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Chapter 138 Contest

He Lingjiang has become accustomed to his eyes.

people in the world judge people by their appearance. Seeing that she is so delicate, they subconsciously think that she can't lift her hands or carry her shoulders. Let alone kill people, I'm afraid it's difficult to take a knife. How can she kill a Xuanshi like xuanyang?

she lifted her right hand slightly, drew in the void with her fingers together, and then gently raised it, only to hear the 'Ding Dong' sound.

Chongxu turned back and looked at the tea cups on the ground behind him. Just now, the cup wall was still filled with shallow fog, and a thin circle of ice had condensed.

his originally stern face suddenly appeared a look of surprise that could not be concealed. He quickly walked to the short side and raised the tea on the table. He saw that the tea poured by the other side had frozen into pieces.

frozen charm, it's no big deal.

however, this hand of empty glyph condenses ice across the air, and even he can't make it so superb.

Chongxu threw it on his hand, and the cup shot at Lingjiang's face with internal strength.

he Lingjiang does not move at his feet, his palms are opposite, and his fingertips turn to form a seal. In the virtual sky, he draws a round seal with pale gold light, blocking the cup in front of him.


the cup fell to the ground and broke into petals.

her eyebrows did not move, and her right palm fluttered lightly, and the seal of the amulet rushed to the void.

the faint Rune seal looks thin, but it has a momentum of ten thousand. It changes on the virtual surface. I quickly move my palm to block it.

in this gear, I stepped back a few steps, and I was shocked.

such skill!

when did Linchuan Heshi produce such a talent?

if she can kill xuanyang with her power, it's not a problem.

when looking at he Lingjiang again, Chongxu was cautious: 'I wonder why he Niang should take the initiative against xuanyang temple?'

although he didn't despise her as much as before, there was still some aggressive questioning in his words.

he Lingjiang was not annoyed, and looked leisurely: 'since you want to kill me, there must be a reason to kill me.'

he was impatient and tried to speak with a straight face, but was blocked by her words: 'dare you ask the leader of the temple, if someone seeks your family property, harms your people, and takes your life, will you kill them?'

the people of Xuanmen pay attention to self-cultivation and are not fond of killing. However, what they cultivate is not compassion.

if someone pushes me to the head, I will naturally kill him.

in this way, is there any reason why he Qi Niang killed xuanyang?

Chongxu looks complicated, but she won't stop her: 'why did xuanyang want to attack he Shi for no reason? He Qi's words alone won't win people's trust. If there is an injustice to the death of xuanyang Taoist priest, I'm sure Taiqing Taoist priest will give him justice.'

he Ling Jiang Liangliang smiled. Without waiting for Chongxu to ask her, he brushed his sleeves and sat down on the chair: 'who is fair to who? I have to say something else.'

she simply stood up and told xuanyang about his murder and Liu Yuan's private mining of copper and iron.

Chongxu was shocked when he heard that xuanyang, Liu Yuan, the governor of Linchuan Prefecture, and even that the prince had more or less connections with the temple.

from the north to Linchuan, from the Xuanmen to the officialdom, how can this so-called sacred palace stretch out its hands so long?

as the head of the Xuanmen, Taiqing Temple knows nothing about it!

he was in a complicated mood and didn't know what to say for a moment.

since this he family lady told him about this, I'm afraid that she is not only worried that he will find something suspicious about xuanyang's death, but has other plans?

'he Niang Zi, if you have any plans, you may as well speak out.'

he Lingjiang looked at Chongxu and said: 'the leader of the temple should know that the evil cult in the temple has been implicated in the prince again. When Liu Yuan is escorted to the capital, the sage will naturally know this.'

'xuanyang, after all, is a member of the Xuanmen family. He even colluded with those crooked sects and heresies to murder aristocratic families. He also intended to shake the foundation of the country.'

