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Chapter 148 Bad luck

He Lingjiang and his party galloped through the night. Finally, at dawn, they saw the gate of Le'an from a distance.

she looked up at the eastern sky, slowed down the horse's speed, then pulled out her umbrella to open it, held the umbrella in one hand and the reins in the other, and drove the horse slowly.

fortunately, she specially gave aman her habitual umbrella in advance.

ah man, who followed behind, saw that she was slowing down and couldn't help gasping.

I used to walk all the way, but now I relax. My two legs, which are strong in stirrups, are as soft as noodles.

she moved her thighs, only to feel that both sides of her thighs were worn by the saddle, and she could not help but show her mouth.

green bamboo looked at her and joked: 'look, it's not easy to ride a horse. Your legs have been aching for two days.'

'two more days...' ah's face was bitter, and his face was wrinkled into a big bun.

'you seldom ride horses. It's normal to catch such a long journey once in a while.'

qiongzhi comforted her and said, 'don't you have some medicine? When you enter the city, I'll find some for you to rub. It'll be OK soon.'

'thank you, sister qiongzhi.' Aman was delighted to hear that drugs could be used to relieve the pain.

not far from the gate of the city, he Lingjiang turned over and dismounted and ordered: 'everyone enter the city in batches, so as not to be too conspicuous.'

there are ten people in their line, each riding a tall horse, and they are not from Le'an county. If they enter the city together, it is inevitable that they will be questioned by the guards.

poet he nodded: 'after we enter the city, we will meet in front of the square in the west of the city at the end of the hour.'

when they set out, they all inquired. The western part of Le'an county is dominated by market trade, where horses, livestock, lacquer ware and leather are traded.

they were just here preparing the carriage and the clothes and food needed for the road.

'I told Jiang and I to go in first and look around. It's about the end of the day. Go and prepare what you need when you start tomorrow.'

after that, he took he Lingjiang to the gate.

he Lingjiang handed him the reins: 'how about Uncle four leading the horse?'

she raised the umbrella in her hand: 'it's really inconvenient for me.'

'you just want to be lazy!' Poet he glanced at her. He had just carried an umbrella with one hand and rode a horse with the other. He didn't see any inconvenience to her.

he Lingjiang just smiled and looked at him without speaking.

poet he snorted, but accepted the reins in her hand with resignation: 'please, He Qi Niang...'

'that's hard for uncle four.' With a smile in his eyes, he Ling Jiang walked toward the city gate with his sleeves blowing the wind.

in front of the city gate, she took out the public examination prepared in advance from her sleeve and handed it to the city guard.

the man first sighed when he saw her face, then opened the public test, and saw that it said: Liu's seven niangs Liu Jiang. '

the public inspection also wrote his family background.

the city guard carefully verified the public inspection, then closed it and handed it back to her. The two of them entered the city unimpeded.

when they were far away from the city gate, poet he poked her arm with his elbow and smiled proudly:' look, am I well prepared for the public inspection? '

' yes. 'He Lingjiang pursed his lips and smiled,' Uncle Si has more ways.

poet he raised his head proudly: 'that's not true. Your fourth uncle and I have traveled for so many years, but it's not for nothing. '

it's still early now, but poet he is hungry after a night's journey.

there is a breakfast stall not far away. Neither of them is picky. They don't bother to find the restaurant and tea house, so they sit down at the stall directly.

' let's have two bowls of noodle soup and two Hu cakes! 'Poet he lifted his robe and sat down, turning back to the stall owner.

' OK, just a moment! 'The stall owner should say hello.

in a moment, hot noodle soup accompanied by Hu cakes was served.

the food smelled delicious, and the two of them didn't say much. They picked up their chopsticks and began to eat early.

when a bowl of noodle soup was served with Hu cakes, poet he couldn't help burping.

he Lingjiang also slowly put down his chopsticks, and poet he raised his eyebrows:' is this full? '? '

he looked at he Lingjiang's bowl. She had been running all night. Now she eats so much, but there is really less.

' you little ladies love beauty. When you are full, don't eat more. Then you will suffer. 'Poet he looks like a man who has passed by, and says with sincerity.

he Lingjiang glances at him lightly and says,' it's good for me to eat these. After all, you rely on food to satisfy your hunger and provide strength. But my body depends entirely on soul power. '

' ah... 'Poet he patted himself on the mouth,' look at my mouth, I forgot. Don't worry about me. '

in front of me, the technique is so profound, and nine out of ten of my body is already a drooping old woman, and even better, it is a middle-aged woman.

ah, yes, he even forgot that this person, like him, may be a good man with strong iron bones, but I have to commit myself to such a weak little lady...

every time I think about it, I can't help but feel a pain in my heart...

When she heard herself talking about a beautiful little lady in front of her, she could not help but be stabbed.

he couldn't help being curious. At the risk of being slapped to death by he Lingjiang, he gave her a glance and quietly opened his mouth to inquire: 'I see your skill is profound. I don't know how many years you have studied xuanshu?'

'it will be 18 years.' He Lingjiang looked at the passers-by and replied.


it took 18 years to complete the cultivation. It can be seen that you have great talent. If you calculate your age, you will be middle-aged.

his eyes are so direct, how can he Lingjiang know what he is thinking?

she glanced at the poet he and said, 'I started to learn metaphysics when I was four years old. I'm only 20 out of 20 this year. I'm not as old as you think.'

poet he is not calm now, two out of twenty?

he is two years younger than him. He is so powerful that he can even crush xuanyang who has been practicing Taoism for many years!

he instantly crotch his shoulder, alas... It is because he is too mediocre to be dragged back.

looking at the wonderful things on poet he's face, she added faintly: 'I'm a woman, but I'm not a big man.'

poet he smiled awkwardly. Is his mind so straightforward? Even this idea made her see...

poet he was about to begin his explanation, but he heard a sad cry coming from afar.

he frowned slightly, looked in the direction of the sound, and saw a group of soldiers coming slowly towards the city gate.

the current one is in mourning and weeping. The two around him raise their hands and scatter a handful of paper money from time to time.

where the team passed, the ground was soon covered with plain paper money.

this morning food stall is on the roadside. If the burial team wants to go outside the city, it must pass through here.

the funeral procession is getting closer and closer. As soon as the wind blows, several pieces of paper money are rolled to the stall.

the diners here could not help sighing: 'bad luck!'

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