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Chapter 371 On the eve of the New Year, Mr. Xu has a younger brother [Yigeng]

He immediately called Xu Songyuan's assistant, 'Uncle Jiang, my father had an accident. Please help me find out if the situation is serious... Yes, I can't leave here. Aunt Xie is about to give birth... Thank you Uncle Jiang.'

Hang up, Xu Fenglai is walking back and forth in the corridor.

Xie Qin's screams came out from time to time, and his scalp was numb and his heart was constricted.

This is his first time to accompany the delivery, and he has never had practical experience in this field before.

Although I occasionally watched it on TV, the feeling was totally different from that at present. After all, the agony on TV was only a few minutes, but it had been more than two hours since he was sent to the hospital...

In addition, Xu Songyuan had another accident at this time...

Finally, when Jiang's assistant called, 'Little boss, I just got in touch with the hospital. Mr. Xu's accident seems to be very serious.'

'Huh?' Xu Fenglai was crazy. 'How serious is it?'

'Xu always had an accident at the intersection. I heard the police explain that it should be a train running across the street. In order to avoid the accident, Mr. Xu turned too quickly, causing the tire to slip. It was snowing this morning, so he hit the roadside guardrail. Although there was an air bag to protect him, his head was seriously injured. Now he is still in a coma, and there are many scratches on his body.'

Xu Fenglai closed his eyes. 'What did the doctor say?'

'The doctor is operating on him. Don't worry, little boss. Don't tell Mrs. Xu about this matter for the time being. I'll tell you when I have a situation here.'

'Well, thank you Uncle Jiang.'

Just after the call, a nurse came out, 'Are you Ms. Xie's family? The child is stuck in the palace and can't get out.'

Xu Fenglai was still holding his mobile phone. His handsome white face was stunned, 'What do you mean?'

'The child is too big! Understand? Now his shoulder is stuck and he can't get out...' The nurse Balabala said a lot.

Xu Feng waved his hand. 'Tell me quickly, what should I do now?'

The nurse said, 'The doctor is still working hard, but Ms. Xie has lost her strength. It is suggested that the Caesarean section be performed immediately, and the family member should sign.'

Then he handed me an operation sheet.

Xu Fenglai was totally convinced. 'Didn't you say you wanted a natural birth just now?'

'Just now, the amniotic fluid broke, and the pregnant woman had opened six fingers, but half of them found that the baby was too big to come out, and now this situation can only choose Caesarean section...'

'All right, all right!' No matter how good his temper is, Xu Fenglai can't help but yank the operation sheet and sign his name on it.

After the nurse left, he sat down on the chair in the corridor with his hands folded and began to pray.

Tonight is the New Year's Eve, and everyone is happy and cheering, except him.

Xu Songyuan's life and death are uncertain over there, and Xie Qin is going through fire and water for her children...

The nurse on the side comforted him, 'Songyuan, don't worry too much, sir and madam will be all right.'

Xu Fenglai frowned and said nothing.

About half an hour later, a cry of 'wow' came from the delivery room.

'Yes, yes!' The nurse and the sister-in-law shouted happily.

Xu Fenglai also stood up excitedly.

The door of the delivery room opened, and the nurse came out with a swaddle in her arms


Xu Fenglai was a little confused.

Isn't it a girl?

Xu Songyuan's beloved daughter...

The baby sitter and the sister-in-law happily came forward and said, 'Wow, you look so handsome!'

'This little face is so cute!'

'I look like my wife...'

'Feng, look at your brother!'

Xu Feng came up and looked at the child without any expression.

The nurse said, 'The child should be carried to the ward for cleaning before being sent to the ward later.'

'All right, all right.' The nanny and sister-in-law thanked them all the way.

It took another forty minutes for Xie Qin to be pushed out.

Her face was pale, and her hair was stuck on her forehead. The whole person seemed to be fished out of the water. When she saw Xu Feng coming, she asked, 'Where is Songyuan?'

Xu Fenglai can only conceal the news first, 'My father has arrived, Aunt Xie, don't worry, have a good rest.'

Xie Qin sighed, 'It's a pity that your father has always wanted a daughter. He even chose a name, but unexpectedly he was a son...'

'Aunt Xie, boys and girls are the same. My father will be very happy to see my son when you are born so hard.' Xu Feng came to comfort him.

Xie Qin nodded and closed her eyes weakly.

Xie Qin was sent to the ward to rest. Soon, the child was also delivered.

He was washed clean and fell asleep with his eyes closed.

The doctor and nurse were talking about some postpartum precautions, but Xu Fenglai didn't listen to them.

After the doctor and nurse left, Xie Qin looked at his son and smiled, 'He's really fat. It's Songyuan's fault. Since I was pregnant, I've been making soup every day, or all kinds of meat and fish. There is too much nutrition, and I'm going to die of pain...'

'Aunt Xie, you have worked hard.' Thinking of the production experience just now, Xu Fenglai was also frightened. 'It's really not easy for women to have children.'

Xie Qin smiled, 'Did you frighten yourself?'