'the Taiqing temple is the head of the Xuanmen, but it has the responsibility of failing to observe...' she sighed faintly. 'How did you know that there would not be another xuanyang in the seventy-two palaces of the Xuanmen...'

she was so meaningful that she was shocked.

although the Taiqing temple has been established for a long time, it was not the head of this Xuanmen from the beginning.

in the previous dynasty, there were many palaces and monasteries there, which won the blue eyes of the royal family. They vigorously supported the establishment of the sacred view of the state religion, with countless believers and many capable people.

with the collapse of the previous dynasty and the establishment of the great Zhou Dynasty, it is natural to set up a different holy concept to protect the dragon vein of the dynasty. It is also to educate the people and submit to the new dynasty.

it was at this time that the Taiqing temple was launched, rose to a high position, and leapt to the top of the Xuanmen. It has been more than 40 years since then.

during this period, in addition to the Taiqing temple, which is indeed the longest inheritance among the Xuanmen temples and has a large number of capable people, it also needs the support and momentum of the imperial court.

as early as the beginning of the founding of the state, Emperor Gaozu of the great Zhou Dynasty respected the predecessor of the Taiqing temple, Zhang Guan, as the national protector, and went to the Taiqing temple to discuss the Tao with him many times in person.

in the third year of Wude, Emperor Gaozu also issued an imperial edict, saying: 'the path of the great road originates from the ancient times. The road can run through the two instruments, encompass all things and cultivate them in the pavilion, so it can govern the country. The Taiqing temple has been established for hundreds of years, and it should be an example of the world's Xuanmen.'

so far, the Taiqing temple is declared the first temple in the world.

the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty and the imperial court respected the concept of Taiqing in the end, in order to consolidate their own rule, they used the power of Xuanmen to stabilize the ruling order among the people and publicize the destiny.

similarly, this combination with imperial power also made the Taiqing Temple rise to the top among many Xuanmen temples.

in the fifth year of Wude, the imperial court set up a special division to attract the world's leading scholars into the division, set up an assessment, and did not grant any official posts. Among them, the supervisor was the most respected, and he was transferred every five years.

the children of Taiqing temple have all taken the post of supervisor in previous dynasties with their profound skills, and none of the other Xuanmen temples can surpass them.

but in his position, he must seek his own government.

if there are evil ways and cults in the Xuanmen, and the intention is to shake the foundation of the state of Zhou, it is the weak supervision of Taiqing temple and Buyuan department.

he Lingjiang looked at the gradual condensation on the Chongxu noodles, and knew that he had thought of the important part.

'the Shengong's plot is very big. Xuanyang, he Shi, and even the Nanshan private mining case are just one or two of them.'

'the reason why I speak openly with the leader today is that I, the he family, are inexplicably involved. I want to tell you something.'

'it's related to the safety of he's family. If there's any relevant news after taking charge of the hall, I hope you can tell him one or two.'

he Lingjiang got up, took back his previous carefree attitude, clasped his hands in front of his chest, and leaned slightly: 'Mr. He, thank you very much.'

in Chongxu's eyes, xuanyang, as the leader of Yunju temple, secretly murdered the he family. If it is exposed, it will inevitably affect the reputation of Xuanmen and make people suspect that the governance of Taiqing temple is weak.

although he has been away from the court for a long time and is declining day by day, his reputation over the past century is still there.

if this he family unites with other aristocratic families to tell the saints about the Xuanmen, whether it is the Taiqing temple or the Fuyuan temple, it can not be blamed by the saints.

if he Qi Niangzi doesn't mention it, she is selling taiqingguan a favor.

'you're welcome, madam he.'

Chongxu gave her a hand and never mentioned xuanyang's death again: 'the evil way in the temple is no longer a matter for the family. I have already known it, and I will carefully investigate it in the future. I will try my best to prevent the temple from endangering the he family.'

he Lingjiang smiled slightly, knowing that Chongxu was a promise to secretly take care of he's two points.

after all, there are many people who are proficient in metaphysics in the temple. Although he Shi is protected by her, she is not infallible. What's more, she didn't always follow the teachings of he's people.

if the Taiqing Temple arranges people from the Xuanmen to take care of one or two of them in private, he will be less bothered by being murdered by people.

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