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Chapter 159 Uncle's coquettish operation kills his rival [four watchers]

Not long after, Lin Tao went downstairs.


when Xia Xia saw her mother, she immediately extended her little hand.

Lin Tao picked up her son with a smile. 'Where's grandpa?'

the little guy shook his head and didn't quite understand what grandpa meant.

'little aunt, you are so beautiful today.' Jiang Yaoyao suddenly said.

Lin Tao blushed and pursed her lips subconsciously.

'little aunt, are you going out?' Jiang Yaoyao asked again.

sure enough, Lin Tao nodded, 'I made an appointment to meet a friend in the evening.'

'Oh...' Jiang Yaoyao takes out his mobile phone with a smile.

[intelligence! My little aunt is going to meet her friends in the evening! She also wears a very beautiful makeup! I guess she is going to meet a man!]

soon, someone came in from the outside, followed by the old man with a kettle in his hand.

as soon as Lin Tao looked up, she met the man's eyes.

somehow, she suddenly thought of the embarrassing scene in the upstairs bedroom.

the heart 'plops' and his face can't help getting hot. He can only keep his eyes closed.

Jiang Yaoyao said at this time, 'Grandpa, uncle and aunt said that they had made an appointment to meet friends, and dinner might not be at home.'

'it's OK. Since your friend asked you to go.' Father Cheng put down the kettle and said, 'don't worry, Xia Xia, I'll take it with me. It won't be a problem.'

'thank you, sir.'

'we are all a family. What are you polite to me?' Mr. Cheng finished and pointed, 'let Runzhi send you there.'

'no need.' Lin Tao quickly refused. 'He just came back from work. Let him rest. I'll take a taxi myself.'

'what's the rest? The young man is only 30 years old. He's in good health. Let him see you off!'

'I'll give it to you. It happened that my friend and I had an appointment to have a drink in the evening.' Cheng Runzhi took the opportunity to answer, 'wait for me. I'll go upstairs and get a coat.'

Lin Tao had no choice but to promise, 'OK.'

after 10 minutes, two people get on the bus.

wait until Lin Tao finishes the restaurant address...

'is this western restaurant expensive?' Cheng Runzhi asked.

Lin Tao said, 'this is also my first time to come.'

Cheng Runzhi does not show any emotion, controls the steering wheel with one hand and turns around. The white Land Rover leaves Cheng's villa.

neither of them spoke much along the way.

when she got to the western restaurant, Lin Tao untied her seat belt and said, 'thank you for sending me here.'

Cheng Runzhi sipped his thin lips, 'it's windy outside.'

'Oh.' Lintao blinked. 'It's a bit windy tonight.'

she wrapped her scarf and pushed the door open. 'Drive slowly and pay attention to safety.'

'OK.' Cheng Runzhi nodded.

Lin Tao gets off the bus and walks directly into the western restaurant.

after reporting pan Hui's name, the waiter took him to the table by the window.

she sat there, suddenly nervous.

after returning home, she and pan Hui haven't met formally...

that is to say, they haven't met for almost two years. She only knows that he married when he returned from studying abroad. The object is still Bai Fumi of the imperial capital. His friends often send photos...

just don't understand why pan Hui suddenly asked her to meet?

in this uneasy mood, he finally waited until the waiter led pan Hui.

men wear business style clothes and silver rimmed glasses. Their facial features and temperament have not changed much, but they are slightly more stable than two years ago.

Lin Tao smiled at him and said, 'Pan Hui, long time no see.'

Pan Hui sat down opposite her. 'Jianxing said, what do you want to say to me?'

Lin Tao was stunned, 'Jianxing?'

Pan Hui nodded, then raised his left hand and looked at his watch. 'I'm going to take my wife to my father-in-law's and mother-in-law's house for dinner tonight. I have half an hour to talk about it.'

Lin Tao holds the water cup. 'Since you have something to do, go and get busy. I have nothing to say.'


Pan Hui frowned, 'OK, since you don't say it, let me do it.'

he looked at Lin Tao. 'I'm married. I hope you can put down the past and stop thinking about it. I know it's not easy for you to live alone with your children now, so...

said, taking out a paper bag from his briefcase,' there are 200000 yuan here. You can take it and use it. You don't need to return it. '

'are you mistaken?' Lin Tao didn't even look at it. 'You called me today to ask me to come here. I thought you...

