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Chapter 103 fight each other

In the darkness, he Lingjiang's eyes narrowed slightly.

Carelessly, she hid it for a long time with xuanshu, except that Xi Niang was half the same as her and noticed it. Other people just think that her temperature is cold, and they just think that she is in poor health. Who ever thought that she was not a living person.

Unexpectedly, it was exposed here today.

In this way, the matter can not be solved.

She went up the mountain tonight. For her convenience, she didn't bring an umbrella, and the lightsaber she had in her hand was not there. She had to cross the dagger again and rush up.

The man carried a long sword on his back, but the mine was narrow and could not be used. In addition, close combat would inevitably attract people in the mine.

He did not draw his sword to meet the challenge.

With one palm, he Lingyuan's hand holding the blade was opened, and the man backhanded took out a talisman from his sleeve and stuck it on him.

He Lingjiang didn't check for a while, but he stuck it straight. His soul suddenly hurt. He couldn't help loosening his hand, and the short dagger fell to the ground.

The man leaned over and took the dagger into his hand.

He ordered Jiang Lianlian to step back a few steps. She endured the sharp pain, quickly kneaded the formula in her hand, and recited the spell in her mouth. The talisman on her body instantly turned into an ash, scattered from her and disappeared in the air.

There was no light in the tunnel, and it was dark. Although the man could not see clearly, he could clearly feel the Qi of the talisman and disappeared.

'You know all about metaphysics!' There was a condensation in his eyes.

This soul driving charm is specially used to deal with ghosts. Although it can't compare with Taoist priest Changwu's painting, it is also powerful. Unexpectedly, it was dissolved by her so lightly.

He Lingjiang smiled coldly: 'it's more than that.'

She was also angry. She had been catching ghosts and killing evil spirits for so many years. In addition to xuanyang, an evil old Taoist, she was caught as a demon for the first time.

What is even more hateful is that she was stuck upright by a talisman, and she also hurt her spirit.

This is a great shame to he Lingjiang, who is good at runes!

'If you want to compete with me in xuanshu, I will accompany you to the end!'

After that, he Lingjiang tied a seal on his hand and drew a talisman seal in the air. Then, as soon as he raised it, the talisman seal attacked the man.

Draw an amulet in the void and attack with it!

In today's world, people with such abilities can only stand five fingers. I don't know when there was another such person in Linchuan City!

The man quickly turned sideways to avoid her blow, and then threw the paper amulet from his sleeve at he Lingjiang.

He Lingjiang sneers and skilfully avoids the paper.

Just now she didn't expect that this person would carry a paper charm with her. She was just careless. Now that she was on guard, how could she be stuck by him?

She quickly flipped her hands, and one amulet seal after another attacked the man. The man could not avoid it, and a piece of his coat was cut off.

He tapped his toes on the stone wall, jumped to he Lingjiang's body, and hit her again with his palm.

Although they were fighting, they tried their best to avoid alerting the miners in the cave, so after several moves, they looked fierce but silent.

He Ling Jiang Shi was bothered by the soul driving charm he threw from time to time. He took a deep breath, swirled under his feet, bent down to avoid the blow from him, and then slipped from his arm. A ribbon wound around the man's wrist.

Then, she twisted her short body from the right arm of the man behind him. As soon as she tightened her hand, the right arm of the man was locked behind her and could not move.

He Lingjiang pulled the ribbon from his hand: 'you'd better not throw your broken paper amulets everywhere, chicken ribs!'

The man couldn't help being speechless. When he took out the talisman, it was the palm view in the Taiqing temple, and he had to praise it.

She was the second person to scold herself for drawing runes with chicken ribs!

He inched at his feet, followed he Lingjiang's strength, and hit her with his left hand when she was unprepared.

He Lingjiang had been guarding against his move, slightly sidestepped his blow, and the hand that buckled his right arm remained steady.

Then, the finger tip of the painting will hit his vest.

The man's eyebrows wrinkled, his left fingers were together, and he flew into the air. The long sword on his back suddenly came out of its sheath and crossed to his vest. He Lingjiang's Rune seal was blocked by the sword body and immediately dissipated.

The sword is pure and awe inspiring. It has the potential to break thousands of methods with one sword.

He Lingjiang was forced by the sword Qi, and her injured spirit suddenly became a little unstable. She quickly loosened the ribbon that tied the man's right arm and retreated to the stone wall beside the mine.

The man held a sword in his left hand and turned to he Lingjiang. On his right arm, she hung a ribbon around it. One end hung down and swayed in the air.

He looked down and then raised his head: 'I can't compare with you in terms of xuanshu. But when it comes to swordsmanship, I haven't met anyone who can beat me in the world.'

'And my sword, which is used to kill evil spirits, happens to be your nemesis.'

He Lingjiang's forehead slightly jumped and he sighed: 'why? If you let go of your hand and fight, I can't help you, but you can't take me. At that time, you'll have to startle others in the cave.'

'Your Excellency, I don't want people to discover my whereabouts when I spy in mines.' 'She softened her tone.' since we have the same purpose, we might as well treat everything as a misunderstanding and turn the page here. '

Now you have to turn the page?

The man sneered in his heart and said in a condensed voice, 'Your Excellency attacked me with spells earlier, but it was not a misunderstanding.'

She moves quickly. If she is hit by her amulet seal, she will not die, nor will she be seriously injured. But the wound is in the dark. If she is not careful to regulate her breathing, she may affect her practice in the future.

He made Jiang shenran smile: 'I was angry because you suddenly posted a soul driving charm.'

'Besides, I've been merciful just now. I'm just doing some weak magic. If I do my best, I'm afraid I'll beat you down before you pull out this sword.'

The man snorted coldly and didn't say that she was just afraid of startling the miners who were mining.

In the same way, he is still holding a sword, but he is afraid of making trouble. This is why he never drew his sword at the beginning.

'In that case, you and I will make peace for the time being. How about everything when we get out of the mine?' He Lingjiang's tone at this time was very mild.

The man nodded slightly and remembered that the lights in the cave had been extinguished by her. Although they had been fighting in the dark for a long time, she was afraid that she could not see her expression now.

'Good.' He added.

'That's fine. This time, we're right. No one is allowed to deceive.'

He looked at the vague figure standing in front of the stone wall and said, 'naturally, you must not forget this.'

After all, in the hearts of each other, neither of them can be regarded as a person who keeps his promise.

'I remember.'

He ordered Jiang Xing to take two steps in front of him and took out the Pearl from his sleeve: 'I've been fighting in the dark for a long time, and I didn't bring a fire. Let's use this light first.'

She looked up at the man.

The pearls in her palm sparkled brightly, illuminating the faces of the two people two steps apart.

Suddenly seeing each other's faces, both of them were shocked: 'it's you!'

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