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Chapter 127 Feast

The Yellow father ghost was so angry that he made enough effort to bump into the brocade bag, but it only slightly shook the brocade bag that he Lingjiang hung on his fingertips.

he Lingjiang bowed his head, took the knapsack in his hand and made several rounds: 'be honest.'

the Yellow father ghost suddenly felt a whirl of heaven and earth.

caught the Yellow father ghost. He Lingjiang didn't know how to deal with him for a while.

this yellow father ghost is special. Kill him. It's not good. But if he throws it at random in the countryside, he can't come back. If someone accidentally touches him, I'm afraid he'll be unlucky again.

he Lingjiang thought for a while, but went out of the city and found a secluded place to release it.

the Yellow father ghost was dizzy in the brocade bag. Now that he comes out, he has long lost his previous hostility.

he Lingjiang moved his fingertips and drew a talisman on his forehead to hide in it. In this way, if he laughed at others again, he would still be able to offset it. Although he could not avoid getting sick, he would not be disabled.

he Lingjiang was patient and admonished him before returning to the city.

the Yellow father ghost wanted to follow her again, but she glared at him and thought about what it was like to be put into the brocade bag just now. He finally gave up.

the ghost of the Yellow father smiled at her earlier. She was also in a non-human and non ghost state, but it didn't matter.

however, although Pei you's sword spirit is pure, it may not really be able to withstand it. She also cast a spell to remove the smell from Pei you's body and handed him a amulet.

after so much tossing and turning, it was already noon when he Lingjiang returned to his house.

green bamboo qiongzhi knew about her leaving the house last night. Seeing that she had not returned all night, she was inevitably anxious. Now that she met someone, she was really relieved.

they wanted to ask a few questions, but he Lingjiang looked thoughtful and went back to the room and closed the door.

green bamboo and qiongzhi looked at each other, and had to swallow what they said.

he Lingjiang sits down at the desk and picks up his pen to sort out the private mining of copper and iron.

the things found in Liu Yuan's study are undoubtedly enough to prove that he is the leader of the private copper and iron mining.

the private accounts of miners, mines, mining supervisors, letters between Liu Yuan and the crown prince, and the account books about copper mining are all iron evidence.

although there is a lack of correspondence between the two of them about private mining of iron ore, since it is something from a mine, it can not be separated.

first condemn Liu Yuan, and then follow the vine to find out the prince.

secretly mining Copper and iron, and secretly selling iron wares and Beidi. If you collude with the enemy and betray the country like this, neither the crown prince nor the temple can escape!

Liu Yuan felt that he had wiped out the personal and physical evidence in Nanshan. When he found that his hidden letter had been lost, he would doubted that it was Sun Jun Cheng or he Fu.

he Lingjiang squinted. She was really curious. What would Liu Yuan do next if he lost such a deadly thing?

however, before she could understand, Liu Yuan had already made a move.

He Zheng received a message from Sun Jun Cheng: 'seven maidens, the governor's office held a temporary banquet tonight to entertain all officials in the county government.'


he Lingjiang's eyebrows are locked and then released. Liu Yuan has found that his private letters have been stolen.

at this time, it was only a day since she went to the prefectural mansion. Liu Yuan was alert and had a plan to deal with it so quickly.

there is no good feast.

he Lingjiang thought for a while, but he went out in private to avoid the people who were secretly staring at he family.

although it is a temporary banquet held by the Governor Liu Gong, tomorrow is a rest day. The officials of Linchuan county can take this opportunity to have a banquet.

because of this, after they went down to the yamen, they simply did not return to the Yamen and went to the County Yamen in company.

Sun Jun Cheng was trying to make an excuse to go back first, but a chief secretary surnamed Cao suddenly grabbed him and said: 'it's rare for the governor to give a banquet. Won't the Jun Cheng go with us?'

Sun Jun Cheng waved his hand and said, 'if something happens at home today, I won't go. Just go and be happy.'

'how can that be?' The chief bookkeeper surnamed Cao said, 'in Linchuan County, besides the sheriff, you are the next one. If the county magistrate doesn't go, how dare we go for fun?'

'yes, yes.' The officials on the side responded.

'there is something really happening in my mansion. I have to go back and have a look after I leave the Yamen.' Sun Jun Cheng said.

'what's this?' The petty officials followed Sun Fei behind him little by little. 'Send someone back to send a message. If you really have something to do and can't leave the county magistrate, the government will send someone to invite you again. Then you can go back.'

Sun Jun Cheng winked at Sun Fei and said, 'in that case, I'll go later. But I still have two volumes of papers to deal with. You go first. I'll go after I've dealt with them.'

the Chief Secretary surnamed Cao laughed and said, 'what's the matter? The sheriff is setting a dinner party. At this time, it's still early. We'll wait for the sheriff for a while and go with him later.'

'I also have a paper that needs to be closed. You should wait for me.' A petty official said.

'together, together. Let's hurry up. Let's straighten things out first. We'll go to the governor's mansion to have a dinner together later.'

after more than half an hour, all the people finished their work one after another, and the sun went down. It was time to go to the banquet, so they gathered in the front hall of the county government, and then arched Sun Jun Cheng and led him to the direction of the governor's Office.

at one time, everyone was immersed in the joy of taking a bath and feasting.

Sun Jun Cheng could not refuse any more, so he had to go with the people.

the sheriff's office is not far from Linchuan county. This group of people walked away. It took only half a cup of tea to get to the front of the sheriff's office.

seeing these people, the servant in front of the door quickly welcomed them in: 'ouch, please come in quickly. The Sheriff has set up a banquet in the hall and is waiting for you to come!'

Sun Jun Cheng stopped in front of the mansion, as if hesitant.

the chief secretary, surnamed Cao, looked back and urged him, 'what are you waiting for? Since you have arrived, there is no reason to go back temporarily.'

'yes, yes.'

'didn't the squire, the magistrate, speak to the government before? Since the magistrate's wife didn't say anything, the magistrate can rest assured that the banquet was just for him.'

Sun Jun Cheng had no choice but to follow them into the mansion.

as he stepped into the gate of the prefectural government, someone suddenly called after him: 'Lord Lang!'

Sun Jun Cheng looked back and saw an ordinary looking servant standing not far away.

after seeing him, the servant went up to him and saluted with his hands crossed: 'Lord Lang, madam, I heard that the sheriff had a banquet. She specially asked the slave to tell me. She can handle the household chores by herself.'

'there is no need to worry about the owner.'

the petty official beside him laughed and said, 'county mayor, you don't have any worries now. Go and have fun with us. As for the servant, go back after reporting the letter.'

unexpectedly, the servant didn't move at all, and then said: 'Lord Lang, madam, I'm afraid you've drunk too much, so I've ordered a villain to wait on you.'


the officials and officials nearby all showed a tacit look, even if sun Juncheng drank too much!

I'm afraid that Jun Cheng sun will take another concubine back from the banquet!

last spring, when Sun Jun Cheng went to a banquet, they still remember that the most popular singer in Linchuan, lady Zhao, looked at her with special eyes!

that is the envy of many people!

however, since then, sun Juncheng has rarely dined with the public again. I think it was his wife who had a quarrel with him.

everyone knows it, but it's hard to say it. He just laughs and says, 'you have to be careful.'

Sun Jun Cheng looked slightly chatty, but he didn't say anything to let the servant go back. He just turned around and walked in.

seeing this, the servant immediately followed.

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