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Chapter 101 Tunnel

It was late at night, and his whereabouts were just hidden in the dark. Liu Da led he Lingjiang and his party to sneak around the back of the mine.

standing near the two mountains, he pointed to the middle of the mountain: 'the mine should be there, but there are plants and trees in the mountains blocking it. I don't know the specific location.'

it is dark in the mountains, only the cold moonlight flows down, and the shadow of the mountains is faintly seen.

he Lingjiang looked up and said: 'please bother the Liu family. We'll check the rest. Go back first.'

after a moment's hesitation, Liu Da said: 'why don't I stay and let you know? Those people should choose to transport the ore at night. It would be bad if they found someone breaking in while they were travelling.'

he Lingjiang knew his good intentions, but he politely refused: 'you are from the mining area. If you show your face carelessly, it is even more dangerous. Let's go, so as not to drag you again.'

'just before entering the mountain, I have sent someone to inform sun Juncheng to send someone secretly. You should stabilize yourself, and don't let others notice that something is wrong and invite trouble.'

hearing that Sun Jun Cheng would send someone to come again, Liu Da was relieved.

he went back first, stabilized Qian and Wu, and tried to hide the disappearance of Xiao Si.

he Lingjiang led the people to climb halfway up the mountain. With the help of the moonlight, he found a hole in the hidden place, which was still covered by messy vegetation.

'seven maidens, let me take someone in. You wait outside first.' He Zheng is still worried about the danger inside, so it's better for his subordinates to find out the truth first.

he Lingjiang shook his head: 'since I'm here, I'll always go and have a look in person. The mine is not spacious, so there's no need for so many people to go in. Follow me, and others will hide around the entrance of the cave, watching in the dark. If there's any change, we'll inform you later.'

He Zheng's fist should be, as soon as he waved, the rest of the people scattered around and controlled along the hidden mountain path.

green bamboo is also guarding around the entrance of the cave and is ready to receive people at any time.

he Lingjiang bent down slightly, brushed the weeds covered by the hole with He Zheng, and drilled into the hole.

the entrance is not spacious, only allowing two people to enter side by side. It is dark inside, and you can't see your fingers.

he Lingjiang took out two night pearls and held them in the palm of his hand. He brushed them slightly and handed them to He Zheng.

under the shining pearl light, the two can roughly see the whole picture of the cave.

the rocks on the wall of the cave are jagged and narrow at first. After a few steps forward, they gradually become wider. The shape is like a horizontal urn.

however, after only ten steps, the hole will see the bottom.

if someone enters here by mistake, they will only regard it as an ordinary cave.

however, Xiao Si said that those people disappeared around here. They searched around here and found nothing unusual. Only here, under the shelter of plants and trees, was a cave hidden.

he Lingjiang squatted down, picked up a piece of crushed stone that had fallen to the ground, and looked under the Pearl. One corner of the small stone was also covered with a blue purple spot. This was the copper ore material attached to the crushed stone, which changed color after long contact with the air.

'this is it.'

she dropped the stone, went to the stone wall, and held up the Pearl for a closer look.

the stone wall in front of him looks ordinary and has a sense of ruggedness

He Zheng reaches out his hand and gropes around the stone wall. Suddenly, he gently calls out: 'seven maidens.'

is a mechanism on the stone wall!

he Ling nodded to He Zheng with his eyes slightly deep.

with a strong push on his hand, he saw that the stone wall in the middle was moving slightly and rotating along the central axis, revealing two gaps for people to pass through.

the revolving stone gate was disguised as a stone wall!

after both of them enter, he Zheng pushes the stone gate back into the distance.

entering from here is really entering the mine.

compared with the other side of the stone wall, this place is much brighter. Several oil lamps hang around the stone wall.

the stone wall here is sealed. He Lingjiang was curious about how they ventilated. He looked up and found that there were many holes around the stone wall, which were close, and there was hidden gas circulation. He thought it was connected with the outside world.

it's just that these holes are small, which they didn't notice when they were looking for the entrance of the mine.

this is the entrance and exit of the mine, but it is quite spacious. From this, it can be seen that five or six dense roads extend in different directions to the depth of the mountain.

he Lingjiang raised eyebrows and pointed to the main ore channel on the left. The direction of this ore channel looks quite different from other ore channels: 'let's go and have a look.'

He Zheng followed her, and they quietly went to the deep part of the mine.

this main mine is quite spacious. Every ten steps, an oil lamp is hung on the stone wall for lighting.

on both sides of the main road, there are many narrow mining lanes, which are dug by miners for mining, and can only allow one person to pass half on his stomach.

'seven maidens, I'll go in and have a look.' He Zheng said.

he Lingjiang nodded slightly.

before long, he Zheng came out of the narrow tunnel: 'there is no one inside. This place should be the abandoned tunnel after mining by miners.'

'let's look forward.'

looking forward along the main mining tunnel, he Lingjiang and he Zheng could see people moving in and out of it. He Lingjiang and he Zheng hid in the narrow mining tunnel on one side and heard someone talking outside.

'how much did you do today?'

another voice sighed and replied: 'after digging for a whole day, I only got 60-70 kilograms of copper.'

it's really not much. Because of this, the reward you get should be a little less.

the man took off his back basket and comforted him: 'it's not too little. I'm less than a hundred kilograms. We're not big heads.'

'yes.' Another sighed, 'although this mountain range is connected to the Nanshan Mining Area, it is not rich in copper. The copper materials here are only mined together. It is good to mine so much.'

'I just envy other places. If you stay in the mountains for a day, they will get more things and more rewards than us.'

'be contented. As for copper mining, the wages here are much higher than those in the Nanshan Mining Area. As for how much can be mined every day, you and I can't control it. The daily wages are set, but it's OK to take less reward.'

'me too.' Together with him, the man poured the ore in the basket onto the ground of the main mine, picked up the empty basket and continued to drill into the narrow mine.

the main tunnel was suddenly quiet.

he Lingjiang, who was hiding in the dark, paused for a few seconds. Seeing no sound coming, he sidled out of the mine.

many mined ores are stacked in the middle of the main ore Gallery, waiting for the person in charge of transportation to transport them.

she squatted down and picked up a piece of ore. even if the cave was dark, the dark copper red color was particularly bright.

reach out and look over one by one. It's the same.

is copper.

just, thinking about the previous conversation between the two people, she can't help but wonder: does this mountain range not mainly produce copper mines?

in this case, why do they have to pay a lot of money to hire people to mine here?

what are they mining in those places?

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