the cabin is closed and very quiet.

Xu Fenglai was not at all idle, especially excited to see the goddess right away...

found a deck of cards from his backpack, and he got up and picked up the back of his chair. 'Do you want to play cards?'

song curl curl was very supportive. 'Good, good.'

Duan Fei also put down her book. 'What are you playing with?'

Xu Feng took a look, and Jiang Yaoyao seemed to be sleeping, so he shouted, 'three are missing and one is missing. Let's play together.'

as a result, Bo Jinlan, who had been sitting upright, suddenly reached out to hold the girlfriend next door in his arms, wrapped his palm around her and covered her ears. 'Keep your voice down and play by yourself.'

Xu Fenglai: '......

I am so meow...

feed me dog food again?

this is more than...

because Bo Jinlan doesn't play, the three can only fight the landlord. Xu Fenglai is in the back row. During the card playing interval, he glances to the left. As expected, he sees Bo Jinlan lowering his head and kissing the little girl's lip flap in his arms...

second Olympics!

another sword!

wait for me. When I get to Haicheng, I will also scatter dog food with ah wa!

because the plane was delayed for more than an hour, it was already more than 4 p.m. when it landed at Haicheng airport.

the winter in the south is completely different from the dry and cold in the north. The wet and cold air blows on your face by the cold wind, and the cold is penetrating.

Xu Feng came to wrap the coat on the skin, 'second Olympics, why is it so cold?'

he read the weather forecast. It's five degrees higher than the imperial capital. He didn't expect it to be so cold!

the car is waiting outside. Bo Jinlan directly pulls his girlfriend into the car in front of him. 'You three sit in the back.'

Xu Fenglai: '...

* *

Jiang Yaoyao called his roommate as soon as he got on the bus.

as soon as I heard that she had arrived in Haicheng...

'there is a Christmas party at school in the evening. Are you coming? It's just that we are going to attend it together.'

'no, I'll go to the bar with my friends.'

Xu Feng came to find someone to do a seven day travel strategy for Haicheng. Tonight's itinerary is to go to a bar to have a Christmas Eve party.

'will you go back to your dormitory tonight?' Tang Jining asked.

'er...' Jiang Yaoyao subconsciously looks at the next door.

Bo jinlang is looking at her, slightly raising her eyebrows.

Jiang Yaoyao coughed softly. 'Let's talk.'

after hanging up, Bo Jinlan asked her, 'call my roommate?'

Jiang Yaoyao nodded.

'let you go back to the dormitory?' Bo Jinlong continued.

Jiang Yaoyao coughed twice, 'mmm.'

'how did you answer that?' Bo Jinlan asked bluntly.

Jiang Yaoyao glared at him and said deliberately, 'I said go back.'

Bo Jinlong squinted. 'No.'

'why not?' Jiang Yaoyao groaned, 'I'm going back!'

originally I wanted to deliberately annoy him, but his attitude was...

tut Tut, it's simply overbearing!

Jiang Yaoyao is not the kind of girl who is at the mercy of her boyfriend. She even took out her mobile phone and said, 'I'll send a message now...'

her wrist was directly grasped, and the thin brocade breath was approaching. 'Are you deliberately angry with me?'

Jiang shook his slender mouth and looked at his handsome and warm face. 'Didn't you make me angry first?'

'why did I make you angry?' Thin brocade appendix looked at her red lips with low eyes, and her Adam's apple slid up and down.

wanted to kiss...

whenever I met her, the self-control I had always been proud of seemed to disappear in an instant...

he took back his eyes and began to understand with emotion and reason. 'Feng has booked us a big bed room, and everyone is on the same floor. If you don't live with me, how will your girlfriend think of me?'

he lowered his voice. 'Your best friend has misunderstood me. Do you mean to annoy me when you say you?'

Jiang Yaoyao didn't expect that he still remembered this?

'I've explained it all. They don't believe me?'

'am I to blame?'

Jiang Yaoyao: 'er...

Bo Jinlan said nothing but,' these days, except for going back to school, you are not allowed to leave my side for a minute. Do you hear me? '

Jiang Yaoyao: '...

suddenly found that dog men are really overbearing!

