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Chapter 10 Amiable

Hexiancheng was relieved to see he Lingjiang with his own eyes. He went to the Song family and told her about he Lingjiang in detail.

'I understand what the second younger brother said. Now Jiang doesn't remember the past. We can't help but wait for her to recover.'

'but Lord Lang is still ill in bed. I kept this matter from Jiang, lest he should worry too much.'

'you know, after the winter, Lord Lang's illness suddenly became serious... It's hard to say whether he can survive this winter.' Speaking of this, song couldn't help but turn his head and take his handkerchief and touch the corners of his eyes.

the current owner of the he family is hexiangshan. He once served as the Secretary of the Honglu temple. He resigned 15 years ago and returned home. He has not been an official since then.

the he family is the so-called home of Zhongming and Dingshi in Linchuan County, a family of poems and books with tassels. However, their ancestors were important officials of the previous dynasty.

before the great building of the previous dynasty was about to collapse, the great grandfather of the he family saw that it was wrong. He took his people back to his hometown and left in a hurry to protect his century old family.

since then, he's children have no longer joined the government. Relying on their ancestral business, he's managed to be more prosperous and rich.

up to now, it has been 50 and 5 spring and autumn since the establishment of the great Zhou Dynasty. Today, it is the third monarch who has been in office for 15 years.

apart from the foreign invasion of northern Di and Western Yi, the great Zhou Dynasty was also called yanheqing in Shanghai under the governance of three monarchs.

the Cui family in Jiangzhou, the Li family in Zhaojun, the Lu family in Fanyang, and other big families have successively had their sons and daughters become officials in the new dynasty.

he family is a century old family. How could he ever be inferior to those families? When grandfather he was silent again, he was called up by the imperial court and went to Yingdu.

hejiadalang and Erlang did not live up to his expectations. They successively passed the examinations for scholars and entered Honglu temple and the Ministry of works respectively.

later, when the prince went to the suburbs of Beijing, he fell in love with the five niangs of the he family and begged the saint to marry her as the crown princess.

the he family looks good to the next life, and the five niangs of he are so beautiful that no one in the whole Ying can match them.

she was born in a big family and had a reputation for talent. The sage was impeccable. Naturally, she accepted the prince's request.

in those years, the whole he family was full of flowers and flowers.

I don't know. The good times don't last very often. But in a few years, the crown prince and princess will disappear.

he Xiangshan also resigned from his official position and hurried back to his hometown with all his family. He Xiancheng didn't even let him go to Beijing. He just found a small official in Linchuan county.

song thought that there was nothing wrong with not being an official. It was also a good thing to be a rich man easily.

who would have guessed that in recent years, Lord Lang's body has gradually declined, and he has spent most of the year in bed. Now, he seems to be dying.

hexiancheng sighed and comforted her: 'don't worry, sister-in-law. I've sent people to look for famous doctors everywhere. Brother a will certainly get better.'

song nodded. She knew that these were just words of comfort.

over the years, she has invited many doctors. She has also invited the Taoist priest in the Taoist temple and the great monk in the temple, and even invited many Jianghu warlocks. However, the situation of leader Lang is not any better, and it is getting worse now.

the man in the big room is not prosperous. The Song family had a son before. Unexpectedly, he fell off his horse and died when he was just 15 years old eight years ago. Now there is only one concubine who is mute.

Si Lang, the brother of he Xiangshan's compatriots, said that he was a poet who was also a dissolute and was away from home all day.

in recent years, although the Song family shared a lot for he Xiangshan, the clan also relied on the second son, he Xiancheng, and the third son, he Qianli.

Songshi looked at him and said, 'I think the second brother heard about Lingjiang and hurried back. You've worked hard. Go back and have a rest and see your siblings and some children.'

hexiancheng comforted her again, and then went to the second room.

since then, he Lingjiang has kept himself in the room and never stepped out of the door. The evening meal was still arranged outside by the maidservants, and no one was left to serve.

it is said that he Lingjiang met hexiancheng today. Heyunchu and heyunjia couldn't help but urge song to visit her after dinner.

heyunjia sat down at the table, looked at helingjiang with ointment on his forehead, and said, 'it's not very serious. It's just that you broke a small piece, and you shut yourself in the room without anyone. I thought you were disfigured?'

Songshi glared at her: 'Yunjia.'

'OK, don't say that.' Little lady, even if she has a broken skin on her forehead, she should feel sorry for it. Moreover, he Lingjiang is not careful to leave a scar this time. She really shouldn't be stimulated.

heyunjia asked again: 'do you really remember anything?'

she pointed to herself: 'who am I?'


'don't you remember?'

he Lingjiang glanced at her lightly and said, 'didn't Mother just call your name?'

heyunjia felt that this look was full of deep meaning. It seemed that he was saying that this good little lady had a bad mind.

'you!' She was so angry that she wanted to jump, but he Yunchu pressed her down.

she angrily pointed to heyunchu and asked, 'who is this?'

'I don't know.'

'are you playing dumb?'

'Why are you playing dumb? You haven't mentioned her name. I don't know. Isn't it normal?' He Lingjiang didn't understand her thoughts.

heyunjia has nothing to say. He Lingjiang may have really broken his head, but even so, she is still so annoying.

heyunchu smiled and pressed her: 'OK, OK, you two are still the same as before. Once you meet, you have to quarrel.'

she smiled at helingjiang, who was sitting upright, and said, 'Lingjiang, I'm your elder sister he Yunchu. I'm three.' Then he pointed to he Yunjia: 'here, he Yunjia is your sixth sister. You should remember, don't forget.'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'OK, third sister.' He shouted to heyunjia, 'sixth sister.'

heyunjia's eyes widened with a look of disbelief.

this helingjiang is three months younger than her. With her father and second uncle loving her, which time did you see that she was either indifferent or called her name directly?

calling her like this makes her a little uncomfortable.

she rubbed her arm.

heyunchu looked at her and 'poo poo' laughed. Songshi could not help laughing: 'even if sisters quarrel, they are happy.'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'yes.' She had never felt such a scene of amusing her peers.

she is so serious, which makes people feel more funny.

song asked her, 'Lingjiang, you don't want to see the doctor, but the ointment should be applied persistently. Such a beautiful little lady, don't leave scars. Take the Yinhuang throat pill left by doctor sun on time. If your throat is still uncomfortable, send someone to tell me.'

he Lingjiang whispered, 'thank you, mother.'

she chatted with aman before. She already knew that he Lingjiang was not the son of the Song family, but he Xiangshan, the head of the he family, brought him back from outside and raised him under her lap. Over the years, he Xiangshan's love for her has gone far beyond those of heyunchu and heyunjia.

as the wife of the principal family, song could not have no resentment in her heart. However, he Lingjiang, a younger generation, was never severely criticized, let alone did anything to support the killing.

although it is not close to her, it is rare to be able to do so.

song looked at he Yunchu and said, 'Lingjiang doesn't remember the past and can't go out to bask in the sun. Your sisters come to accompany her.'

heyunchu nodded and said, 'I recently got a new painting of plum Stone Creek, which makes Jiang AI paint and calligraphy. I'll bring it tomorrow, and we can study it together.'

heyunjia was not interested in this: 'there is nothing to see here. But in winter, it is lonely outside. There is really nothing to go out. We might as well hide in our room and play Shuanglu.'

'you know how to play...'

for a while, all the people gave up their worries and laughed in the brightly lit room. In this dark night, they seemed gentle and amiable.

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