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Chapter 176 Jinlan, I want to sleep with you tonight! [first shift]

'Why doesn't ah Yun like me?' Xu Fenglai was grieving and took a sip of the glass.

Bo Jinlan reminded, 'it's easy to cause trouble after drinking. You should drink less.'

'What are you afraid of? Aren't you there?' Xu Feng quickly poured another full cup. 'If only ah wa were here, I wouldn't be alone.'

As long as Rong charming is mentioned, someone will suddenly change from a heartless second rate to a melancholy man who hurts spring and sorrows autumn.

'Don't stop me. I'm going to get drunk today!' Xu Feng raised his glass. 'Sister in law!'

Jiang shook Yao's hand. 'I don't want to drink any more. I have something else to do tomorrow.'

'Brocade.' Xu Feng comes and looks at someone.

Bo Jinlan is even more straightforward, 'I have to work tomorrow.'

Xu Feng was at a loss. 'Aunt Zhang, let's drink.'

Nanny: '

No one to accompany you?

Xu Feng nodded, 'I'll drink it myself!'

The consequence of unrestrained behavior was that he got drunk in the end.

It was late at night. Mr. Cheng asked the nanny to take the children upstairs. Looking at the man who was so drunk that he was lying on the table, 'emotion brought two bottles of good wine to drink for yourself, didn't it?'

Xu Feng brought two bottles of rare red wine. Except for Lin Tao who drank a few cups, Jiang Yaoyao and Bo Jinlan only drank a small cup. Almost all the rest went into his own stomach.

Not only that, he also opened a bottle of champagne that Mr. Cheng treasured.

Jiang Yaoyao smiled and said, 'Grandpa and uncle didn't seem to have dinner at night.'

'If you don't eat a meal, you won't die of hunger.' Mr. Cheng pointed at someone. 'I have to go upstairs to have a rest. This person... You are responsible for taking him home.'

'Good.' Jiang Yaoyao agreed.

As a result, when she left the Cheng family villa, Xu Fenglai suddenly started to get drunk:

'Jinlang, where are you taking me?'

'I'm not going home!'

'You are not allowed to call my father!'

'Or I'll break with you!'

Then he began to sing again:

'I'm still the same boy as before. I haven't changed a bit...'

'Ohbaby, say more love words, and I'll take a look at it if you want...'

'Whenever I can't find the meaning of existence, whenever I get lost in the night, oh, the brightest star in the night sky... Burp -'

Bo Jinlan: '

I want to throw him directly into the artificial lake in the community and drown him!

Jiang Yaoyao asked, 'you also drank just now. How can you send him back?'

'Go back?' Xu Feng seemed surprised. 'I won't go back!'

Jiang Yaoyao frowned.

Young master Xu seems very drunk.

Next second.

Xu Fenglai suddenly reached out and hugged Bo Jinlan. 'Jinlan, I want to sleep with you tonight!'

what the fuck!

Jiang Yaoyao's scalp felt numb.

Xu Fenglai was born with a delicate and clean face. His face was even more delicate than that of a woman. At this time, he was drunk, and his smile was rippling

And Bo Jinlan drank a glass of red wine. At the moment, he was wearing a black down jacket, expressionless and proud. Under the street lamp, his face was handsome and gentle, but it seemed indifferent for no reason.

If we didn't know that both of them had normal sexual orientations, the scene in front of us would be like a cold attack versus a soft attack. Jiang Yaoyao almost had to fill up a million words of beauty in her mind

Next second.

Bo Jinlan impatiently throws someone away.

Xu Feng stumbled a few times after coming and going, and then reached out in time to embrace a crooked neck tree on the roadside, giggling.

Jiang Yaoyao: '

I can't see!

Bo Jinlan even took out his mobile phone and began to video him.

Finally, Jiang Yaoyao said, 'don't shoot him. What should he do when he is so drunk?'

Bo Jinlong coolly put down his mobile phone and said, 'cold salad.'

Jiang Yaoyao glared at him. 'Why don't you take him back to sleep?'

Bo Jinlan recorded the video, and seemed to be in a better mood. 'OK.'

He came forward, took someone by the back of his neck and strode to the villa.

As a result, within a few minutes of the journey, someone started to get drunk again and almost didn't call the security guard of the community

Finally entered the villa, Bo Jinlan threw people onto the sofa. 'It's so noisy.'

He talks a lot, and when he is drunk, he is wordy.

Xu Fenglai lay on the sofa, reached for a pillow and held it in her arms. 'Ah WA, ah wa...'

Jiang Yaoyao hates cold again.

It turns out that men are so terrible after they are drunk

'Go upstairs.' Bo Jinlan holds his girlfriend's small hand.

'Wait a minute.' Jiang Yaoyao said, 'it's so cold, do you just leave him in the living room like this?'

Thin brocade long raised her eyebrows. 'Otherwise?'

'How could you be such a friend?' Jiang Yaoyao accused me, 'if he catches a cold and has a fever tomorrow...'

'Isn't that right? I won't be so wordy then.'

'No!' Jiang Yaoyao said, 'can you at least find him a quilt?'

'OK.' Bo Jinlan enters the guest room.

It wasn't long before he came out and threw a quilt on someone.

Jiang Yaoyao: '

She couldn't see it. She raised her feet to help.

As a result, Bo Jinlan grabbed her. 'What are you going to do?'

Jiang Yaoyao said, 'cover him with a quilt so that he will fall to the ground later.'

The thin brocade appendix slowly lifted up her thin lips. 'How come I didn't find you so kind-hearted before?'

'What do you mean?'

'I remember that time in Haicheng, when I carried you down the mountain for two hours, but you didn't let me go to bed...'

'Didn't I let you go later?' Jiang Yaoyao retorted.

'But you were going to let me sleep on the floor in the first place.' Bo Jinlan remembers it very clearly.

'You took down the floor while I was taking a bath!'

-- Digression --


Someone who is drunk and unconscious on the sofa: can you two help me cover the quilt before quarreling?

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Mr. Bo suddenly became addicted to her] online and go to the source website for reading.