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Chapter 147 Run at night

After the meeting, everything is ready. He Lingjiang and he poet are ready to go.

except for he Xiangshan, the people next to he's family do not know the purpose of their trip. They only think that they can travel around and have a long experience.

and he Lingjiang also said that this trip will not be too long, that is, he will return in about three months.

he Yunjia took he Lingjiang's hand and told her reluctantly: 'Lingjiang, if you encounter any interesting stories, you should remember to write to me.'

'OK, I see. Sister Wu can rest assured.' He Ling and Jiang Qian smiled and patted her hand.

after saying goodbye to he Yunjia and he Yunchu, he Lingjiang bowed himself and made a solemn salute to he Xiangshan and Song Shi: 'Grandpa, mother, let Jiang say goodbye here.'

although song had previously complained privately that she could not control her daughter, at this time, she had to let her go. At least she had never caused any trouble for so many years, and recently she has become more stable.

her words are full of painstaking words: 'Lingjiang, you must take care of yourself before you travel.'

'travel is a journey, but don't be tired or hurt yourself.'

'the little lady of the he family is also a noble person. Don't really learn from your fourth uncle to do those errands and think of yourself as a errant.'

when she mentioned herself, the poet he beside her shrugged helplessly. Is this a negative example?

he Lingjiang nodded with a smile: 'thank you, mother.'

he Xiangshan said with a smile: 'go ahead. If you don't understand anything, ask your fourth uncle more. He has traveled abroad for many years and still has some experience.'

'only a little, go out, everything is safe and secure.'

he Lingjiang nodded again and again, looking completely obedient: 'my daughter has written it down.'

poet he also repeatedly patted his chest and assured: 'you can rest assured if I'm here.'

he Xiangshan watched the carriage disappear at the end of the street. He felt a little disappointed.

unconsciously, that little child can take charge of his own affairs.

he twists his fingers slightly between his sleeves, thinking that Liu Yuan's team will soon arrive in Yingdu.

I think so. When Ling Jiang returns from Yinsheng, they, he Shi, will also be called to Yingdu at that time, right?

the poet Jiang Tonghe and his party, with more than a dozen guards, started from Linchuan and never stopped.

in the evening, we arrived at Yihuang County just before the city gate was closed.

the guard of he family found an inn and asked the shopkeeper to pick up two upper rooms to give he Lingjiang and he poet a rest. There was a room with green bamboo and qiongzhi, and the others opened several other rooms.

Xu was in a hurry for a whole day, and the party did not go downstairs to have dinner. They only asked the waiter in the shop to deliver them to their room. After having dinner in a hurry, they turned off the lights and took a rest.

on the next day, just after daybreak, the guard of he family went out of the house and asked the shop staff, 'have all the horses been fed?'

the young man smiled at him and said: 'you can rest assured that the horse is fed with high-quality feed. Keep it full.'

the guard nodded and handed him a few copper coins: 'we'll have breakfast later, and then we'll go. Please help us set up the horses and chariots first.'

'get it!' The boy bent his eyes and put the copper money into his sleeve without any trace.

after breakfast, the young man saw that the guard maids of the big family got on the carriage with a woman wearing a power fence and holding a big umbrella, and a young gentleman.

he watched these people drive to the outside of the city. He could not help but sigh with emotion: the appearance of this family is really different.

the horse drawn carriage with he's family emblem leisurely left the gate of the city and headed for Zixi.

the sun gradually moves westward, and a day passes in the blink of an eye.

as the sky darkened, the people living outside the city also ended their work in the city.

those who bring up the old and the young, those who carry baskets on their backs, and those who drive ox carts all go outside the city, so as not to fall behind the gate of the city at Youshi and end up with nowhere to go.

because of this, the gate of Yihuang city at this time can also be called lively.

the people who went out of the city went home. However, among the people who went out of the city, there were so many people who went to a desolate and uninhabited forest outside the city.

after entering the dense forest, one of them whistled, and four people came out of the forest.

the first person walked up to those people, crossed his hands and saluted: 'seven maidens, four Lords.'

poet he smiled and patted him on the shoulder: 'are you ready?'

'ready.' He Zheng leaned over to reveal several fast horses that had been prepared in the dense forest.

aman and the other four guards are standing by, they have been waiting here for a long time.

seeing he Lingjiang, ah man couldn't help being happy. When her mother sent her to follow He Zheng on business earlier, she thought that her mother didn't intend to take her on this trip.

originally, I asked myself to follow He Zheng and prepare in advance.

he Lingjiang nodded slightly: 'we'll ride a horse tonight and try to reach Le'an at dawn. Then, we'll prepare another carriage.'

there must be people in the temple watching him in the dark. When he goes to Yinsheng before this trip, he must not reveal his purpose. It's better to let the other party not even know where she has gone.

therefore, a few days before departure, he Lingjiang sent He Zheng to take aman out for business.

when she and he poet went out from he's mansion yesterday, they only brought a maidservant named green bamboo and qiongzhi, with about ten guards from he's mansion.

when they arrived in Yihuang, they went straight out of the city and went straight to Zixi after staying overnight.

however, the person in the carriage with the he family emblem was no longer the poet she congratulated, but the escort of the he family.

is green bamboo and qiongzhi, also dressed by the beautiful guard.

not to mention, after applying the powder and makeup, they both really had some good colors, which was worth her choosing before she set out.

and he Ling and Jiang He, the two poets, together with green bamboo and qiongzhi, disguised themselves as businessmen in the shop and sneaked out of the inn before dawn to find another small shop for the time being.

when the he's carriage goes out of the city, the people who secretly stare at it will surely follow it and go all the way to Zixi.

and they repaired for a day in the daytime. Before the gate was closed, they went out of the city to meet He Zheng, who was waiting in the suburb of the city, and took advantage of the night to go to Le'an, which was opposite to Zixi.

at that time, even if the other party finds out that they are wrong, they simply can't figure out where they are going, so that they can get rid of the people who are secretly stalking them.

He Zheng and aman brought four good players, plus he poet, Qingzhu and qiongzhi. There were ten people on this trip. Apart from aman's weak martial arts, all the others were able to stop a few, and the manpower was enough.

he Lingjiang leads the horse out of the dense forest, then turns over and gets on the horse, gently raises a whip and says, 'go!'


in the night, on the barren road, there are horses' hooves surging up, breaking the silence of the night and running all the way to the distance.

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