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Chapter 115 Change one's life

He Lingjiang's eyes narrowed slightly, and he recalled all the things he had done after waking up with the body of he qiniangzi.

when she first woke up, the huge knife edge between her neck was wide open, and there was still air leakage between her breathing and speaking. She had to perform surgery and sew the wound with needle and thread.

at that time, even in the past few days, there was no sign of healing, whether it was the knife edge between the neck or the wound on the forehead.

however, when she released he Xiangshan's charm, the wound suddenly appeared scabby.

after that, she broke the seven star life changing skill of he Ziyu to kill xuanyang and help the he family. The thin scabs on the forehead began to form and fall off, and even the scars on the neck were not as ferocious as before.

to investigate the case of copper and iron mining, she saved dozens of miners in the mine. Looking around, she found that the skin on her forehead was smooth and there was no sign of injury. The deadly knife edge between her neck was only a shallow mark.

even if she doesn't look in the mirror, she can touch the wound with her hand. Before that, there was no such situation!

she puts down the short dagger in her hand and unconsciously rubs it around her neck. Her tentacles are smooth and delicate. Where is the sense of injustice in the past.


remembering all kinds of experiences, she could not help pausing at her fingertips.

if she hadn't intervened by mistake, I'm afraid the direction of things would be very different from that at present.

he Xiangshan will die of the pulling charm.

he Xiancheng cooperates with xuanyang, and may be able to take over the he family. However, judging from the conspiracy of xuanyang and his party, I'm afraid the whole he family will not end well.

with the spirit of the magnolia tree, Mrs. sun might not have been sucked into death by the black cat, but she might not have been able to find Zhao's concubine in time, which made Jun Cheng sun suspicious of Jun Shou Liu Yuan.

in this way, even if he receives a tip off letter from Liu Da, he may report it to his boss Liu Yuan first.

Liu Yuan sends someone to check, and the news of Nanshan can be covered up smoothly. The miners inside are afraid that they will not survive.

Avenue 50, Tianyan 49, shield one.

what this shield goes to is a variable in the dark, a chance of life, and a struggle between people.

among Xuanmen Taoism, the most important thing is the will of heaven. The so-called will of heaven is the number that is destined to be. However, the cultivation of Xuanmen's Taoism is to strive for the vitality of that variable in the determination of heaven.

he Lingjiang put down his hand and took a deep breath. She changed their fate, but also changed her own.

when she was in the body of He Qi Niangzi, the body was already cool. Later, when she saw that the wound was not healed, she thought that maybe she would go on like this.

however, now, the wound has healed and disappeared, leaving only a few negligible faint scars.

then, one day, will she be able to become a living person with a beating heart and warm blood, walk freely in the world without fear of the sun?

thinking of this, he Lingjiang has always told himself that as long as he is still alive, it is not important whether he is different from ordinary people, and he can't help being shocked at this moment.

however, as soon as she thought about her predecessor, her spirit, there was another sharp pain like tears. He Lingjiang gritted his teeth to suppress the pain. One day, she will surely find justice for herself!

'seven maidens.' Green bamboo whispered outside the door, interrupting her thoughts.

he Lingjiang put the dagger back into his sleeve, brushed his clothes and stood up to open the door.

when green bamboo saw her coming out, he whispered, 'Sun Jun Cheng has sent someone.'

he Lingjiang's eyebrows moved slightly, but the reaction was not too slow.

it is now her third day in Nanshan.

the person sent by Sun Jun Cheng should leave two days earlier than her after receiving the informer's letter. Although Nanshan is a little far from Linchuan County, it is not difficult for the man to hurry back and forth.

thinking of coming, Sun Jun Cheng felt something was wrong when he saw that people were not coming back.

although he Lingjiang went out with green bamboo, he saw Sun Fei waiting with some of his subordinates.

seeing her, Sun Fei hurried forward and gave a cross hand gift: 'congratulations to the seventh lady.'

'the county magistrate sent sun escort to investigate this matter?' He is always hanging a sword on his head, so he is not afraid of his own good or bad?

sun feidang can be regarded as the most effective guard around sun Juncheng. He has protected sun Juncheng for so many years without making any mistakes. It can be seen that this man is not bad.

now, the people behind him have secretly designed sun Juncheng to have an accident, but it is impossible to guarantee that he will not be assassinated openly.

Sun Jun Cheng should be in short of people at this time.

Sun Fei knew that she was worried about her own county magistrate, and hurriedly said: 'don't worry, madam he. The county magistrate's office has made arrangements.'

in the past few days, the county magistrate has been plagued by major and minor disasters, one by one with a tendency to kill people.

fortunately, Sun Fei and others were always on guard, and the he family secretly sent someone to protect them, so that no one could succeed.

thinking of this, he bowed down and saluted: 'thank you, madam he, for sending someone to protect the magistrate secretly.'

if it weren't for this, he wouldn't dare to leave the county mayor at this gate and run to Nanshan.

he Lingjiang waved his hand and said, 'do you have any orders from the county magistrate?'

Sun Fei scratched his head and said sheepishly: 'the county magistrate knew that he Niang Zi was here, so he brought someone to look for you first...'

sun felt bad when he saw that the man he sent had not returned and had not sent a letter back.

the case of private procurement is very important. Sun Fei is also his confidant, so he asked him to bring someone to explore it.

before Sun Fei set out, sun Juncheng once warned him: 'you must be careful this time. Those people want to attack me. I'm afraid those who sent me earlier may have met with misfortune.'

'Mrs. He Qi should also be in Nanshan these two days. You can go to find her first and see if she finds anything. If you have any difficulties, you can ask her for help.'

Sun Fei had seen the means of He Qi Niang and knew that her subordinates could not be underestimated. Naturally, he kept this remark firmly in his heart.

because of this, as soon as he entered the Nanshan Mining Area, he sought someone to inquire about the location of He Qi Niang.

however, it's not easy to say this clearly. Otherwise, it seems that they all depend on He Qi Niang, a little lady.

he Lingjiang saw his expression and knew what he meant.

it's meaningless for her. She came to Nanshan two days earlier and got more information than Sun Fei, who had just arrived. It's also common that he wanted to find himself first.

he Lingjiang told him everything that had happened in the past two days, but for the time being he kept Pei you's story hidden.

when he heard that the man behind him killed the mining supervisor of Nanshan Mining Area, he even wanted to blow up the mine. Even though Sun Fei had seen many scenes with Sun Jun Cheng, he was suddenly thrilled by the man's fierce methods.

fortunately, He Qi Niang went in time to save the miners.

there were only two explosions in that mine, and it did not collapse completely. Although it caused rockfall and mud flow and blocked the entrance, it could be cleared out with a little manpower in the future.

in this way, both the witness and the physical evidence are available, and it is easy for the Prime Minister of his own county to start things.

sun Feigang breathed a sigh of relief, and heard he Lingjiang continue: 'these people are now hidden, and they can be used as witnesses.'

'however, it was difficult to completely trust them with my words after all, so I borrowed the warrant of the county magistrate and allowed them to confess their merits and avoid the hardship of labor. The rest of the punishment was paid by the he family.'

hearing her words, Sun Fei was at a loss for tears and laughter. He Qi Niangzi used the magistrate's warrant for such a purpose.

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