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Chapter 118 Interview

He Lingjiang followed he Xiangshan to the study in the front yard. He Cheng stood outside the study and quietly watched.

'come on, why did you go to Nanshan this time?' He Xiangshan sat down at the table and looked at her and asked.

after all, he is the head of his family. He is not blind or deaf.

although he Lingjiang let people hide from him when she went out, he still knew the number of people she brought back and forth. Now that she came back, there are inexplicably three missing. How can he not be suspicious?

what's more, although Ling Jiang was not in the mansion these days, the fourth man was not idle. He sent someone to follow Sun Jun Cheng and protect him secretly.

thinking that he Lingjiang had been invited by sun Si Niang to live in the county government for a few days, it is not difficult to guess that he Lingjiang arranged this move.

in recent days, Sun Jun Cheng has encountered many accidents, all of which are fatal.

although I don't know exactly what happened, I'm afraid my daughter and the Sun Jun Cheng didn't know what happened.

it happened that the child came back with a calm appearance, and he had to bear it until now to tell him the truth?

he has a calm face, but he doesn't mean to be angry.

he Ling and Jiang Xin know that she was wrong to hide this from he Xiangshan at the beginning.

however, she has always been used to doing things at will. If she had told him about it before, he Xiangshan would not be sure to let her go again.

with a slight understanding in her mind, she explained clearly to he Xiangshan what had happened these days.

'the two concubines of Zhao in sun's residence are actually with xuanyang. They are so-called people from the holy palace?' He Xiangshan frowned.

he didn't expect that the wife of the county mayor had been ill for a long time and that someone had murdered her secretly.

Ling Jiang, the child, only went to the county magistrate's residence for two days, so he found out the murderer behind the scenes. Not to mention, he also found out that this man and xuanyang both came from the holy palace.

'have you ever heard of this sacred palace?'

he Xiangshan shook his head slowly: 'the great Zhou Dynasty has been in power for 55 years, but I have never heard of any sect called a sacred palace.'

look at the means of xuanyang and Zhao's concubine. I'm afraid there are many people who know xuanshu in this temple.

for ordinary people, the means of this kind of people are more unpredictable, and they must be very careful.

in this way, the he family, who is inexplicably targeted by the other party, has to be guarded.

when he Lingjiang said that the sheriff Liu Yuan was also involved in nine times out of ten, he was even more worried. Is the power of this holy palace so great?

as the head of a county, his official position is not small, and he even colludes with the temple?

he Xiangshan held down his thoughts for a while and continued to ask: 'you went to Nanshan, but is it also related to Liuyuan or the sacred palace?'

he Lingjiang nodded and told the story of someone secretly mining Copper and iron, secretly selling iron implements to Beidi, and then wanting to blow up the mine to destroy the certificate.

a lot of amazing information rushed at him one by one. Rao Shihe Xiangshan had seen a big scene, but he could not help but react for a moment.

when he regained his consciousness, he was very afraid. It was so willful of Jiang to rush into the mine to save people!

fortunately, she's fine!

he Xiangshan looked at her and told these things calmly, as if the person who was almost buried in the hole was not herself. He could not help being angry and pleased.

originally, it was only about Liu Yuan and the holy palace. Unexpectedly, this case of private mining of copper and iron was brought out.

since the prince of Zhenbei has personally come to Linchuan, this matter must go directly to Shengting.

he Xiangshan looked through the account book she took back and found that the amount of copper and iron in the private account was clearly remembered. However, Liu Yuan was not mentioned in the above. He suspected him at the moment. How can he find out the person without evidence?

'how does Ling Jiang plan to do it?' He Xiangshan looked at his daughter, who was becoming more and more methodical. She was not impatient on the face, and thought she had plans in mind.

he Lingjiang sat down on the chair beside him and replied: 'I'll see sun Juncheng tomorrow, and Pei Shizi will go with me secretly.'

'although the he family can secretly investigate the case of private lottery of copper and iron, they can't get involved in it openly. But Sun Jun Cheng is an official of Jiangzhou, and it's just right for him to handle it.'

'if we can take Liu Yuan smoothly, we can follow him and find out who else is behind him.'

the amount of private mining is so huge, and the iron wares have been sold to Beidi. This must not be something that Liu Yuan, a small county magistrate, can do alone. There must be someone behind him.

he Xiangshan could not help sighing that this matter is now rolling like a snowball, and it is getting bigger and bigger.

if the man behind Liu Yuan was a powerful official in the Zhou Dynasty, he had to find a way to fight him in order to protect himself.

he Xiangshan's heart moved again when he Xiangshan thought of the entry into the official position mentioned by he Lingjiang earlier.

after this, although he's a noble family, he is not in the official arena, so he has no way to talk about it.

however, judging from the actions of he Lingjiang and sun Juncheng, we can see that they must have reached an agreement, one in the light and the other in the dark, to jointly investigate the case.

he Xiangshan looked at his calm daughter and said, 'can I help you?'

he Lingjiang knows that he is worried that he can't cope, but he Xiangshan has not ordered her to stop or transfer the matter to his own hands.

at that time, most people despised women, let alone let their daughters take charge of major affairs. His respect for his daughters is admirable.

'thank you, Grandpa. My daughter can deal with it now. If she has difficulties, she will naturally ask for help.'

then she blinked again: 'that's one thing. I may be short of manpower here. Can you lend me more manpower, Grandpa?'

he Xiangshan couldn't help being funny. After talking for a long time, he still turned around and asked for someone.

'lend you, lend you. Let me talk to He Cheng. If you lack someone, go to command with him.'

he Ling, with his eyes bent, saluted him with his hands crossed: 'thank you, grandpa!'

'go!' He Xiangshan waved his hand, and then told her uneasily, 'be careful when you do things, and put your own safety first.'

'since we know that Liu Yuan has doubts, we will investigate it slowly. However, the case of private mining of copper and iron is widely involved, and there may be open and secret fights in the official arena. You should pay attention to it.'

'OK, my daughter has remembered.' He Lingjiang saluted him again and then walked out.

he Xiangshan called He Cheng in, told him to pay more attention to he Lingjiang, and reported back to him in time. He was relieved.

he looked at the lights in the corridor and heaved a deep sigh. He really didn't expect that Jiang would do this great thing quietly this time.

in order to investigate this case of private mining, explore the mining area and save the miners.

you are brave and resourceful. What is more valuable is that you still have compassion in your heart.

his daughter is really well raised!

however, once the matter is involved in a bureaucratic struggle, it will be a bit dangerous.

they, he Shi, are now unofficial and unofficial. They are afraid that they will become the victims of those people's open and secret struggles.

he Xiangshan's eyes are slightly deep. He pulls out a piece of stationery from his desk and writes with a pen.

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