* *

the hotel is located in the most prosperous business district of Haicheng, and it will be almost six o'clock in the afternoon.

as soon as she got off the bus, the cold wind blew. Xu Fenglai rushed into the hotel with her suitcase. She was finally relieved.

'lying trough, is it so cold in Haicheng?'

he always wears less. After all, there is heating everywhere in the imperial capital. He usually sits in the car. 'No, I'll go to the shopping mall next door to buy a down jacket later.'

thin brocade and long eyebrows. 'It's better to buy more autumn pants.'

Xu Feng glared at him.

what to do?

it's only the first day of travel. He already wants to beat people and return his autumn trousers. Does this kind of thing match my temperament?


when he rushed into the hotel just now, Duan Fei couldn't help whispering, 'is this Mr. Xu you like?'

although there was a lot of noise along the way, he still had the demeanor of a rich and noble gentleman. He was witty, humorous and gentleman. Until now...

ran away with a suitcase. Those who didn't know thought he was fleeing.

song curl smiled. 'What do you know? This is called contrast Meng!'

that day, when she hit people with a bottle of wine in the bar, she was handsome and bloody!

but he is easy-going and funny at ordinary times. He has no shelf at all. The more he contacts, the more he likes it. Is this the taste of love?

* *

after registering the room, a group of people take the elevator upstairs.

Xu Fenglai stood at the front, began to flirt in front of the mirror...

then turned around and looked at someone, 'Jinlan, is my shape OK?'

Bo Jinlong expressed his disgust.

I'm a 29 year old man. How can I see that the girl I like still looks like a young boy?

'what's your look?' Xu Feng straightened the tie inside. 'How about you? Do you feel like a domineering President?'

since Rong Mei went to Hengdian for filming, he hasn't seen her for half a year. It's false to say that he's not nervous.

'Pu --'

song curl curl could not help laughing.

Duan Fei also lowered her head and smiled at it.

Xu Fenglai was about to talk when the elevator arrived.

Bo jinlang raised his foot and kicked someone's Martin boots. 'Go out, don't block the door.'

wearing a three piece suit with Martin boots is really yours.

Xu Feng was kicked several times on the way. Now you still kick his shoes? This bastard is so gentle to his girlfriend and so savage to him?

the hotel corridor is quiet and luxurious. The corridor is covered with thick carpets, and the walls are covered with various European oil paintings. The light on the ceiling is soft and full of emotion.

Xu Feng came to a door with a suitcase and said to the crowd, 'I rang the doorbell.'

Jiang Yaoyao looks dignified by this posture.

it can be seen that Mr. Xu really cares about the goddess.

'Ding Dong ~'

the door rang, opened, and a woman came out.

wearing a black mask and a baseball cap, only a pair of slender red phoenix eyes are exposed, the tail of the eyes is up, and the eyelashes are curled up. She is charming.

because the heating is on in the hotel, she is wearing a very thin black skirt and pinching her waist. Her figure is convex in front and tilted back, which is really hot.

when she takes off her mask, her slightly curled red lips, delicate facial features, typical cat face, and every smile are charming.

the three girls couldn't help looking at each other.

after all, they are only in their early twenties. In addition, they wear casual clothes when they come out to play. They can't compete with such delicate female stars even in private.

'brother, maple is here.'

Rong Mei said hello one after another and looked at the three beautiful young girls.

her voice is slightly low and mature, which is the lazy voice of an imperial sister. 'Let me guess which one is my future sister-in-law.'

the slender Phoenix eyes looked like this for a circle, and finally fell on Jiang Yaoyao's face. 'Should it be you?'

thin brocade ring raised thin lips, 'good vision.'

Rong charming also smiled happily, 'of course.'

these three little girls are actually pretty, but they have different styles.

Duan Fei is pure and clever, and song curl is sweet and lovely.

most men like cute and quiet girls for aesthetic appreciation, but Bo Jinlan is not an ordinary man, and Jiang Yaoyao is the tallest, so it is more suitable to stand with him.

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