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Chapter 208 Openly flirting with the boss in the Office [first shift]

I sent the letter to Mr. Cheng, and he was relieved at last.

Jiang Yaoyao stands in front of the fitting mirror and gestures the nth dress on himself.

finally, she chose three sets of clothes.

when Bo Jinlan comes back from his business, I will consult him immediately.

someone watched the little girl busy showing him her clothes, and a thin smile always hung on her handsome face.

'which do you think looks better on me?' Jiang Yaoyao asked, 'this one is red. I think it's better to celebrate your grandfather's birthday. This one is a little student like, but it looks clever and quiet. The elderly should like it. The last one is a little mature, but it's dignified. It's more suitable for you.'

she chose carefully, and the result is...

'they are all very beautiful.'

Jiang Yaoyao glared at him, 'then I can't wear all three sets. Please choose one for me.'

the last time I went to Bo's house, I was very unhappy. She also chose her clothes carefully, but aunt Zhou accidentally wetted them. Finally, I had to walk around in dog man's clothes all night...

so this time I must clear my shame!

'let's just do this.' Jiang Yaoyao points to the black suit.

Bo Jinlong: 'not good.'

Jiang Yaoyao was speechless. 'You said just now that all three sets are beautiful...

' this one. ' Bo Jinlan went straight ahead, picked up the red dress, and compared it with his girlfriend. 'My girlfriend is so beautiful and her skin is so white. It's better to wear red.'


'really.' Thin brocade appendix pinched her cheek. 'When did Yaoyao become so self-confident?'

Jiang Yaoyao: '......

what is her lack of confidence? It's because the Bo family don't like her. In addition, the hospital diagnosis record makes her feel a little uncertain...

the phone rings.

Bo Jinlan connects to his mobile phone and says, 'what's up?'

'I really need to see you today.' Xu Feng said, 'this weekend is your grandfather's birthday. Do me a favor, call ah WA, ask her to come back, and I will join her.'

'why don't you call yourself?' Bo Jinlan raised her eyebrows. 'Are you husband and wife?'

'the second Olympic Games, which pot you can't open, which pot you can't lift. You know that ah Yun and I are... You are still weird! Hurry up, can you help me?'

Bo Jinlan did not answer the question, 'how does the life of a family of four feel?'

'what is a family of four?'

Bo Jinlan said, 'Uncle Xu, aunt Xie, you, and song curl.'

Jiang Yaoyao is choosing accessories. Hearing his friend's name, he looks up at him. 'What's wrong with curly?'

'nothing.' Bo Jinlan smiled at her. 'I think this White Pearl Earring looks better.'

'this one?' Jiang Yaoyao compares the earrings in her hand to her ears.

Bo Jinlan nodded, 'it's better if you wear a red skirt and the accessories are simple.'

on the phone, Xu Feng couldn't help but say, 'did you mean to lie in the trough? When I called you, could you pay more attention? Isn't my happiness more important than what Earrings your girlfriend wears?'

'that's more important than a girlfriend.'

'second Olympics!' Xu Feng scolded again, 'hurry up, can you help me?'

Bo Jinlan said, 'how old are you this year?'


'I'm almost 30 years old, and I can't even get a woman I like, loser.' Then I hang up.

Jiang Yaoyao looked at him silently. 'Who are you talking about? Mr. Xu?'

'yes.' Bo Jinlan didn't hide anything, 'he wanted to take ah wa to my grandfather's birthday party, but he counseled me to help.'

'aren't they both married?'

Bo Jinlong hehe.

it's just an agreement to get married. It's your own fault!

the other side.

Xu Feng was hung up and was very upset.

but I was also very dissatisfied.


just tick.

he looked at the time, and just after 9:30 p.m., he simply dialed Rong Mei's phone.

it was connected after a few sounds, but the voice of the assistant came, 'Mr. Xu, sister Rong is taking a bath. Please wait.'

Xu Feng hurriedly asked, 'how was the shooting today? Was it smooth? Was ah Yun in a good mood?'

'the shooting went well. The director praised sister Rong. There was a crying scene that was so well performed that I cried.'

'really?' Xu Feng came to TUT Tut, 'she is worthy of my a-charm, and her acting skills are excellent!'

'just now, several people on the set said that this play can definitely win awards! Sister Rong is also very happy! She is in a very good mood!'


'sister Rong comes out.' The assistant shouted, 'sister Rong, brother-in-law's phone.'

brother in law?

hearing this title, Xu Fenglai felt more comfortable.

when you hear Rong's languid and beautiful voice again... 'Feng, come to me?'

'ah WA, congratulations. I just heard from my assistant that your crying performance tonight was particularly good.'

RONG Wen smiled and said, 'it's OK. I'm really tired after shooting all night.'

