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Chapter 141 Bring back

He Yunjia was startled by him, and hurried to he Lingjiang's side, clutching her sleeve tightly next to her: 'Lingjiang... Is he kidding? How can there be ghosts in the daytime...

the Yellow father ghost really doesn't speak, and it's amazing when he speaks.

he's a ghost, don't you have to say it so casually? I'm afraid others don't know.

in this world... It is still necessary to keep a low profile to be a ghost.

he Lingjiang nodded helplessly.

he Yunjia shudders and widens his eyes. Ah man beside him also looks surprised.

they only said that this man was not a very human being. How could they imagine that he was a ghost?

he Yunjia wants to cry but has no tears. What's wrong with Ling Jiang!

being pestered by a ghost, do you want to take it back to raise it?

also, what's wrong with this ghost?

how can I stand in the sun and block my way?

this is different from what she saw in the script!

he Lingjiang didn't expect that the Yellow father ghost would reveal his identity in this way, which startled he Yunjia and them.

she glanced across the outline of the ruler, then took out a piece of paper and stuffed it into he Yunjia: 'he is different from the ghost next to him.'

'it's just that if he smiles at you, it will make you especially unlucky. Oh, with this talisman, he can't help laughing, and it's OK.'

he Yunjia took the paper amulet and put it in his palm. At this moment, he no longer dared to look at the Yellow father ghost.

she is afraid that he will laugh at her...

ah man beside her is not afraid. After all, she has studied with he Lingjiang for a long time and has seen many strange ghosts.

it's amazing that this one in front of one eye can appear in the daytime.

'seven maidens, why isn't he afraid of the sun?' Aman asked. It should be noted that ghosts and even Yin objects will only be burned and dissipated if they reach the sun.

the ruler pressed down the smile on the corner of his mouth, and explained to her with a rigid face: 'I am transformed by the stars. I am half ghost and half god, so I am not afraid of the sun.'

said that, and told them about the origin and characteristics of the Yellow father ghost.

his voice was flat, without ups and downs. Ah man listened with interest, and even he Yunjia felt less afraid of him.

the carriage came to the Hefu gate and stopped slowly.

he Lingjiang told them: 'don't tell others the true identity of chikuo.'

he Xiangshan and song would be shocked if they knew that she had brought a ghost back.

'I will try to suppress the bite on him later, and I will try my best to prevent him from contacting ordinary people. You should also avoid him more.'

the ruler pointed to the brocade bag hanging from her waist: 'do I want to retract?'

he Lingjiang glanced at him and felt quite conscious. If not, she would go out and bring back a handsome man like this. She would be really hard to explain.

she took down the brocade bag, opened a hole, and the outline of the ruler turned into a wisp of smoke, and went in.

he Yunjia poked the brocade bag, and saw it shaking slightly. She tentatively mentioned it, but found that the weight had not changed.

just now, a man as big as that just got into this brocade bag silently!

now, she was really sure that Jiang had brought a ghost back.

she said weakly: 'Lingjiang, do you still have this charm? I'll give them one.'

she was still afraid that if the Yellow father ghost came out for a walk at any time, she would laugh at them, not to mention suffering from a serious illness. She didn't even want to get cold.

'I'll ask aman to send it to you later. We asked for it in Yunju temple and sent it to everyone in the mansion. It's just in case.'

it's just that there are so many people in Hefu that she may stay up late tonight to draw the picture.

he Lingjiang gets off and enters the mansion with he Yunjia.

Yun Fu and he Zheng, one sitting in front of the carriage and the other a martial arts practitioner, have excellent ear power. They have listened to the words of Chi Kuo for seven or eight times. Naturally, it is not surprising that such a big living person suddenly disappears.

after he Fu came to xuanyang, people also saw some Xuanmen methods.

although I was surprised by the courage of Qi Niangzi, now she can make equal acquaintance with the xuanyang Temple leader of the cloud dwelling temple, and they will no longer worry about themselves.

it was night, and he Lingjiang stayed in the study to draw an amulet. Beside him, aman was cutting paper for her and watching her hand movements.

Qi Niangzi's movements are very fast. She draws a talisman in one breath.

even though aman has studied with her for two or three months, she still can't see the changes outlined by her pen.

'seven maidens, when will your maidservant be able to write like you?'

although she has been studying for two or three months, she has only just been able to draw the simplest meditation mantra, and the effect is still very limited.

'don't worry, it's not easy to learn to draw symbols. I just learned them at the beginning, and it took me a lot of time to draw them.' He Lingjiang comforted her slowly.

ah man was curious: 'how long did it take you to draw the first talisman, madam?'

'three days.'

ah man's face was bitter and wrinkled into a steamed bun fold. What is this called many days?

he Lingjiang looked at her and couldn't help laughing: 'I said that my talent is different from ordinary people.'

'aman, you can draw a meditation charm in less than three months. Compared with others, your speed is already fast.'

he Lingjiang put down his pen: 'it should be noted that there is an old saying that haste makes waste. It is praiseworthy to do a good job. But don't forget that if you covet too much and too fast, you will lose more than you gain.'

'if you only envy others, you will forget your original intention. When you are confused in the field of metaphysics, it will be difficult to improve.'

her words sounded like a bell, which shocked ah man's mind. Suddenly, he found that his mood almost went astray: 'yes, seven maidens, your servant wrote it down.'

'OK.' He Lingjiang turned his aching wrist and put away the talismans painted on the table. 'Go and have a rest first. Tomorrow I will send these talismans to all the people in the mansion.'

'don't you have a rest, madam?'

'I still have something to think about by myself. Go first.' He Lingjiang said.

'don't stay up too late and have a rest earlier.' Aman asked no more questions and saluted. Then he retired.

the sound of the door being gently closed came, and then the room became quiet.

the candle light gently shakes. He Lingjiang takes out the note in the copper charm and studies it carefully under the lamp.

he Xiangshan imitated a copper amulet in order to deal with possible future exploration. The real copper amulet was temporarily hidden in her place.

he Lingjiang held up the note and looked at it by candlelight. There was still a line of words 'mountains and rivers are covered, Gen is the mountain, Kan is the spring, and springs come from the bottom of the mountain' on it, without any change.

from Zhao's concubine to Nanshan's private mining case, the people or things that the temple targets will certainly not be unprovoked and will certainly be profitable.

what can he's Copper Charm bring to the temple?

do they know that there are divinatory symbols in this copper charm?

the door panel suddenly made a light sound and opened a crack quietly.

he Lingjiang's face was cold, and he hit the back of the door with the formula in his hand. He only heard 'ouch', and a figure appeared behind the door.

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