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Chapter 143 Map

'What is this?' I looked up at the outline.

he Lingjiang put down the pen in his hand and whispered: 'map.'

although this map is just a palm in the hand, with mountains, rivers, cities and towns, the geography and landform are clearly delineated, which can be called a fairly fine map.

'map?' Curious about the size, he has also been to many places, but he has no impression of this place. 'Where is it painted?'

he Lingjiang may not know the place next to it, but she has traveled to this city. She points to the city on the upper left: 'this is Yinsheng city in the land of Nanzhao. As for this...

her fingertips extend all the way from Yinsheng city to a mountain range on the lower right along the marked line. There, the draftsman deliberately circled it, and wrote' Ailao Mountain 'on it.

he Lingjiang frowned slightly, but she had never heard of this place.

looking at the map from the ruler's outline, the map was quite fine. A dotted line was specially used to mark the route between the strokes, pointing directly at Ailao Mountain. His eyes were slightly bright.

'this is a treasure map!'

he Lingjiang stared closely at the Ailao Mountain painted in the circle. This picture and painting really remind people of the treasure map.

is this the real reason why the temple must look for the bronze amulet handed down by the he family?

only in this way can it be explained clearly why xuanyang planned for several years just to get a copper charm.

she picked up the paper and turned it over to see the two lines of words written on the front: 'mountains and rivers are covered, Gen is the mountain, Kan is the spring, and springs come out from the bottom of the mountain.'

he Lingjiang's eyes are miniature. Perhaps, this is not a divinatory image.

is the spring coming out from the foot of the mountain pointing out the hiding place in Ailao Mountain?

Chi Kuo fuzhang said with a smile: 'where did you get the treasure map, but you want to find treasure?'

he Lingjiang sipped his mouth and said nothing. If this picture is really a treasure map, he's really dangerous.

not to mention that the holy palace is covetously looking on the side, and it is bound to be obtained. It is the prince of Zhou. I'm afraid he can't hide this from him?

she rolled up the map again and included it in the copper rune. She had to discuss this matter with he Xiangshan, the head of the he family.

the next day, Fang had breakfast, and he Lingjiang went to the courtyard of he Xiangshan.

'Grandpa.' Jiang Xingli saluted.

he Xiangshan had just finished his breakfast. He took the cup of tea and rinsed his mouth. Fang asked, 'how did Ling Jiang come?'

'my daughter and grandpa have something important to discuss.' After that, she looked at the servants who were waiting on her.

he Xiangshan understood and waved: 'let's all go down first.'

'yes, Mr. lang.'

when the servants in the room retired, only he Lingjiang and he were left. He Xiangshan asked, 'what's the matter with Lingjiang?'

he Lingjiang takes out the copper charm from his sleeve, and then puts the hairpin on the fish's eye to reveal the paper inside.

'grandpa left this copper amulet to me for safekeeping a few days ago. Last night, when I was free to ponder, I found something.'

said that, she unfolded the note and motioned he Xiangshan to look at the back.

when he saw the above, he Xiangshan was surprised: 'this is...

he never thought that there was a map hidden on the back of this note.

let's look at this map. It's more like -

he Lingjiang nodded: 'Grandpa should also see that this map is very much like a treasure map.'

he Xiangshan took a cool breath. How did they, he Shi, get involved in the treasure hiding again?

since ancient times, whenever there is a treasure map in the world, it has attracted the world to fight and set off a bloodbath.

in times of peace and prosperity, if this treasure map is in the hands of the imperial court, it's OK. But if it falls into the hands of people with evil intentions, it's inevitable that it will make waves.

'it is precisely because my daughter does not know what to do that she wants to discuss with Grandpa.' He Lingjiang hands the paper to he Xiangshan.

he Xiangshan takes this palm sized paper, but feels as if he has a thousand pounds in his hand. This treasure map, which others are flocking to, is not so pleasant to his family.

as a result of this, he's life has been full of twists and turns, and he has broken several lives into it. Even now, the holy palace of laoshizi is still staring in the dark.

he has a complicated face and a myriad of emotions. But in the peaceful world, a treasure map appears. It must not be available to the temple.

'makes Jiang feel that he should give it to the sage?'

he Ling Jiang frowned slightly: 'if you give this to the sage, maybe you can really get rid of the divine Palace's plot and turn his eyes away. But after all, Grandpa and I have seen this picture. Whether the divine palace will let go of He Shi is unknown.'

'there are saints... Even if he took the initiative to present this treasure map, the saints can believe it, but they have to say something else. If we can't find the legendary treasure at that time, we, he, will have a hard time.'

'yes.' He Xiangshan sighed faintly, 'this picture is given to the imperial court, and it is not obviously beneficial to he at present.'

the wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it.

if he Shi, who is hidden in the countryside of Linchuan, suddenly steps forward and presents such a treasure map, he Shi will bring many unknown storms.

he Xiangshan looks at he Lingjiang in front of him and sighs with emotion.

selfishly, if he can keep this treasure map, he doesn't want to give it to the court for nothing.

he has endured enough and lost several lives for this picture.

it does bring a killing opportunity to Hershey. However, if it can be properly operated and exposed at the right time, it may not be a bargaining chip to weigh the transaction in the future.

'press it first, I'll send someone to check it, and we'll make a decision when it's true.'

he Xiangshan rolled up the map again and handed it to he Lingjiang: 'Lingjiang is good at drawing. Please draw another copy of the map. It turns out that this is still in the copper amulet, so I can keep it.'

he Lingjiang is a little guilty. Nowadays, she is not good at drawing. Fortunately, the drawing of this map is not difficult. She can also encourage her to do it.

she nodded and put the copper amulet back in her sleeve: 'when do you plan to send someone to check it?'

'naturally, the faster the better. What does Ling Jiang think?'

he Lingjiang raised his eyes and looked at he Xiangshan seriously: 'if you don't worry, will you leave it to me to investigate and verify?'

he Xiangshan frowned and understood what she meant: 'do you want to go in person?'

'yes.' He Lingjiang answered decisively, 'my daughter has long heard of this silver student in Nanzhao and is longing for him. Now that I have the opportunity, I want to go there and have a long experience.'

he Xiangshan frowned: 'this trip is not easy. There may be dangers on the way. You'd better not go.'

he Lingjiang smiled softly: 'Grandpa forgot that my fourth uncle taught my daughter swordplay. Now I'm no worse than him.'

'my daughter has been practicing the same Taoist school's talisman. Recently, Taoist Xuanwei has also given me a lot of advice, which can be said to be rapid progress. Please rest assured, my daughter has the ability to protect herself.'

Yes, he lingered on his bed for many years, but he forgot that his daughter had grown up a lot unconsciously, and she was no longer that delicate child.

she handled xuanyang's case and the case of private procurement very well. Even he was ashamed of himself.

this child is different after all.

he Lingjiang looked at him with a smile, as if he Xiangshan would surely agree to her proposal.

since he qiniangzi woke up, she found that he Xiangshan treated her very well, but he seldom restrained her, let alone restrained her with the style of a lady of the family.

even when she asked to do something, although he was worried, he often agreed to it, and put some thought in her mind to let her practice more.

she is also confident about this matter.

sure enough, he Xiangshan frowned and counted his interest, but still replied with a word: 'OK!'

(end of Volume I)

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