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Chapter 77 Video benefits, your face is so red when you are slim [one shift]

This guarantee contract stipulates that Jiang Yaoyao must marry Xie Jinran before he can get the right to use Xie's 8% equity.

and once divorced, she will have no right to misappropriate these shares.

however, as long as this marriage is reached, both Jiang and Xie will get the support of the investors in M. she has already let people budget that as long as the funds are in place, Xie's share price will increase by at least 5% in the future!

that is to say, the benefits brought by this marriage are far more than the 8% equity taken away by Jiang Yaoyao!

the little girl thought she had earned, but in fact...

in her eyes, Jiang Yaoyao was just a chess piece.

* *

on the other side, Xu Fenglai managed to get rid of Xie Weizhen and jumped up before the car left.

'sleeping slot this is my car, my driver! Can you be a little conscious of the guests? I haven't been there yet. What are you driving?'

the driver in front is shivering.

Mr. Bo let him drive as soon as he got on the bus. How dare he not?

'I think you and Miss Xie had a good chat.' Bo Jinlan's tone was faint.

'is it not for you that I am special?' Xu Feng's stomach ached angrily. 'If you hadn't said that you would come to Xie's house, would I be dead and lick this handsome face to find a subordinate to rub rice?'

Bo jinlang continued, 'you drank a lot tonight and sent out a lot of QR codes.'

'yes, who's like you? We agreed to rub rice. Without moving our chopsticks a few times, we ran out to meet the little girl! It's just an animal!' Xu Feng spat.

Bo Jinlan didn't bother to pay attention to him and reached out his mobile phone.

again! Xu Feng rolled her eyes and simply ignored them.

who knows...

'I'll find someone to follow Xie Jinran tomorrow.'

Xu Feng came to see it again in a moment.

when the call ended, he immediately gossiped, 'what's wrong with Xie Jinran? Why are you following him?'

'don't be so curious.'

'you must be holding back some bad moves again, right? I don't believe you left without eating for a simple tryst tonight. You must have got some important information? Talk about it quickly...

' shut up. ' Bo Jinlan opened wechat and clicked the picture box of Jiang Yaoyao. 'Don't affect my chatting with my girlfriend.'

Xu Fenglai: '... The second Olympic Games!'

my stomach hurts even more.

* *

Jiangjia mansion.

not long after returning home, Jiang Yaoyao received someone's wechat.

Dog Man: [lean, do you have a date tomorrow?]

Jiang Yaoyao: [maybe not tomorrow.]

Dog Man: [the day after tomorrow?]

Jiang Yaoyao: [I think we are not suitable for dating these days.]

in the back garden of Xie's house in the evening...

after all, she has a guilty conscience. She doesn't want to challenge this kind of stimulation for the second time.

Jiang Yaoyao explained: 'you just got on the hot search. It's easy to recognize us when we go out on a date.'

Dog Man: [I can wear sunglasses.]

Jiang Yaoyao: '......

brother, wouldn't you be recognized if you wore sunglasses?

that height and temperament are the focus of every station. It's just self deception!

[let's talk about it in two days, and wait until the matter is solved first.]


after Bo Jinlan issued a good word, there was no movement.

Jiang Yaoyao asked him: [are you angry?]


Jiang Yaoyao doubts: [really?]

based on her understanding of someone, when he is unhappy, he usually does not talk. For example, at this moment, the message is only one or two words...

the next second.

[I'm not angry, don't you believe me to show you?]

immediately followed, the mobile phone rang, and the screen displayed 'dog man invites you to make a video call...'


Jiang Yaoyao was shocked.

busy bowing his head to check his clothes.

after returning home, she tied up her hair and changed into loose home clothes...

to make sure there was nothing wrong, Jiang Yaoyao clicked to answer.

the handsome and deep face of the man immediately appeared on the mobile phone screen.

he seems to be in the bedroom, and he can see the wardrobe and floor lamp in the back...

