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Chapter 146 Summon ghosts

He Lingjiang squints at the high wall.

she breathed in her luck and jumped up with a tiny dot under her foot. Then she borrowed some strength on the wall. The silk in her sleeve suddenly slipped out and tied it to the top of the city wall. The whole person pulled the silk and crossed the city.

then he avoided the patrolling taxis, which made him fly down from the city wall.

when he arrived at the mass grave in the outskirts of the city, he Lingjiang shook his waist and said, 'come out!'

as soon as the voice falls, a cloud of smoke snakes out of the brocade bag and turns into a human figure.

chikuo looked around and asked, 'what are you doing here to catch ghosts?'

'yes.' He Lingjiang said, 'I still owe you 20 evil spirits. I'll go to Yinsheng the next day. If I can spare some time to catch ghosts for you, I'll tell you another story.'

today is Shangsi, also one of the ghost days. When Zishi comes, the Yin Qi is at its peak, and those ghosts stranded in the world will come out to roam.

this is a good time to summon ghosts.

he Lingjiang took out a few ghost Charms from his sleeve and pasted them on the ground in all directions. Then he took mysterious steps and sang a little on his mouth.

the treetops in the forest shook, and the wind blew up at an unknown time, making the weeds rustle.

a lot of gray shadows suddenly appeared around he Lingjiang, and they lingered around her for a long time.

Chi Kuo's eyes brightened: it's a ghost. I have to eat it now!

he opened his mouth to swallow these ghosts, but he was stopped by a talisman from he Lingjiang.

'what's wrong?' He asked, 'why did you call out the ghost and give him no food?'

he Lingjiang glanced at him: 'aren't you a ghostly eater? These ghosts are just filling your teeth. Can you really enjoy it?'

'what about these?' Chikuo asked, no matter how small a mosquito is, it's meat. If you plug your teeth, you can plug your teeth. He wouldn't mind eating it.

he Lingjiang digged at him and said, 'look at these ghosts. They can't even condense their souls. What's the point of eating them?'

most of these are obsessive after death. After wandering for a long time and forgetting the way to the yellow spring, they can only stay in the world like this.

has never harmed anyone, nor has there been any method of cultivation. As time goes on, the soul power will become weaker, and eventually it will naturally dissipate between heaven and earth.

she didn't think that this move would only bring out those ghosts with weak soul power.

now that we have met them, we just need to transcend them and send them to reincarnation.

if there are those who refuse to reincarnate, it's not too late to give them to chikuo.

'just wait. I'll pass them over first. I'll see if I can call some evil spirits for you later.'

after that, her hands turned over and her lips were full of words. Those ghosts hidden around her were shimmering, and then gradually disappeared between heaven and earth.

he Lingjiang put down his hand and let out a long breath: 'may they have fewer regrets in their next life.'

most of those buried in this mass grave are poor people before the next life.

people all think that if a poor person is a ghost and has hatred in his heart, he should turn into a fierce ghost. However, in this world, most poor people are poor ghosts.

to overcome these weak ghosts, he Lingjiang was much more cautious. She added a talisman to the array, and then she concentrated on casting spells and singing.

the forest is quiet. Even the wind blowing weeds and the leaves shaking seem to stop.

he Lingjiang's eyebrows are slightly frozen, and his mouth is singing ceaselessly.

suddenly, the strong wind began to blow, which made the treetops bend, and also made helingjiang's long hair disorderly. She flew wildly in the strong wind, wrapping her face.

clothes are playing in the wind, and hunting is noisy.

the ruler couldn't help holding his breath.

when did it rain in the air from time to time? It rained more and more. But after a while, he poured he Lingjiang's head all over.

then, just listening to a roar, a dark green figure appeared in front of her.

the ghost's eyes were as big as brass bells, and his blood was red. When he saw he Lingjiang, he shot gas like an arrow straight at her.

he Lingjiang sidestepped. The gas shot to the ground and made a zizzy sound. It also had a strange smell of burned vegetation. It was undoubtedly highly toxic.

this is Dao Lao GUI, who often haunts the mountains and forests of Linchuan. When he haunts, it is often accompanied by strong winds and heavy rains.

Dao Lao GUI can eject highly toxic gas from his mouth. Once a person is shot, he will be poisoned and killed in half a day or a day. Without fire treatment, the deceased will often turn into Dao Lao GUI.

their activity area is limited, and they like to stay in damp and cold places in the mountains. There are those who go into the mountains to cut firewood and collect medicine. If they are unlucky enough to meet them, they often have to take away one of their lives.

he Lingjiang just added a talisman and called it out.

she held her breath and said to the ruler's Outline: 'I'll give it to you!'

if those ghosts in the past were mosquito legs, the knife laboring ghost in front of us is a leg of mutton with spicy condiments. I don't know if it's too hot to bear.

when Chi Kuo heard the words, he turned into a prototype and lunged at the knife laborer.

Dao Laogui saw that he was actually a yellow father ghost. He was afraid and wanted to run away.

this yellow father ghost can be said to be the enemy of all ghosts.

how can he run? With a strong grasp on my hand, I pulled off one of his arms, opened my mouth, and put it into my mouth without chewing.

Dao Laogui was angry, roared in his mouth, ejected several sharp arrows, and went straight to the edge of the ruler. The edge of the ruler flexibly avoided him, and then grabbed him hard on the chest. The soul of Dao Laogui suddenly became unstable and weakened with the naked eye.

he howled in his mouth and tried his best to release poison gas. However, chikuo was not afraid of these at all. Seeing that the knife laborer was torn off his other arm by him.

his soul is badly hurt, but even his soul is not strong.

Chi Kuo opened his big mouth and took a sudden breath, and the knife laborer was swallowed by him.

'are you full?' He Lingjiang looked at him with satisfaction.

chikuo burped: 'it's not that you can't eat any more...'

he Lingjiang snorted: 'you have a good appetite.'

but since she came out, she didn't mind bothering a few more times and tried to pay off the debt as soon as possible.

then, she took chikuo to the Linchuan River and summoned two water ghosts who had been infected with human lives for him. Then, she caught a Hanging Ghost not far from a family in the suburbs who lured others to hang themselves.

chikuo ate a lot, and he burped several times satisfyingly: 'the evil spirits you called are delicious. These days, those ghosts have become smarter and hide from me. I haven't eaten so much for a long time.'

he Lingjiang couldn't help laughing: 'these evil spirits are much better than those ghosts whose souls are not solid?'

chikuo nodded approvingly, and he was not without challenges. Only now evil spirits are hard to meet. Now he Lingjiang doesn't worry about this problem.

in his heart, he felt more and more that it was wise of him to follow her blindly.

fortunately, he Lingjiang didn't know what he thought, otherwise he might have to take a breath.

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