Xu Feng nodded.

Xie Qin said, 'When I was born, it was more painful than this. It took me more than 20 hours to give birth. But at that time, she was very small, so she gave birth naturally. I could get out of bed and go home the next morning, unlike this time...'

Caesarean section is different from natural delivery.

Natural labor was painful at that time, but nothing happened after the pain.

The caesarean section did not hurt at that time, but the wound would be hot and painful after waking up, which required lying flat on the hospital bed without moving, even nausea, dizziness, vomiting... It would take several days to leave the hospital......

Now after a few words, she feels uncomfortable.

Xu Feng said, 'Aunt Xie, take a rest first.'

'By the way, where's Songyuan? Why hasn't he come?' Xie Qin began to ask again, and his expression was still grievance. 'I have been in pain for so long and finally gave birth to my child. Why is he missing?'

Xu Feng finally said, 'Auntie Xie, don't get excited, my father... just because he was worried about you, he called while driving, and he accidentally had an accident...'

'What?' Xie Qin opened his eyes wide, 'Is the situation serious? How is Songyuan now?'

Xu Fenglai can only appease him, 'My father is fine. Uncle Jiang called just now and said that he had finished the operation and was rescued. Don't worry, pay attention to the wound...'

Xie Qin held his heart and said, 'How could this happen? How could an accident happen?'

'My father is also concerned but confused... Aunt Xie, you should take good care of your injury first. The doctor said just now that you must stay in bed six hours after the operation.'

'But I'm worried about Songyuan...'

'My father is more worried about you. Don't worry. I will go to the hospital over there to see him now. He should wake up soon. Then I will let him video with you.'

'Good.' Xie Qin said, 'Feng, you've been working hard.'


Fortunately, Xu Songyuan has made all the preparations for the birth of a child in advance, and the nanny servants have also brought the things needed for hospitalization.

After a few words of advice, Xu Feng immediately drove to another hospital.

I just got there. It's past midnight.

Assistant Jiang was waiting downstairs in the hospital and greeted him as soon as he saw him. 'Little boss, you are finally here.'

'How is my father?'

'The doctor said that he had come back from the rescue, but now he hasn't woken up, so he should continue to live in the ICU for observation...' Assistant Jiang said as he walked.

Upstairs, the ICU could not be visited. Xu Fenglai could only see Xu Songyuan lying on the bed with his head wrapped in gauze through the glass window, with various instruments ticking away beside him.

After asking about the doctor, Xu Feng came to see the time, 'Uncle Jiang, thank you so much tonight, and it also delayed your New Year's Eve...'

'Well, I'm a lot of old people. What a new year!' Assistant Jiang smiled innocently.

'It's very late, Uncle Jiang. Go back and have a rest first. I'll be fine here.'

'Can you do it alone?' Assistant Jiang was still worried, 'Yes, madam...'

'Aunt Xie has given birth. She is a boy, and her mother and son are safe.'

'Ouch, congratulations to Mr. Xu for having another son!'

Xu Feng smiles bitterly.

Xu Songyuan is obsessed with his daughter, and he always thinks that he will have a daughter. So in the past few months, Princess Feng's baby room has been ready. It is full of all kinds of things that girls need, including small clothes, small bibs, small socks, small shoes... all pink and tender.

Now a big fat boy has come out. I'm afraid the little old man will be unhappy when he wakes up...

After seeing off Assistant Jiang, Xu Feng came to sit down in the corridor seat, took out his mobile phone and looked at the picture he had just taken for his brother.

Although Xu Songyuan is in his fifties, he had a good face when he was young, and Xie Qin was an actress, which is also a great beauty...

Take a step back. As an elder brother, he is charming and elegant. He looks better than Pan An. He has numerous fans on the Internet, but why?

Why is my brother so ugly?

The facial features are not brilliant at all, and they look like a hairy monkey with wrinkled skin, which is really ugly.


I'm afraid Old Xu will be very unhappy when he sees it, right?

Xu Feng came to open Meitu Xiuxiu, gave the baby a picture, looked less ugly, and then sent it to the circle of friends with a text:

[At the end of the New Year, I have a younger brother. I want to grow up healthy and happy. Happy jpg]

However, because it was too late, only a few friends who played coffee day and night all the year round gave praise and comments.

The night passed like this.

The next morning, Xu Fenglai was woken up by the footsteps of doctors and nurses. He got up from his seat and said, 'Doctor, how is my father?'

'I haven't woken up yet.' The doctor looked at the medical record and said, 'However, all other indicators of the body are still stable. I will continue to observe today, and I can go to the general ward when I wake up.'

'When will he wake up?' Xu Feng asked.

'This is not certain.' The doctor frowned, 'After all, it is the brain that is injured, and the cerebral hemorrhage is relatively serious. It depends on the follow-up. Don't worry too much.'

Xu Fenglai can only nod.

At nine in the morning, the phone rang.

Xu Feng answered the phone, 'Jin Lan.'

'Congratulations on seeing your circle of friends.' Bo Jinlan said, 'Send the address of the hospital, and we will all visit today.'