Jiang Yaoyao is the first time to follow him in the video. Subconsciously, her eyes fall on the upper right corner...

in the video, she has a high ball head and wears a pink printed hooded sweater. It seems a little silly...


hearing the sound, Jiang Yaoyao hurriedly looked down and fell on his face again. 'What are you looking at?'

Bo Jinlan raised her eyebrows. 'I didn't say that just now. Let's see if I'm angry.'

so Jiang Yaoyao looked at his face, 'EMM...'

'can't you see clearly?' So Bo Jinlan pulled the mobile phone back. 'Now, do you see it clearly?'

zoom out. Jiang Yaoyao sees that he is wearing pajamas.

the black-and-white striped forged silk pajamas of the Fauvism are just the buttons on their jackets...

maybe they have just taken a bath. Four or five buttons have not been fastened. They are open and reveal a large area of skin inside.

the bedroom light is very bright, so she can see it very clearly. She can even see the obvious texture under the skirt and the obvious sexy ups and downs in the chest...

Jiang Yaoyao suddenly widens his peach blossom eyes.

she never thought of such benefits...

so much so that she didn't hear what Bo Jinlan said.

until Bo Jinlan takes back his mobile phone, his chest muscles can't be seen. In the camera, only the man's face is slightly confused. 'Is the signal bad?'

Jiang shakes himself back, his cheeks warm, 'what's that?'

'you didn't respond to what I asked you just now. I thought the WiFi signal at home was bad.'

'No.' Jiang Yaoyao felt guilty. 'Maybe my signal is not good.'

'let your family have a look tomorrow and fix the network.' Bo Jinlan said it seriously.


'lean.' Bo Jinlan suddenly called her name.

Jiang Yaoyao is still absent-minded. 'What's the matter?'

'your face is very red.'

Jiang shook Yaoyao's heart and hurried to touch his face.

it's really hot!

'maybe the heating is turned on too much.'

Bo Jinlan smiled with thin lips, 'what's the number of days to turn on the heating?'

'my home is not a collective heating system. It's a little cold recently, so...' Jiang Yaoyao is upset. What is she talking nonsense about?

simply break the pot and fall, 'it's more than 10 o'clock. You should have an early rest.'

'but I'm not sleepy.' Bo Jinlan doesn't seem to want to hang up.

Jiang Yaoyao is at a loss, especially the heat on his face. He feels like he can't get off. He must have seen it clearly at the other end of the video...

'Yaoyao.' Bo Jinlan began to call her name again. 'Do you really want to go out with me tomorrow?'

he deliberately lowered his voice, which became more and more low and magnetic, with obvious tenderness, as if he could pass through the mobile phone and penetrate into her heart.

Jiang Yaoyao almost couldn't resist...

she coughed softly. 'After a while, besides, we are not in a hurry for these two days, are you right?'

'what if I miss you?'


ah, this old man, how can he grind people so...

the door of the room was suddenly knocked.

Jiang Yaoyao was startled and said, 'hang up first.'

she hung up the phone, touched her hot face, waited a while, and then went to open the door.

Jiang Hongzhou waited impatiently outside. 'Why do you lock the door?'

'your daughter always comes in without knocking. Can I stop her if I don't lock the door?'

'she is your sister. Since we all live at home, can we get along peacefully?'

'that's what you asked me for?'

Jiang Hongzhou glared at her. 'I told Secretary Lin that tomorrow afternoon, he will bring the contract to your home for signature.'

Jiang Yaoyao nodded, 'OK.'

the next afternoon, secretary Lin came to Jiang's house.

in the study, he handed over the contract. 'This is the transfer of 8% of the equity of jiangrui group. Miss, please have a look and you can sign it if you have no problem.'

Jiang Yaoyao took over the contract and looked at it carefully from beginning to end for a long time.

after reading it, he took out his mobile phone and started taking photos, as if he wanted to consult others...

secretary Lin and others were impatient and could not help sneering, 'this equity transfer contract is formulated by the company in a unified way. Madam, rest assured that President Jiang will not deceive his daughter.'

