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Chapter 139 Block the way

Chong Xu was very interested in he Lingjiang's xuanshu: 'I don't know which school he Niang Zi followed and who respected her?'

it's not normal to teach such a gifted young lady. I just don't know which palace or temple still hides such a great disciple in secret?

he Lingjiang's expression was slight, and his eyes were a little unseen. 'I'm just an unknown person in the countryside. I don't have any school. Master told me not to mention his name with others. I hope you can forgive me.'

since I don't want to talk about it, there is no reason to force myself to overcome my weakness.

I just didn't expect that her mysterious skill, which is bound by empty charms, was actually from the countryside, not one of the 72 palaces in Xuanmen.

I feel sorry for myself, and I won't say more.

he Lingjiang said goodbye and went out of the yard with Xuanwei.

as soon as I turned a corner, I heard a noise.

is he Yunjia's voice!

he Lingjiang frowned and walked quickly past. He Yunjia was standing beside the flower garden in a huff and puff. A young man in green was standing opposite him.

'fifth sister, what's wrong?'

he Lingjiang wrinkled his nose, and there was some grievance in his tone: 'he said that I am not a member of the Xuanmen, and should not appear here. I should go to the outer hall.'

the young man looks only sixteen or seventeen years old, and his expression is somewhat arrogant: 'isn't what I said right? This is the place for people in the Xuanmen to observe the ceremony. Why are you wandering here since you are not a member of the Xuanmen?'

I bumped into him without looking at him!

'why? Did it say that only people in the entrance can come here?' He Ling's Ginger noodles are slightly cold.

the young man in Tsing Yi stretched his neck and said: 'although I didn't say anything, this is the place where Taoist Xuanwei held the succession ceremony. People from Xuanmen received posts. You are a little lady of an ordinary family. What are you doing here with a little wealth!'

he Lingjiang pulled out the post from his sleeve and showed it to him: 'can you see? We are also the guests invited by Yunju temple to observe the ceremony. Although we are not from your Xuanmen 72 palace, we are also invited.'

'although the children of Xuanmen learn xuanshu, they are not superior to others.'

'if you are a member of the Xuanmen, you should take it as your duty to drive away evil spirits and kill ghosts, and help and protect the common people. Ignoring ordinary people is not the arrogance of the Xuanmen children.'

he Ling and Jiang youyou stared at him and said, 'Lang Jun, you... There's more to learn...'

after that, she pulled he Yunjia around and left.

the young man in Tsing Yi was unconvinced. He thought that he was born in Xuanmen. He stood out among his peers at a young age. After this autumn, he obtained the selection qualification and took an examination of the company.

besides Shifu, who dares to teach him so unkindly? It's a shame!

he looked at he Lingjiang's back and wanted to rush up to argue with her again.

unexpectedly, he stumbled at his feet and fell over. The pain made him show his teeth and he couldn't recover for a while.

when he finally got up, where could he find he Lingjiang and others?

'Ling Jiang, are you done?' He Yunjia got on the carriage with he Lingjiang and looked at her.

'yes.' He Lingjiang nodded. 'I'm here to see the ceremony of taking over the Lord. Now that it's over, let's go back first.'

'OK.' He Yunjia frowned and said, 'it's a good thing, but it really affects my mood to meet a bad person.'

he Lingjiang couldn't help laughing: 'why should we care about others? We have enjoyed the scenery and gained experience today. Why bother to keep those irrelevant people in mind and disturb our good mood for nothing?'

he Yunjia curled his lips and said, 'everyone is like you, and you don't care about anything?'

she was bumped by a stranger without any reason and didn't say anything. She was also dragged and scolded. No one can ignore it.

'OK, OK.' He Lingjiang tilted his head and looked at her with a smile in his eyes. 'If I said that the man just fell and chewed the mud, you might be more comfortable.'



he Yunjia giggled, so happy that the corners of her mouth were almost at the back of her ears. She threw herself around he Lingjiang's arm and said, 'I know you must have done a good thing, right?'

he Lingjiang put his index finger on his lips and said: 'Shh, don't talk, don't talk!'

'ha ha, Ling Jiang, you really know my heart.' Hearing that the young man in Tsing Yi was unlucky, he Yun Jiadun threw his previous depression into the clouds.

the carriage clattered along, and the carriage was full of her laughter.

'Woo -' the moving carriage suddenly stopped.

he Yunjia suddenly leaned forward and almost hit the short table in front of her. She wrinkled and said, 'Yunfu, what's the matter?'

Yunfu, holding the reins, came back to her across the curtain of the car: 'five maidens, someone is blocking the way.'

'who is it?' He Yunjia raised her eyebrows slightly. She lifted the curtain of the car and looked forward. She saw a handsome gentleman in yellow standing in front of the car with his hands on his back.

this road is not far from Chushan mountain, which is not spacious. He went to the center of the road so carelessly that it was difficult for the carriage to pass for a while.

He Zheng, who was riding beside the carriage, turned his head sideways and gave Yunfu a color. Yunfu nodded, pulled the reins in his hand, and lifted the whip lightly in his hand, so he drove the car to try to bypass the side.

the man seemed to see his intention, moved his feet, and stood in front of the car.

He Zheng screwed his eyebrows and came forward to negotiate with him. However, the man seemed unmoved. He just stood here, unwilling to move.

'Lang Jun, please make way.'

the man looks cold and spits out two words: 'No.'

his expression is stiff and strange, as if he is trying to keep it away from himself.

He Zheng's face was covered with a light frost: 'if Lang Jun insists on not letting him go, don't blame someone for his weakness.'

after saying this, he grabbed the man and wanted to take him down and throw him to the roadside.

however, the man in yellow could not escape the autumn. No matter how he Zheng shot, he could not capture him.

Yunfu was trying to drive by while the two were fighting, but the man jumped in and stopped in front of the car.

He Zheng's sword eyebrows are tight, his right hand is on his waist, and he wants to draw his sword.

'stop!' A soft drink came from the carriage behind me.

He Zheng looked back and consciously put down his hand to draw his sword: 'seven maidens.'

he Lingjiang picked up his skirt and got out of the car. Aman followed her quietly with an umbrella.

'don't fight with him.' She went to He Zheng and said quietly, 'you are not his opponent.'

'seven maidens...' He Zheng seems to disagree. I think he has been a master of martial arts since he was young. Why can't even this handsome white faced gentleman take it down?

his sword is not scabbard yet!

he Lingjiang raised his right hand slightly, and he Zheng stopped when he stood up.

'he is not an ordinary person. If you fight him, you will always lose a few points. It has nothing to do with your martial arts.'

not ordinary people? Are they evil spirits?

after following the seven maidens for a long time, he Zheng can always meet these strange things, and he Zheng is not surprised.

he looked at the man straight in the eye, and there was nothing different from the gentleman in yellow except that his face was a little stiff.

what's more, this is day! The sun overhead is not weak.

he has never heard of any evil spirits that can turn into human beings and appear on a bright day.

He Zheng was about to ask again, but he saw that seven Niangzi had stepped forward and came to the man in yellow.

'how did you show up again?' He Lingjiang looked at him with a headache.

this yellow father ghost is not easy to get rid of, but it runs around. If someone accidentally bumps into him, he will inevitably laugh at it and get sick.

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