'hard work.' Xu Fenglai said sarcastically, 'it's very cold in Hengdian now. Pay attention to your health, don't catch a cold, and take care of yourself. If only I were around you, or I'll go to visit the shift tomorrow...'

'No.' Rong charming interrupted in time, 'it's only these days that we're going to finish the cleaning. Don't come.'

'yes.' Xu Feng began to test, 'ah WA, you know, this weekend is your grandfather's birthday. Just now Jinlan told me that this is a family dinner.'

'I know that the gift has been bought and mailed by the assistant, so I won't go.'

'can't you come?' Xu Feng advised, 'why don't you ask the director for a night's leave? After all, we've just got married. As a grandson and son-in-law of the Bo family, I have to go to meet the elders...'

'go by yourself.' Rong said casually, 'they can understand the nature of my work.'

Xu Fenglai: '...

' I'm really tired today. Feng, do you have anything else to do? ' Rong charming asked lazily.

Xu Feng immediately softened. 'Go to sleep.'

'hang up.'

'hold on.' Xu Feng said, 'I listen to you sleep, OK?'

Rong was helpless. 'I'm really tired and want to sleep...'

'you sleep. I don't want to disturb you. Just sleep like this.'

it seemed that she was really tired. Rong said, 'OK, I don't care about you.'

Xu Feng holds his mobile phone and giggles, 'don't worry about me. Go to sleep. Be good.'

a rustling sound came from the other end of the phone, followed closely and restored silence.

Xu Fenglai is sitting back on the sofa in the bedroom, crossing her legs, enjoying the quiet beauty with the goddess. Suddenly, the door is knocked.

who is the sleeping trough?

I don't understand the customs!

Xu saw that he didn't open the door, and the knocking became more violent.

for fear of waking up the other end of the phone, Xu Fenglai had to hang up.

open the door and Xu Songyuan stands outside. 'Are you doing nothing now?'

Xu Fenglai's face is alert. 'What are you doing?'

'the weather forecast says that hail will fall in an hour, and curly is still working overtime in the company. Aunt Xie is very worried. It's not easy to take a taxi no matter how late.'

'are you still working overtime?' Xu Feng frowned.

'isn't it you who are to blame? It's because you can help take care of her that you took care of her?'

'I really don't know. Besides, I don't go to the company much...'

'cut the crap!' Xu Songyuan said directly, 'go to the company now and get her back.'

Xu Fenglai: '... OK.'

* *

Maple charm media.

after Song curly sent the fourth draft email, about 10 minutes later, she sent a wechat message to sister long:

[sister long, the fourth draft has been sent to your email, please check it.]

long jiesechui: [I've just read it, but it's still not very good. If you think again, do you have any new ideas?]

song curly frowned: 【 I can't think of it, let's just forget it 】

it's hard to doubt that I didn't mean to embarrass her by being so choosy after handing in four drafts.

and since she was rebuked on the first day of reporting in, sister long's attitude towards her has been somewhat subtle...

the mobile phone rings, and sister long calls directly.

'curly, it's not my fault finding. It's really this design draft. The organizer will need it tomorrow. Now there are only two designers in our department. They have cases to work on...

' but I'm just an intern. ' Song niangniao interrupted, 'if sister long is not satisfied with you, I suggest you do it for them.'

'look at you, can't you hold your breath?' Sister long smiled, 'you are the one brought by the boss himself. I gave you this opportunity to exercise because of his face. I know it's hard to work overtime, but you're a little girl, young and healthy, and you don't have any worries at home. You have to work harder at this time. I'm really for you. Don't think I'm hurting you...

' curly! '

suddenly a man's voice sounded.

song curly was startled and looked up at the visitor.

sister long on the phone seemed to hear, 'who? Curly, why do I seem to hear the boss's voice?'

song curly doesn't know which nerve is wrong. 'Sister long, you heard it wrong, not the boss.'

keep winking at sb.

Xu Feng is not stupid either. She is busy doing a zipper for her lips.

'isn't it? Why do I sound like...

' sister long, it's so late. I'm the only one left in the company. Don't scare me. '

sister long smiled and said, 'OK, I won't scare you any more. Then you should change it again and give it to me tonight.'

'I know.'

after hanging up, song curly looks at someone and says, 'boss, why are you here?'

last weekend, she was forced to move into the Xu family's old house, but these days, Xu Fenglai was not in the company during the day and came home late at night. To be honest, the two barely met...

at this time, Xu Fenglai came up to me like a lemon, dressed in a lemon yellow short down jacket and grey leggings. 'My father asked me to pick you up.'

'Er, no, I'm not a child.'

'you are really not a child, but my father always wanted a daughter. Now he treats you like a daughter. There is no way. Poor parents.' Xu Feng tutted twice. 'How are you? It's almost 10 o'clock. Haven't you finished your work yet?'

'sister long told me that the organizer wanted it tomorrow, so I had to finish it tonight.'

