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Chapter 144 Shangsi

Although he Xiangshan promised he Lingjiang to go to Yinsheng, he still had to make more arrangements to relax.

Silang congratulated the poet for his love of being a knight errant and for having traveled to many places in Dazhou.

he Xiangshan found him.

when he heard that the piece of paper in the copper amulet was very likely a treasure map, poet he stared at it in disbelief: 'really!'

what he said casually turned out to be true, but he didn't find the secret at that time.

'Ling Jiang, how did you find the key on the paper?'

it's not easy to tell them about Chi Kuo for the moment. He Lingjiang put it another way: 'I went to Yunju Temple yesterday and got a small bottle of yellow father ghost's blood by chance. When I read the note at night, I accidentally spilled it on it. I didn't expect that this paper would reveal the mystery behind it.'

poet he touched his palm and said: 'the blood of the Yellow father ghost is not good. I didn't expect that it would have such a miraculous effect on this paper.'

he always loved to read books about ghosts. Such ghosts were recorded in ancient books, but the world rarely saw them, let alone the blood of the Yellow father ghost?

he Lingjiang nodded slightly and asked: 'Grandpa asked Uncle four to come, so that he could go with his daughter?'

'yes. After all, your fourth uncle has traveled all over Dazhou and is not unfamiliar with travel. With him and more hands to protect me, I can rest assured.'

upon hearing the words, poet he said that brother a didn't mention it, and he planned to volunteer.

this is a treasure hunt, and only those things in the script have been heard of. How can he miss them?

'brother, you can rest assured that I will protect Lingjiang.' He patted himself on the chest and swore.

he Lingjiang glanced at him with a smile. He poet was shocked by her. He felt guilty. He was exaggerating.

if he really runs into danger with such physical skills, I'm afraid he must turn around and let Ling Jiang protect him.

but he Xiangshan does not know the truth. In his opinion, although his daughter is becoming more and more stable, she has never been a layman and does not know the dangers of the world.

it's good to have an elder with you.

he Xiangshan looked at poet he and said: 'fourth, you are an elder. You may be in danger on this trip. You should be careful and take good care of Ling Jiang.'

poet he stopped smiling when he heard this and said: 'brother, don't worry. I'll let Ling Jiang return unharmed.'

since the trip has been decided, he Lingjiang will tidy it up.

she went out this time without telling the people in the house where she really went. She only said that she would travel with poet he.

upon hearing this, the Song family could not help frowning and muttering: 'Ling Jiang is going to reach his hairpin in October this year. How can he often go outside?'

'no harm.' He Xiangshan patted her hand. 'We in Dazhou, unlike the previous dynasty, have a lot of restrictions on women. It's also good to travel more and see the world when we are young.'

'Alas, Lord Lang, please spoil her!' Song has no choice but to hold her forehead. Lord Lang has said so. What can she do?

he Yunjia, who is sitting below, looks distracted and itchy. However, before she says this, he Yunchu gently shakes his head at her and says, 'Yunjia, don't think about it.'

he Yunjia wrinkled his nose and asked in a low voice, 'why can't I go out?'

'you know how to play.' He Yunchu nodded her forehead. 'But when did you see Ling Jiang go out, he was just playing?'

Ling Jiang loves painting. She usually goes out to find minerals or pigments. It's not easy to cross mountains and dig stones to find materials. But she, a seemingly weak little lady, has done it.

this is the hardship that many young women raised in the beautiful heap can't bear.

since Jiang was injured, she has rarely gone out. However, which time she went out recently was really just for fun?

since Grandpa agreed to let Jiang and uncle four go out for a trip, he had his own plan.

they admit that they can't bear the hardships of travelling, so they should not follow suit.

'forget it, don't go if you don't.' He Yunjia hung her head, and she thought it was fun, but if it was hard on the road, she might not be able to stand it as well as Ling Jiang.

she had to admit that he Lingjiang, a girl, could calm down and endure hardships, whether she studied painting to find stones or now she studies sword and amulet.

I can't blame her for becoming more calm and powerful.

he Yunjia looks sideways at he Lingjiang, who is sitting quietly beside her. Xu is aware of her eyes, and he Lingjiang smiles at her.

damn it! She has such a beautiful face!

he Yunjia held his beating heart and gave her a hard look.

'fifth sister?' He Lingjiang did not understand and tilted his head.

he Yunjia snorted at her and turned away from her.

he Yunchu looked at her childishness and couldn't help laughing. He came forward and pulled he Lingjiang and said, 'Shangsi Festival is coming in two days. I'm afraid it will take a long time for Jiang to return home from this trip.'

'do you want to go through the last three festivals with us before you start'

'yes!' He Yunjia didn't care to have a fight with Ling Jiang. 'You have to celebrate Shangsi festival with us!'

'that's natural.' He Lingjiang smiled and nodded.

March 3, the Shangsi Festival, is the day of 'worship'. Since ancient times, it has been a custom to hold sacrifices on the waterfront to remove bad omens.

however, up to now, in addition to the cultivation, the main activities are outings and drinking near the water.

on this day, the whole city was filled with scholars and ordinary people. Men, women, old and young were all dressed up and decorated. It was a grand scene.

on the Bank of the Rushui River, the willows are leaning against each other. It's a beautiful spring scenery. However, it has a tendency to be bald from a close look.

it is said that wickers have the effect of exorcising evil spirits, so on this day, people will weave and fold wickers and wear them on their bodies.

he Yunjia stood on tiptoe and broke a wicker.

'Lingjiang, do you want it?' She looked at he Lingjiang, who was walking with an umbrella, and asked.

he Lingjiang shook his head: 'I can't stand it. I'd better leave some dignity for willow.'

she has heard of the willows in Baqiao. The people who came and went to fold the willows gave them away, and they broke the willows bare. It never occurred to me that the willow trees on the Bank of the Rushui River in Linchuan will also have a day when their tops will not be protected.

'willow is very easy to grow. After this Shangsi Festival, there will be fewer tourists. In a few days, it will grow into a sound willow.'

he Yunjia weaves the wicker in his hand into a wreath and puts it on his head: 'you really don't want it?'

'No.' He Lingjiang looked at the green wreath on her head and shook his head resolutely again.

this wicker for exorcising evil spirits is neither human nor ghost, so don't wear it.

'boring.' He Yunjia mumbled to her.

he Lingjiang raised his eyebrows and looked at her: 'is it really so fun to wear a wreath? I thought children would like to wear it...'

he yunjiasu said that she could not help but hum: 'hurry up, elder sister is still waiting for us.'

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