Jiang Yaoyao smiled softly. 'Unfortunately, in his eyes, I am just a chess piece, not a daughter.'

secretary Lin: '

half an hour later.

finally got the equity, Jiang Yaoyao almost walked out of the study with a smile.

Jiang Yingxue looks at her complacent look and her angry eyes turn red.

after Ning wane sent Secretary Lin, she immediately said, 'Mom, sister, she's got so much equity now. Won't she be more arrogant in the Jiang family in the future?'

'I can't be arrogant for a few days.' Ning Wanhe comforted his daughter, 'these days, you should be calm and don't conflict with her. Do you hear me?'

'I know.'

back to the room upstairs, Jiang Yaoyao received a call from Mrs. Xie not long ago.

seems to have received the good news from Jiang Hongzhou.

'there's a charity dinner tomorrow evening, so I'll ask Jingran to pick you up?' Mrs. Xie explained, 'you're going to get married soon. The jewelry on display tomorrow evening is very good. One of the diamond rings is very beautiful. Let me take a photo of it for you as a wedding ring, OK?'

Jiang shook his slender smile and said, 'OK.'

ends the call. She immediately dials song curly's phone. 'Curly, are you free tomorrow evening?'

* *

Boyuan group building.

in the office on the top floor, Bo Jinlan sits behind his desk to deal with the company's documents.

Li Jing stood in front and reported the news she had just received:

'Miss Jiang signed the equity transfer letter of Xie's two days ago. Just one hour ago, Miss Jiang got 8% of the equity of jiangrui group.'

'Mrs. Xie invited Miss Jiang to attend the charity dinner tomorrow evening. The jewelry provided by the host of the dinner was very rare. Many celebrities in Imperial capitals were invited.'

'the Xie family should want Mr. Xie to take a pair of diamond rings at the dinner party, propose marriage on the spot, and announce the good news of his marriage to Miss Jiang.'

Bo Jinlan looks down at the document, his face sinking like water.

Li Jing really doesn't understand.

what he asked him to check was also checked, and the eyeliner arranged was also arranged. It looks like the 8th is coming. How can Mr. Bo still be so calm?

'Mr. Bo, are you going to attend this dinner tonight?'

seeing Bo Jinlan still didn't respond, Li Jing said, 'the chairman said that Miss Hou will have her birthday in a few days. I want you to take her to the party tonight and take a birthday present for her...'


'shall I send you to be the Secretary of the chairman?' The pen in Bo Jinlan's hand was thrown on the table, lifting her eyelids. Li Jing was shocked by the sudden cold and fierce atmosphere.

'Mr. Bo, you have not explained the hot search, so the chairman misunderstood it. It has nothing to do with me...'

the old minister was wronged!

Bo Jinlan closed the document in his hand and said, 'you go to Hou's house to pick up the person tonight.'

'OK... Ah?'

'go out.'

'OK...' Li Jing left inexplicably.

* *

at 6:00 p.m., Jiangjia mansion.

Jiang Yaoyao went downstairs on time.

in the living room, Ning Wanhe and Jiang Yingxue are all dressed up, as if they were going to attend this charity dinner.

ning wane's dress is naturally gentle, generous and decent, while Jiang Yingxue does the sweet little princess's shape as usual. As for Jiang Yaoyao...

she wears a split dress with silver beads and glittering pieces, with suspenders designed, the fabric is close to her body, convex in front and tilted in back...

in fact, she doesn't appear very exposed, but when she walks, her white, tender and slender legs are looming at the skirt, and her facial features that flatter her bones...

her swaying posture is just like this!

'Mom, why do you think she's dressed like a demon again?'

'Shh --'

ning Wange stopped her daughter, 'I forgot what I said to you, didn't I?'

Jiang Yingxue stamped her feet, and was almost mad with jealousy.

when she went to Xie's house that night, Jiang Yaoyao stepped on her in a magnificent retro red dress.

today's ambition is even greater!

unexpectedly dressed so sexy and provocative, do you want to compare all the women at the dinner party?

--- digression --

* *

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