Xu Feng came up to me and directly reached out to click her mouse.

song curl was sitting there, and he felt that the man suddenly leaned over, and he held the seat behind her with his other hand, and the mouse with his other hand, almost covering her.

she 'cluttered' in her heart and hurried aside.

however, the faint smell of perfume on the man's body came unscrupulously. She felt it was inappropriate and simply stood up again.

Xu Fenglai is holding the mouse. Her beautiful peach blossom eyes are staring at the screen. She is not aware of anything wrong with her, nor does she feel anything wrong with her behavior.

soon, he said, 'this case is a special program for the Chinese New Year. Indeed, we have to hand in the planning draft in these days.'

song curly nodded, 'Oh.'

so, is sister long deliberately trying to make things difficult for her?

'it's your first internship. In fact, it's nothing to be embarrassed by the leader. Young man, it's not a good thing if it's too smooth.' Xu Feng said, 'I just came back from Harvard. At that time, I wanted to start a business, but I also encountered many setbacks and difficulties. But after the past, I will find that those are precious wealth...'

song curliao continued, 'I know, boss, I will try my best.'

'it's too late today. Go back with me first.'

'but sister long is not satisfied with the draft just now...'

'it doesn't matter.' Xu Feng said, 'although it's nothing to suffer a little, we pay attention to the degree of everything. First, if there are problems tomorrow, I'll communicate.'

'will it affect you badly?'

after all, she is only a small intern. The boss treats her too specially, which will definitely arouse the resentment of colleagues, not to mention sister long, who is always gossipy.

Xu Feng said: 'I have discretion.'

song curl curl was relieved. 'That's OK.'

she has changed it four times, and she really has no inspiration. It is a waste of time to sit still.

'let's go.'

song curl quickly packed everything into her bag and followed Xu Feng to leave the company.

when the car leaves the underground parking lot, the rain dribs on the front window of the car.

'look how timely I am.' Xu Feng said, turning on the car stereo.

the beautiful melody slowly sounded in the quiet compartment:

'give you and me a gentle waiting and waiting, give you and me a vigorous longing and tenderness, and give you and me a hundred turns of joy and sorrow...'

song curlcurl listened to the song, but couldn't help but peek aside.

Xu Fenglai takes off his coat. Inside is a black sweater with a high collar. His skin is particularly white, and the lines of his side face are beautiful. As a woman, she feels inferior...

when Xu Fenglai seems to realize it, he turns around.

song curly quickly took back her eyes, took out her mobile phone and began to brush. At the same time, she warned herself from the bottom of her heart: Why are you crazy about flowers again? Stop! Don't be a philanderer again! Don't get excited again! You and he are only brother and sister now!

however -

when she arrived at the company the next day and entered the office area, song curliao felt that every colleague seemed to have strange eyes, and some people pointed at her.

when she looked over, those people immediately looked back and pretended to do something.

song curl is inexplicable.

came to his own position and sat down. Soon, the table was knocked several times.

'curly, come to my office.'

'OK.' Song curly quickly gets up and follows sister long into the office.

the door of the room closes, and several colleagues around immediately begin to discuss:

'see, sister long is talking to her!'


'what fans are there? I'm obviously a junior!'

'but Mr. Xu has always liked sister Rong. Besides, they are all married...'

'so she doesn't want her face. Every married man wants to seduce her!'

'little girls are really good these days!'

'learn what is bad, learn from others to be a Junior...

* *

in the office, sister long sits there, smiling at the little girl in front of her,' Song curly, do you know why I let you come to the office? '

'sister long, I'm sorry.' Song curly apologized, 'it was too late last night, and the weather was bad, and I really didn't have any inspiration, so I went home from work...'

'you let me down too much!' Sister long smashed the notebook on the table. 'Do you think I'm just talking to you because you're not working hard?'

'sister long, I'm not serious. I made four drafts last night. I'm very serious about each draft, and after I went back, I had some other inspiration...'

'let's not talk about this first.' Sister long seems impatient. 'I always think that work attitude is very important, but these can be changed, except for moral problems, which can not be changed.'

song curly looked at her. 'Sister long, what do you mean?'

'still don't admit it?' Sister long sneered, 'do you want me to put the video in your face?'

'what video?' Song niangniao really doesn't understand.

she worked overtime until 10 o'clock last night, and stayed up until 1 o'clock...

Fortunately, the company does not have a strict commuting time system. She works overtime so late, so she can come later today, Before I could read the email and work group after I got to the company...

'when I called you last night, I clearly heard the boss's voice. You didn't admit it at that time. Unexpectedly, there were surveillance cameras in the office area outside. You were openly flirting with the boss in the office, and they were all photographed! They were also sent to the work group! It's just not like words!'

song curly opened her eyes in surprise, 'ah?'

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