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Chapter 131 insane

Liu Yuan naturally had nothing to argue with what he said.

after finishing his official duties in the study last night, he wanted to look at the letters of privately mining Copper and iron. When he opened them, he found that the books and letters in the hidden compartment had been stolen.

at this time, except for the people of Sun Jun Cheng or he's family, no one else can steal things.

he immediately decided to hold a banquet and secretly asked those petty officials to come with Sun Jun Cheng in order to silence him.

as long as sun Juncheng is killed, it is useless if he has evidence.

what's more, he had already arranged it, and then put the charge of assassinating the county magistrate on he's head.

even if the matter of private mining of copper and iron is exposed, it can also be pushed to Heshi's head.

the informer is dead, the mine in Nanshan and the relevant people have been solved, and no one has confirmed that he is related to private mining.

on the contrary, he Lingjiang went to the Nanshan Mining Area for two days. What can be said during this period is worth considering.

at that time, as long as he operates a little and puts something into he's mansion, even if he Lingjiang holds the account book and letter in his hand, he can completely bite the other side, saying that he's afraid that he will find them on their heads and slander him in turn.

that Sun Jun Cheng was killed by he because he found them on their heads after receiving the informer's letter.

you know, he Lingjiang has been running to the county government recently.

but now, from the assassin, everything is completely different from his plan.

in that case...

Liu Yuan winked at the guards outside the hall. Then, a large group of guards with swords rushed in and surrounded the people in the hall.

chief official Wu looked at the bright sword and said in a slightly harsh voice: 'Liu Yuan, what are you doing?'

Liu Yuan took a handkerchief from his sleeve, wiped his sticky hand, and then threw the bloody handkerchief lightly on the ground: 'it's rare for a senior official to come to Sichuan once in a while. I don't know that Linchuan has many mountains and beautiful scenery, and there are countless Fengshui treasures.'

'I think the chief official will be settled here in the future.'

magistrate Wu's eyes were shocked. Is this man crazy?

'as for all of you present...' Liu Yuan leisurely swept away the petty officials who were under the guard's sword. 'Let's go with senior official Wu.'


really crazy!

the petty officials were about to shout abuse, but looking at the sword that had been stretched out in front of them, a watchman in his throat swallowed it.

Liu Yuan is ready to break the jar. Can he break it?

if all the people in this hall are killed and the court investigates, how can he cover it up?

Liu Yuan did not care what they thought in their hearts. He raised his hand and wanted to give an order.

however, the raised hand could not move. His mouth was open and his lips were open and closed, but he could not make a sound.

he was shocked, and then he responded that he Lingjiang was here!

he should have thought about it just now. If not, how could Sun Jun Cheng and Wu Changli not be confused by the music?

Liu Yuan couldn't move, so he had to turn his eyes slightly. Sure enough, he saw a maid standing behind the table where Sun Jun Cheng had been seated.

Xu was aware of his eyes. The maid raised her head, slightly hooked her lips, and smiled at him.

Liu Yuan was clearly angry, but he could not move. He only felt a sweet in his throat, and the blood wound down his lips.

even though that face is only beautiful, Liu Yuan also knows that she must be the damn he Lingjiang!

he has never seen he Lingjiang, but due to the arrangement of the temple, he also has some closure with the people in he's family. He naturally knows this beautiful and infatuated lady he Qi.

however, it was xuanyang's message that really drew Liu Yuan's attention to this little lady who had never reached her hairpin.

xuanyang suspected that a soul had changed in Na He Qi Niang, and that she could still perform xuanshu.

if this is the case, the plan for Hefu will be affected.

therefore, xuanyang decides to solve her first. It's impossible to imagine that xuanyang, who is proficient in xuanshu, will die like this. I think she has something to do with it.

Liu Yuan himself is not familiar with xuanshu, and none of his subordinates can match xuanyang's xuanshu. He had to ask others to avoid his sharp edge for the time being, and put the affairs of he's mansion aside for the time being. He just kept an eye on them secretly.

who expected that he would not seek Nahe mansion.

he Lingjiang unexpectedly intervened in sun Juncheng's house and found out that Zhao's concubine and her companion didn't say anything. They also wanted to investigate the copper and iron mining case with sun Juncheng.

now, he has ruined his good deeds.

Liu Yuan's Qi knot is a matter of time and fate!

everyone saw that Liu Yuan's face was constantly changing, but his mouth was open and closed, but he could not make a sound.

the guard with the sword suddenly sank.

there was a commotion outside the hall. Then, soldiers with armor and long knives, bows and arrows rushed in.

'surrender arms and do not kill!'

outside the hall, a man in official clothes stepped in across the threshold.

'assassin.' Official Wu hurried forward and saluted the visitors.

with a dignified expression, the Governor Peng asked in a condensed voice, 'can it be confirmed?'

'yes.' Chief official Wu bowed slightly. 'Linchuan Prefecture Governor Liu Yuan is really different. He first designed to assassinate the county Minister Sun Jiuxi. After being exposed, he wanted to silence everyone in the hall.'


Peng's eyebrow picking is really a big move.

he came to Linchuan to check Liu Yuan and get some evidence.

after all, as a governor of a state, he could not nail Liu Yuan just by the words of Sun Jun Cheng and a few books of account. He had to have a clear certificate.

but Liu Yuan's behavior now is not investigated, and he knows it in his heart.

Peng walked to Liu Yuan with a heavy face and a negative hand and said: 'Sheriff Liu, you are so bold and heartless...'

however, Liu Yuan in front of him was silent.

Peng frowned.

He Zheng stepped forward and pinched Liu Yuan's chin. Sure enough, he took out a poison bag from it. Only then did he salute Peng: 'assassin, it's OK.'

only then did Liu Yuan realize that he could move. He bah, splashing blood on his face.

'you!' Peng raised his eyebrows, but the man in front of him was already fearless, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Peng clutched his sleeve and wiped the blood foam off his face. Only then did Su Rong ask: 'Liu Yuan, I came here today to inform you about the case of private copper and iron mining in Nanshan Mining Area. Do you have anything to say?'

Liu Yuan sneered: 'what am I talking about? I'm just a loser.'

if they want to investigate this case, let them investigate it. As for how many can be found, it depends on the abilities of both sides.

Peng Zhuo never thought that he would not even argue or pass the buck.

does Liu Yuan really think so?

Peng frowned slightly, but no matter what, the case must be tried.

he took his hand, looked around the faces of the people in the hall, and then said in a loud voice: 'tomorrow it's already four o'clock. In the Linchuan county government office, I personally come to try the case of private copper and iron mining in Nanshan Mining Area.'

'do everything according to the law, and bear the penalty!'

the petty officials in the hall looked at each other. The sky in Linchuan was going to change!

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