'No need.' Xu Fenglai was listless. 'My father had an accident last night. I don't have time to go to Aunt Xie's side to receive you... I'll talk about it in a few days.'

'Is Uncle Xu serious? Which hospital?' Bo Jinlan asked.

'Kangping Road Xiehe Hospital.'

'OK, we'll be right there.'

Hang up the phone, and Xu Fenglai comes to the ICU. Through the window, he looks at his father lying on the hospital bed with tubes all over his body.

From my memory, Xu Songyuan has always been a strict father. He is energetic and full of middle spirit. He rarely catches cold and has a fever all year round. He also often exercises. He is still elegant at the age of 50, and even more so in the shopping mall!

I didn't expect that one day I would lie there so lifeless and live on those machines...

The mobile phone rings again.

This time it was Rong Wu.

'Feng Lai, I just got up and saw your circle of friends. Congratulations. Is Aunt Xie in good health?'

'Aunt Xie is fine.' Xu Feng sighed leisurely, 'But my father had an accident. The situation is very serious. I haven't woken up yet. I'm worried...'

'Uncle Xu is so kind. He will be fine. Now Aunt Xie has just given birth. She can't be too sad and easily hurt herself, so you must be strong when Feng comes. The Xu family can only rely on you...'

'I know.'

'It's a pity that I can't leave now...'

'No.' Xu Feng came to help and said, 'Your work is very important. Besides, you can't help me if you come here. There are doctors and nurses here.'

'Well, Fenglai, take care of yourself.'

'I will.'

Before long, Bo Jinlan and Jiang Yaoyao came, along with Cheng Runzhi.

Looking at the situation in the ward, everyone knew how serious the situation was, although they did not say it.

Bo Jinlan patted him on the shoulder, 'Don't worry, it will be OK.'

Cheng Runzhi also said, 'Tell me what you need.'

Xu Feng nodded and said to his brother, 'Thank you.'

Xu Songyuan never woke up. After staying for a while, everyone had to leave.

Out of the hospital, Jiang Yaoyao sighed, 'How could this happen? It was a happy event for Aunt Xie to have a baby, but now...'

It was the first time she saw Xu Fenglai's untidy appearance just now...

His hair is messy, his eyes are red, and he has dark circles under his eyes. At first, he didn't sleep much all night. How can he still look like a stinking dog?

'That's where it goes.' Bo Jinlan said, 'If Uncle Xu can wake up as soon as possible, everything will be OK, otherwise...'

He hesitated.

Jiang Yaoyao didn't understand, 'What do you mean?'

Bo Jinlan explained, 'Uncle Xu came back from a business trip for more than a month, but the problem has not been completely solved. There are some problems in Xu's company.'

They all belong to the same circle. Although Xu is engaged in furniture industry and has no direct business relationship with Boyuan Group, he has heard more or less such insider information.

Moreover, Xu is a family industry, and there will be more or less problems left over by history in such enterprises.

Jiang shook her eyebrows and said, 'No, are you worried?'

In her opinion, Xu's development has been very good. After all, he is an industrialist. As long as he is not suppressed maliciously like Jiang's, there will be no problems.

Bo Jinlan nodded, 'I hope so.'

However, it turns out that...

His fears came true.

Because Xu Songyuan didn't wake up in the afternoon, but the assistant Jiang called directly.

'Little boss, is Mr. Xu still awake?'

Xu Feng said, 'Not yet.'

'It's over. Last night, Mr. Xu asked Mr. Liao to provide a model contract as soon as possible, or he would not cooperate with us. What do you think we should do now?'

What should I do?

How does Xu Fenglai know?

He has never touched his family's industry, and Xu Songyuan has always been the sole the final say.

'Wait until my dad wakes up.'

'No, little boss, the problem of the supplier has not been solved before. If we don't cooperate with Liao Shi this time, our product progress will not be able to catch up. The seller can't get the goods. According to the contract, we are the defaulting party and will lose money.'

'Then pay!'

'But little boss, this is not a small amount of compensation. I calculated it to be hundreds of millions...'

Xu Fenglai was impatient. 'What can I do? I don't understand these things, and my father hasn't woken up yet. What do you want to do?'

'Well...' Assistant Jiang couldn't help it, 'OK, I'll communicate with the seller again.'

Xu Feng comes to hang up the phone.

When the doctor came to make a rounds in the afternoon, he asked, 'Doctor, why doesn't my father wake up? It's been a day!'

The doctor held his glasses, 'Mr. Xu, you should be prepared mentally.'

'What do you mean?' Xu Fenglai began to panic.

'Your father's cerebral hemorrhage is serious. Although it has been stopped in time and the injuries on his body have been handled, it seems that he has been unable to wake up, and it is very likely that he will become a vegetable.'

Everyone from Xu Feng was stupid. 'You... how could it be? My father just had a small car accident. How could he... he was so healthy...'

'Don't get excited, Mr. Xu.' The doctor quickly calmed down, 'This is just our worst guess...'

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