' do you think I want to get back together with you? ' Pan Hui interrupted, 'as early as the day you opened a room with another man, our relationship was completely over! What are you thinking? That man didn't want you, and now he thinks of me? What do you think I am? A spare tire?'

Lin Tao closed her eyes. 'I don't know what Jianxing told you. There may be a misunderstanding between us...

' what kind of misunderstanding can there be? ' Pan Hui was very impatient. 'Was it you who refused to go abroad with me at the beginning? Was it you who turned around and slept with other men? Your father had an accident. I was the first to help, but you ran to give birth to a wild species with other men, and went abroad to have fun...'

before he finished speaking, a glass of water suddenly poured directly across his face.

'second Olympics!'

Pan Hui closed his eyes and uttered a dirty word.

someone immediately looked sideways at the next table, and the waiter looked at it anxiously.

Pan Hui tried his best to wipe the water off his face and said bitterly with his teeth, 'I said it right. Are you angry?'

Lin Tao held the cup, put it back on the table with a 'snap' and his fingers were still slightly shaking. 'I refused to go abroad with you at the beginning because I wanted to work to make money and pay my father's debts. Later, I...

' later, I slept with men and gave birth to wild seeds to pay my debts, right? ' Pan Hui sneered, 'I knew you would say that long ago.'

Lin Tao looked at him and slowly loosened her finger. She suddenly smiled and said, 'I shouldn't have come here today.'

after that, she got up and took the bag to leave.

'stop.' Pan Hui picked up the package of money on the table and said, 'take this.'

'I don't want your money!'

Pan Hui pulled her bag and reached out to put the money in it. 'We're all better. Take this money and don't come to me again. It's just the break-up fee I gave you...'

'husband!' Suddenly, a woman's voice sounded.

Pan Hui's face suddenly changed, and he took his hand back almost instantaneously. He turned around and his smile was extremely stiff. 'Wife, how did you come?'

the woman stepped on high heels and quickly walked up to me.

her features are exquisite, her clothes are even more luxurious, she carries a famous brand bag, plus various accessories... The words 'Bai Fu Mei' are written all over her body. 'Who is this woman? Why do you give her money?'

'she... She's my friend. She came to borrow money from me.' Pan Hui made an excuse, and his eyes kept hinting.

Lin Tao looks at him without expression.

'yes?' The woman looked at Lin Tao and looked at her.

my skin is quite white, and I'm pretty pretty, but I'm too ordinary to wear it. I don't have any rich jewelry on my body. I'm poor at first sight.

'did you really borrow money from my husband?'


when Lin Tao said this, pan Hui panicked. 'Lin Tao, you...

' I'm his ex girlfriend. ' Lin Tao spoke faster. 'He said he would give me 200000 yuan as a breakup fee.'

in an instant, the western restaurant became a gossip station:

'so this man abandoned his ex girlfriend and fell in love with this rich man?'

'I'm quite generous.'

'two hundred thousand will buy the glory and wealth of the future life, once and for all!'

'isn't this Chen Shimei?'

'slag man!'

Pan Hui's face looks a little ugly.

these melon eaters don't know the truth. Why did Lin Tao harm him?

'Pan Hui, is what she said true?'

Pan Hui hurriedly explained, 'she is my ex girlfriend, but we have long broken up. Before I went abroad, she went to a hotel with other men because of money...'

'peach.' Suddenly, another low male voice sounded.

Pan Hui was forced to stop and looked up at the usual people.

Lin Tao was even more surprised. 'Are you...

Cheng Runzhi?

the man is wearing a black leather coat. The light and shadow of the restaurant fall on his eyebrows and eyes. He is deep and cold, but he is also introverted and sharp. He walks with big legs and winds, and soon comes to the public.

he raised his hand. 'You left this in my car just now.'

Lin Tao's eyes straightened when she saw it.


when did she leave her lipstick in his car?

'right.' Cheng Runzhi added deadpan, 'dad knows about you and me sleeping in separate beds. Just now he called and scolded me.'

Lin Tao again: '?'

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