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Chapter 149 Carry a coffin

He Lingjiang looked at them and saw that there were only a few people in the funeral procession.

the young people at present are relatives of the deceased. They are dressed in plain hemp and look sad. The people who follow them should be neighbors and friends. They only tie a hemp rope around their waists.

in the middle of the team is a pair of Tongmu coffins, which look quite heavy, but only two people carry this huge coffin one by one.

the two big men have cold faces, big arms and round waists, all dressed in indigo and tied with hemp rope around their waists.

although he was carrying a heavy coffin, his feet were smooth.

there were people standing by the stall to avoid the crowd. One of them asked, 'which family is this?'

'according to our custom here, eight people are required to carry the coffin, and only the dying child can use two people. I think this coffin is of adult size. How can only two people carry it?'

'you don't know that.' One followed the funeral procession to watch the excitement, and then followed all the way. 'This is the old carpenter Jiang in the north of Le'an city.'

'ah... It's carpenter Jiang...' sighed passers-by.

Jiang carpenter is a famous craftsman in Le'an city.

his carpentry skills can be said to be perfect, and the furniture styles he makes are also novel and unique, so many people ask him to do carpentry.

even if carpenter Jiang has a lot of work to do and doesn't have time for the time being, he would rather wait in line than find another carpenter.

even he went to carpenter Jiang's place to customize a dressing table for his daughter because he wanted to get a dowry for her daughter's marriage some time ago.

'why did carpenter Jiang go like this?'

although he is nearly 60 years old, he is not deaf, does not wear eyes, and has good strength. He looks much younger and healthier than ordinary old men. I have never heard of anything wrong with him before. How can he go so suddenly?

'who knows?' The man shook his head.

a few days ago, his grandson Jiang Feng, who had been living with carpenter Jiang, came home from the Academy. Unexpectedly, just after entering the house, he found his grandfather lying unconscious on the ground.

he jumped and hurried forward, only to find that carpenter Jiang had lost his breath.

Jiang Feng couldn't help crying. When the neighbors heard the news, they came to know that carpenter Jiang had passed away.

although the carpenter Jiang died suddenly, the deceased has passed away. Jiang Feng, as his only relative, still had to grieve and bury him with the help of his neighbors.

now it's warm, so according to local customs, the funeral service was only stopped for three days, and today's funeral was held.

unexpectedly, when the funeral was held, something strange happened. None of the eight coffin bearers could lift his coffin. It was as if it weighed a thousand kilograms. How could it not move half an inch.

the eight coffin bearers are also old coffin bearers and have seen a lot of the world.

but they have been carrying coffins for many years, but they have never encountered such a situation.

several people looked at each other in amazement. They all felt that this was rather unlucky. They gave Jiang Feng a hand, quit the job, and left without looking back.

the onlookers can't help but beat a drum in their hearts.

just when Jiang Feng was at a loss, two big men walked out through the crowd, arched their hands at Jiang Feng, lifted the coffin easily, and went out of the house with great strides.

this is someone carrying the coffin!

Jiang Feng didn't care so much, so he called the neighbors who helped with the funeral and followed. Only then did the funeral team start smoothly.

the passer-by on the side listened to what he said and was amazed. He could not imagine that there was such a strange thing at carpenter Jiang's funeral.

he Lingjiang, sitting behind the stall, squinted at the words.

she stood up and went to the stall. She whispered to the stall owner, 'boss, I'll lend you glutinous rice.'

the stall owner did not know why, but when he cooked the porridge in the morning, he did have some glutinous rice left and took it out from under the board.

'thank you.' He Lingjiang nodded his thanks, then reached out and grabbed a handful of glutinous rice, avoiding the crowd and heading toward the funeral procession coming here.

the white glutinous rice scattered in an instant, and then rolled down at the foot of the funeral procession.

the current person can't help but stop.

when people bury coffins, glutinous rice will be sprinkled under the coffins to ward off evil spirits and prevent corpses from changing.

however, now that the coffin has not been buried and the spirits of the deceased have not yet settled, people have scattered sticky rice on the road, which is very disrespectful.

on the cover of Jiang Yishen, although he is a scholar, Zibuyu has strange powers, but he is also unhappy about this behavior that obviously destroys customs.

the stall owner was also shocked. How could he have thought that the little lady borrowed glutinous rice and wanted to scatter it on the funeral procession of others? Was it not to bump into the deceased?

seeing that the person in front of the funeral procession stopped and looked this way, he immediately wanted to squat down in the stall.

Jiang Feng just wanted to step forward, but there was a riot in the team.

as soon as he looked back, he saw that the two big men who were carrying the coffin did not stop at their feet. They went straight past the mourners themselves and continued to move forward.

I didn't look at the sticky rice scattered on the road.

Jiang Feng frowned fiercely and shouted: 'stop, both of you!'

however, the two men's shouts behind them seemed unheard of, and their feet were even faster, but in the blink of an eye, they crossed the breakfast stand and walked several feet away.

Jiang Feng found that they were wrong. Something happened on the way to the funeral. How could these two coffin bearers insist on carrying the coffin forward despite the wishes of the relatives of the deceased?

he caught up with them and stopped them with his arms outstretched: 'stop, both of you!'

but the big man who was carrying the coffin in front of him still looked cold and motionless. Without blinking an eye, he bumped his head against Jiang Feng and continued to go ahead.

poor Jiang Feng, a weak scholar, was knocked to the ground by his head and stumbled.

are these two people trying to snatch my grandfather's body?

Jiang Feng's face changed greatly, and regardless of the pain on his body, he quickly climbed up from the ground, grabbed the leg of the coffin bearer behind him, and refused to let them go any further.

however, the big man is strong and powerful, which can't be dragged by scholars like him.

tearing saw and heard a 'stab', and the man's clothes were torn out by him, revealing his inner thighs.

Jiang Feng, who held his thigh, was stunned. The color of his leg was heavy. When he looked closely, it still had texture. It was like the glazed old wood. Where should people look like.

previously, he only felt that the thigh diaphragm was tight, but it turned out to be a piece of wood!

if this man had a wooden leg, how could he carry the heavy coffin with flying steps?

before he could understand, he heard an exclamation from the crowd on the roadside. Looking up, he saw a kitchen knife flying toward him.

under the sun, the whirling blade surface turns cold light.

his eyes narrowed uncontrollably, and he heard a 'rubbing' sound. There was another sudden exclamation in the crowd: 'murder!'


but he didn't feel pain?

Jiang Feng looked up blankly and saw that the kitchen knife was just inserted in the back of the coffin bearer.

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