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Chapter 111 gunpowder

He Lingjiang and Pei you ran all the way to the mine cave in the back mountain. They saw that the mine cave was like a giant animal dormant in the dark, with a big mouth in the rain before dawn, as if to devour everyone.

however, looking at the intact mine, she could not help sighing with relief.

she brushed the vegetation at the entrance of the cave, pushed the stone gate open with Pei you, and entered the mine.

the place of the mine is still like an ordinary place. The lights are flickering gently. In the distance, there is a tinkling sound of chiseling the wall.

the miners worked as usual without any disturbance.

he Lingjiang frowned. It seems that there is no difference here.

'if you were that wave of people, what would you do now?' She looked around and found nothing unusual.

Pei you stared at the lamp hanging on the stone wall and uttered two words: 'mine blasting.'

even though he had guessed it, he Lingjiang could not help taking a breath. Sure enough, he also thought so.

with the presence of Sun Jun Cheng, it is unavoidable to thoroughly investigate the Nanshan smuggling case.

since Liu Yuan can't stop him, he can erase all traces in advance. In this way, Sun Jun Cheng can investigate, but can't bring out evidence of private collection, and can't implicate him.

now, the mining supervisor who secretly worked for him is dead, and the people who transported the ore may have been his hands, but they are not in the mining area now.

the remaining ones are the mines and people who are still mining.

as long as the mine is blown up, all the people or objects involved in private copper and iron mining will be buried underground.

even if sun Juncheng brings out another informer to talk about things, Liu Yuan can still bite back and say that he is wantonly climbing and biting by taking advantage of the landslide near the Nanshan Mining Area.

after all, he is Governor Liu. Since he took office, he has never gone out of line.

he Lingjiang hung his head and looked at his wet clothes dripping.

it rained heavily this night, and it was thundering in spring, and it was likely to rain more and more.

in early spring, it is rare to encounter such heavy rain!

if a mountain collapses in a mountainous area like Nanshan, it's not strange.

Pei you is still looking at the lights on the stone wall. He Lingjiang looks at them along his eyes. When he sees the candle lights on the stone wall, he cannot help but freeze.

candles are expensive. They shouldn't have been used for lighting in this mine. What's more, she remembered that when she came here earlier, it was obviously an oil lamp.

Pei you has stepped forward to take a closer look at the candle lamp.

the bright flame of the candle wick gently jumps, the middle of the candle body is melted by high temperature, and a pool of wax oil is accumulated around the candle wick.

between the breathers, the wax oil is absorbed and burned by the candle wick, and then it turns into a new liquid. The candle is also in this cycle, becoming shorter bit by bit, and now it is only two fingers long.

Pei you raised his hand to hold the candle, and saw that there was a lead embedded in the bottom of the candle, extending from the bottom of the candle along the stone wall.

this lead is gray, which is consistent with the color of the stone wall, and the cave is dark. They didn't see it just now.

he Lingjiang fumbled along the lead and found something wrong on the ground next to the stone wall. The stones here were loose.

she took out a short dagger from her sleeve, inserted it into the crack of the stone and pried it, and the stone was pried.

Pei you moved her eyebrows slightly, squatted down and helped her remove the stones with one hand, revealing the buried objects below.

the brown black powder is piled in a one foot square cave, which is full.

is powder!

he Ling and Jiang Xinyi were awestruck. They stabbed them with a short dagger to test. The powder did not reach the end of the dagger, nor did it touch the bottom.

such a large amount of gunpowder is all piled up in a small space. Once it is exploded, it is enough to shake the mountain.

he Lingjiang pulls out his dagger, cuts off the lead with his backhand, and then looks at Pei you, who is still holding the candle in one hand: 'stand away!'

if this candle is accidentally turned over and falls into the gunpowder room, the two will be finished.


Pei you blew out the candle in his hand and put it back: 'what are you afraid of? It's a matter of life and death. Can I be careless?'

he Lingjiang glanced at him: 'I'm afraid your hands are slippery.'

there is another place opposite, which is also burning a candle. She quickly went over, blew out the candle, raised the candle body and looked at it. She saw another lead at the bottom.

he Lingjiang pulled out the lead, and found that the lead was still connected to the previous one.

it's really a good trick!

when the candle burns out, it will ignite the lead at the bottom, which runs down the stone wall and connects to the powder room under the stone slab.

at that time, as long as there is a 'bang', the whole hole will collapse.

I'm afraid it's not just these two places. Liu Yuan will explode the mine thoroughly, making it impossible for people to search.

He Zheng also arrived at this time with two subordinates.

although he Lingjiang came out this time with Jingwei, there were not many hands. In addition, there was trouble with the mining supervisor, and Liu DA and others had to be protected. At this time, they were stretched thin.

he Lingjiang pointed to several main tunnels and ordered: 'when you see the candle on the stone wall, you should blow out the candle first, and then pull out the lead at the bottom of the candle body, so as not to take the opportunity to ignite it.'

'after that, inform the miners that it is raining heavily tonight. There is a danger of collapse here. Let people get out of the mine first and take shelter elsewhere.'

she warned: 'remember, if it's not necessary, don't say someone blew up the mine first, so as to avoid panic and accidents.'

'can the number of liquidators in each mine be complete when they come out?'

said that here, she was fierce in her eyes: 'if someone takes the opportunity to make trouble, I will kill him immediately.'

He Zheng and others looked at each other, hugged each other, and then flew away to several main tunnels.

he Lingjiang pointed at the remaining two ore tunnels and said to Pei you, 'you and I are in our own places'

Pei you nodded and jumped into the ore tunnels.

he Lingjiang picked up a few broken stones, which led him into the mine. When he met a candle burning on the stone wall, he popped out the stone and shot it out. Then he quickly went forward and pulled out the lead connected to the underground gunpowder.

all the way down, there were three places of gunpowder buried in a mine tunnel.

if this is the case for every mine, plus the two openings, there will be at least 17.

such a large amount of gunpowder is enough to blow up all the mined mines and even flatten half of the mountain.

at that time, a sentence of 'heavy rain will collapse the mountain' will cover everything up, so that people can not find any traces of private mining.

after he Lingjiang cleaned all the candles and leads, he shouted: 'ladies and gentlemen!'

'it's raining heavily in the mountains tonight. I'm afraid there is a danger of mountain collapse. Please go out of the mine quickly and take refuge elsewhere!'

she used internal breathing, and the voice gradually spread round and round along the large and small ore tunnels.

the miners who were digging the wall could not help but stop when they heard the sound. After carefully listening to the words, they immediately put down their hammer chisels and half bent out of the tunnel.

seeing he Lingjiang standing in the middle of the main tunnel, the miners were shocked: 'this lady, are you shouting?'

'yes.' He Lingjiang said.

the miner frowned: 'what you said is true? Don't think it's funny and deceive me.'

'what have I done to deceive you?' He Lingjiang lifted his wet sleeves. 'You can tell from my description that it's raining heavily outside.'

a middle-aged man with a short beard stood out at this moment and said: 'who is your lady? Why do you know that I'm waiting here for quarrying?'

the mine here is privately mined, the entrance is hidden, and the stone gate is hidden. No one knows, even the miners stay on the mountain and cannot go down easily.

why did such a young lady suddenly appear? Can you still know where they are mining?

didn't the government send someone to lure them out when it found out that there were people stealing here?

he said that when people in the mine looked at he Lingjiang, their eyes suddenly changed and their minds floated.

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