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Chapter 130 witness

The officials on the side were stunned when they heard this. What did the county magistrate say just now?

is it the sheriff Liu Gong who asked the female assassin to kill him?

are you confused?

Liu Yuan saw the look of the people, his lips slightly hooked, and his face was soft. 'Jiuxi, are you scared? I don't want to talk nonsense like that.'

'well, what am I letting people do to you? I'm going to kill myself.'

he slightly lifted his injured shoulder. The wound had not yet been bandaged, and the blood had stained most of his arms red.

the sharp sword just now went straight at Liu Gong. Everyone could see it clearly. If Liu Gong hadn't dodged in time, I'm afraid he would have lost his breath just like Sun Jun Cheng.

the people didn't understand: 'yes, Jun Cheng, the assassin almost hit the governor with his sword just now. Although you were stabbed straight by the assassin's sword, you were on guard and didn't die because of it. The sword of Duke Liu is also very dangerous.'

'it's strange to say...' Liu Yuan's eyes were full of doubts. He looked at sun Juncheng and asked, 'how did you know there would be an assassin today, Jiuxi? You even deliberately put a blood bag to confuse people?'

'such a surprise, 'Liu Yuan's words have a profound meaning.

the officials on the side suddenly changed their faces. Yes, how could the county magistrate know that an assassin was coming to kill him and had made preparations beforehand?

he didn't do anything himself at the moment, but others were unprepared and frightened. Duke Liu and two other petty officials were hurt.

people wondered whether the county magistrate would be...

Sun Jun Cheng didn't need to look at them, but he knew that Liu Yuan's words had aroused the suspicion of those present.

these people don't think about it. He sent people to assassinate Liu Yuan. Why should he pretend to be dead? When he wakes up, he will not arouse suspicion for nothing?

he glanced at the maidservant standing aside with her head bowed.

did he want to say that the seventh wife of the he family disguised as the maid of the sheriff's mansion and quietly stuffed a blood bag into his arms while pouring him wine?

he heaved a deep sigh and shook his head. Liu Yuan's Kung Fu is not bad.

the assassins were all taken down, but he was not afraid at all. He also broke the dirty water to himself. He was really confident that all the dead men under him were hard and could not judge anything.

Liu Yuan's eyes showed deep thoughts: 'Long Xi, I'm afraid we need you to explain this confusion in our hearts...'

the people did not see the scene of Sun Jun Cheng being stabbed with a sword. When they woke up, they saw the assassin stabbing him with a sword. Who knows when Sun Jun Cheng was stabbed and lying on the ground pretending to be dead?

now, it was Liu Yuan, not sun Juncheng, who pretended to be stabbed to death by a sword.

'you want to explain, don't you?'

a voice sounded from behind the desk, and then a man stood up.

Liu Yuan squints to see that it's the servant in gray behind Sun Juncheng.

at this moment, he got up from the ground with a touch of the ground, and took a leisurely look at his clothes. How could he look as if he had just fallen on the ground and cried bitterly.

'I'm talking to your husband. As a servant, you jump in. Do you have any rules?' Liu Yuan's voice sank.

'the sheriff is wrong. I am not a servant of the sun family.' The man said leisurely, and then lifted his sleeve to erase the cover on his face to reveal his true face.


the officials on the side could not help taking a cold breath: 'officer Wu!'

Liu Yuan's expression changed greatly, and then his eyes sank: 'why did the chief official come here?'

this Wu chief official is a subordinate official of Peng Zhu, the governor of Jiangzhou. Although his official rank is not high, he can also be regarded as the person who actually holds power in the governor's office.

he was the confidant of Governor Peng. Why didn't he come to Linchuan and pretend to be the servant of sun Juncheng?

you should know that if Sun Jun Cheng met someone in ordinary times, he would still salute him.

when Wu Changli heard this, he frowned: 'if I don't come, will I miss this wonderful play?'

'Sheriff Liu, you really did a good job in this play today...'

Liu Yuan's face froze. He knew that all the things he had just seen must have been seen by senior official Wu. If he still wanted to throw the blame on sun Juncheng, he would be dead.

'don't the Liujun garrison want an explanation?' Chief official Wu glanced at him. 'I'll tell you now.'

he pointed to the bound Yue prostitute and said, 'the pipa music played by this Yue prostitute just now is a dream song.'

all the people here drank wine. The faint fragrance in the dancer's clothes just now was mixed with the fragrance of wine. Coupled with the pipa music, it just hypnotized people and immersed them in the dream created by the music. They did not know what was happening.

'but when you heard the pipa string 'clanking' softly, you came back to your senses? When you came back to your senses, you saw the music prostitute shoot out the strings and stab the Governor Liu with his sword?'

'exactly.' A petty official nodded.

but he still didn't understand: 'why did the chief official say that this was arranged by the sheriff?'

chief official Wu said coldly, 'you are sinking into a dream, and I can see it clearly.'

fortunately, He Qi Niangzi disguised herself as a maid and stood aside. She secretly performed magic to keep him and Sun Jun Cheng awake. She also took advantage of the wine pouring to tell them what to do if there was an accident.

'after hypnotizing the people, the music prostitute stabbed sun Juncheng directly in the heart. After confirming that sun Juncheng was dead and collapsed, she broke the strings to wake you up from your dreams. Shooting the strings forced you to flee in a hurry. At the same time, she made you witness Liu Junshou's assassination and remove him from the suspicion of assassination.'

if Sun Jun Cheng had not carried a blood bag in his arms, he would have died. When others woke up and saw the chaos in front of him and the dead man, they would only feel that the happy prostitute suddenly wounded people with a sword. Sun Jun Cheng was stabbed to death in the chaos.

the assassin escaped again. At that time, Liu Yuan could not be held responsible for this matter. At most, he secretly blamed him for hosting a banquet.

'you said --' he turned to Liu Yuan, who was standing beside him. 'Is Liu Jun Shou a good performer?'

Liu yuanqiang smiled and said: 'you really misunderstood me, chief official. This really has nothing to do with me. Why did I order someone to kill Jiu Xi for no reason? He is a powerful person under my command.'

'of course you have a reason.' Chief official Wu pulled out a tip off letter from his sleeve. 'You don't want Sun Jun Cheng to find out about the private mining of copper and iron in Nanshan.'

the day before yesterday, Sun Jun Cheng sent someone to Jiangzhou with this confidential letter, the mining supervisor and Liu Yuan's account book, and told the assassin that his immediate superior, the sheriff Liu Yuan, had participated in the case of private mining of copper and iron.

such a big event happened in Jiangzhou.

when the court doesn't know about it, the censor can't find out clearly, take the person and report it to the saints, so as not to blame the saints?

private mining of copper and iron!

the officials present were confused. That was a big crime.

according to what chief Wu said, did the sheriff participate in it?


Linchuan officialdom is in danger!

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