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Chapter 13 Towing

He Lingjiang watched him fall asleep. Then he put down the scroll and took out a piece of paper from his sleeve.

she placed the paper symbol in the palm of her hand, closed the middle finger of the index finger of her right hand, made a few empty strokes with her fingertip towards he Xiangshan, and then pointed at the paper symbol, the symbol paper shook and flew up, flew around he Xiangshan on the bed for two times, and fell on his chest.

look at the paper symbol again. It has become dim and lost its previous aura.

he Lingjiang takes back the paper token and frowns lightly: indeed, he is under the charm of pulling the trigger.

the pull machine mantra is a forbidden technique.

the so-called 'pulling the trigger' is to draw the vitality. The vitality in the body of the person who is under the mantra will be pulled away from the body by a thread. It is like having a serious disease and lingering on the bed all day without a clear cause. Even searching for famous doctors all over the world is futile.

for three to five years, for eight to nine years, the person who got the mantra was finally exhausted and died, but his family thought he was just dying of a serious illness.

in the previous dynasty, in order to compete for the love of her husband, a woman secretly asked someone to put a curse on her wife. More women in the palace were good at using this technique.

later, the lead machine mantra was listed as the forbidden art of the Xuanmen sect, and it has rarely been used by people.

according to the he family, he Xiangshan's body began to have problems eight years ago. At first, I just coughed a few times. Later, my body slowly became tired. My whole body became weaker and weaker. In recent years, I couldn't get out of bed. Up to now, I think the charm will also exhaust the vitality in my body.

I just don't know who has spent the past ten years to set up such a bureau. He wanted to congratulate Xiangshan for his life, but didn't let him die too soon. It seemed that he just wanted him to die in this way.

he Lingjiang stood in front of the bed and looked down at he Xiangshan. He had been in bed for many years. Even though he took good care of him, his face still showed inevitable decline.

at this moment, he breathed steadily, but his vitality was consumed in this breath.

if it goes on like this, it will not survive this winter.

she sighed quietly, then gathered her spirit, half closed her palms, slightly turned her wrists, and flipped her fingers, then she drew a complicated spell in the air, pushed her right palm forward, and the faintly visible spell hung above Hexiang mountain.

when the palm was turned over, black gas overflowed from he Xiangshan. The black gas first hovered like a thin wisp of smoke. As more and more black gas came out, it gradually gathered into black smoke, and the black smoke became thicker and thicker.

I don't know when the temperature in the house has dropped a lot. It's freezing.

he Lingjiang bit the fingertip of his left hand, squeezed out a drop of blood, and bounced it into the mantra in the air. Then he saw that the mantra was in full bloom, and the black fog around he Xiangshan was like meeting the sun. He ran away in confusion and gradually dissipated.

when all the black fog disappeared, she stopped, took out two more talismans, moved them slightly, and pasted them end to end in the shelter of the curtain.

hexiangshan has been suffering for many years. Although her new body can be said to travel thousands of miles every day, it is still a short time. It will take oneortwo months to pull out the charm and make up for his lost vitality.

Moreover, it is still unknown who cast the curse. If the good is too fast, it will inevitably make people suspicious and avoid. Only in this way can the person who cast the spell be tempted to start again if he gets better slowly.

after all this, even he Lingjiang will inevitably feel a little tired.

it's still a short time to practice, which is too far from the previous one.

she took Mi Li again and opened the door. Ah man, who was waiting at the side, quickly opened his umbrella and put it above her head to block out the winter sunshine.

'seven niangs, have you had a good word with Lord Lang?'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'OK.'

she turned her head and told the boy: 'my father was tired after listening to me read my travel notes for a while. He was already asleep. Don't disturb him.'

she looked up at the sky and said, 'it's time to wake up at noon.'

the young man bowed his head. Seeing he Ling Jiang Tibu leaving, he bowed and said, 'go slowly, seven ladies.'

he has a large population. In addition, he Xiangshan has gradually weakened in recent years. Many things are handled by song for him.

in addition to arranging the business outside the government, she also needs to be consulted.

although he Xiancheng and he Qianli help share the burden, he Xiancheng is an official after all, and it is not easy to interfere too much. He Qianli makes no mistakes in his business, but it is difficult to have a long-term plan.

over the years, most of the business of the he family has been supported by the Song family.

she has just met several big shopkeepers. The winter has already passed, and now the year is approaching, there are more things to deal with.

she pinched her eyebrows and asked, 'what time is it?'

Chen Yu bowed her head and said, 'it's a quarter past noon.'

song smiled: 'fortunately, I didn't delay too late today, just in time to have lunch with Lord lang.'

when she entered he Xiangshan's room, he did not wake up. He breathed steadily and seemed to sleep soundly.

song studied he Xiangshan's face carefully. Over the past 20 years, his face has grown old.

he Lang, who was visiting the streets when he passed the exam, has been tortured by illness. His cheeks are deeply sunken. He Lang is no longer the God of the year.

he rarely sleeps so heavily.

since his illness, he has only slept lightly. He coughed more at night and woke up with a slight movement. In the past two years, he has been unable to sleep well all day.

it is just a helpless act to lie on the bed for rest.

she knows that when Lord Lang moved to this yard, he was not only careful to recuperate, but also afraid that he would disturb her daily rest.

song just sat by the bed and looked at him quietly.

Lord Lang slept so heavily that she was afraid that people would disappear in a breath.

at noon, he Xiangshan slowly opened his eyes and hit song's watery eyes.

he smiled slowly and called her as he did when he was young: 'ah Wan, are you coming?'

song helped him sit up and said, 'Lord Lang slept well today.'

'yes.' He Xiangshan also sighed, 'I haven't slept so heavily for a long time. I didn't have a dream. When I woke up, I even felt light.'

'this is a good thing.' Song took the wet towel from the young man and wiped his hands carefully. 'I think Lord Lang is in a good mood today, so he also slept well. But Jiang came here this morning?'

he Xiangshan nodded: 'the child came to talk with me for a while and said he would read my travel notes. I fell asleep after reading them. I don't even know when she left.'

song smiled and said, 'Jiang has become more sensible and prudent since he came back.'

'yes.' He Xiangshan was gratified in his eyes, but he was sad for a moment: 'I wish she would continue to be willful and not become so sensible...'

most children in this world have to be sensible because of bad luck.

Songshi said angrily: 'if this is the case all the time, Lord Lang is conniving at her. I, a mother, have a headache. How can I find her husband's family if such a good little lady keeps willful...

he Xiangshan ha ha! With a smile, he stroked song's hand and said, 'you've been suffering these years.'

song's eyes were sour and he hurriedly turned to his side: 'what did Lord Lang say?'

apart from the seven wives, he Xiangshan has been very considerate and respectful to her for so many years.

he Xiangshan sighed in his heart and said nothing more. The room was silent for a while.

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