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Chapter 15 Sick

Later, he Lingjiang went to he Xiangshan hospital every other day to chat and read with him. He Xiangshan would go to sleep with the gentle sound of reading.

he smiled and said, 'it's a good way to hypnotize Jiang. My sleep has been getting better and better in recent days.'

seeing that his face was much better, song was also happy: 'you have slept well, and you look much better. If you can really hypnotize, you should ask Jiang to come back in the evening and read a paragraph to Lord lang. I will listen next to you, and I can't sleep better when I go back.'

hexiangshan ha ha! A smile: 'whatever she does, she can come whenever she likes. What's more, I've been much better these days. Now I can get out of bed and walk for two rounds. I don't feel that I feel stuffy and short of breath when I sleep at night.'

'just let her get busy with her own business. This child doesn't like to run away the day before. Recently, she rarely hears about painting. Don't be bored by anything.'

song smiled at him: 'when she was addicted to painting stones, you said she didn't know how to come with you. Now she doesn't run out, and you're afraid she's bored. Lord Lang...'

he Xiangshan couldn't help laughing.

he Lingjiang is naturally not bored. Although it is inconvenient for her to go out to bask in the sun, she stays in the house to concentrate on practicing metaphysics and gives ah man some more advice. She has a full life.

after breakfast, qiongzhi helped her clean the previously used ink on the table and put it in order. In the painting jar next to the desk, there were also several volumes of paintings previously drawn by Mrs. He Qi.

'seven niangs, the sun is just right. It's better to take these paintings out and dry them.'

he Lingjiang walks over, pulls out a scroll from the painting jar and unfolds the painting slowly.

she is not good at painting, but she has seen many famous works. The painting in my hand has fine and precise lines, mellow and vigorous, elegant and rich colors, and the depiction of the characters' forms is even more meticulous. The pen is skillful and fluent. It doesn't look like it was written by a girl who hasn't reached the hairpin yet.

over time, the painter will surely win a place for himself in the art of painting and calligraphy.

he loves painting and is good at painting. No wonder others privately call the seventh lady a 'painting maniac'.

it's just a pity for such a young lady.

she sighed and handed the scroll to qiongzhi: 'take it out and dry it. Be careful not to damage it.'

qiongzhi should be, beckoning green bamboo to set up a shelf in the yard.

when everything was well done, qiongzhi stepped into the room and said with a smile, 'as soon as this picture was unfolded, people in the courtyard couldn't help but look at it. The painting skills of the seventh lady are indeed the best among many young ladies in Linchuan.'

'yes, the painting skills of the seven maidens can be said.' Green bamboo then said, 'anyway, I haven't seen you painting lately.'

he Ling turned his eyes and said in a low voice, 'the ancients all said that we should do one thing, concentrate on one thing, and be good at one thing. Now aman and I are busy learning amulets. We can only wait until later.'

green bamboo nods, too.

'well, it's time to go to the father's hospital. Call aman.'

he Lingjiang puts down his book, takes Mi Li and puts it on himself. Then aman holds an umbrella and continues to study.

up to now, he Xiangshan has removed 78 / 10 of the charm of holding hands, and the rest is to nourish vitality.

it's too urgent. You have to slow down.

what's more, the person who cast the mantra has not yet made any response, which makes people wonder if he found something wrong and dared not act.

aman is a little behind her with an umbrella. He Lingjiang leads his maidservants all the way through the veranda. When he comes to the garden, he sees a man walking leisurely.

the man was only in his early twenties. He was dressed in a moon white brocade round neck robe, wearing green boots, with a sword at his waist and flowing clothes in the walking room. He was elegant and handsome.

after seeing he Lingjiang, the man quickly walked forward.

ah man gently reminded: 'it's Si Lang Lord.'

Oh, it turns out that he Fu is the one who is even less at home than himself.

Si Lang, master of he family, he poet.

after all, he Lingyuan is still an elder. He Lingyuan is about to bow his knees to salute, but he sees the other party rush forward with an arrow: 'look at you. Lingyuan, I heard that you can't bask in the sun recently. Is that true or false?'

while talking, he stretched out his hand and pulled off the power fence on Heling Jiang's head.

although he Lingjiang was covered by an umbrella, he felt his whole body was like a needle, and his soul was also full of anxiety.

ah man was shocked: 'ah Lang!'

she was about to ask the fourth Lang Lord to return Mi Li to the seventh Niang, but she heard her own Niang smile with an unprecedented softness: 'nature is true.'

as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Lord sirang leaning back and sitting on the ground.

tut! , It's really nothing.

he Lingjiang calmly took back his right foot, and began to wear Mi Li again, covering his body tightly.

'he Xiaoqi!'

ah man felt the angry roar of the poet he echoed in his ears.

he Lingjiang pulled the black veil in front of him: 'what are you doing?'

'well, you are so brave after eating the bear heart. You are so disrespectful to your elders and attack me when I am not prepared.'

poet he was so angry that he almost fainted. It was a great humiliation. He had never been so humiliated if he wanted to travel for many years and uphold justice.

'who is he?' He Lingjiang asked aman, 'you know, I don't remember the past.'

aman was speechless when he opened his eyes and told her a lie, so he had to say again: 'Madam Hui, this is Lord Si lang.'

'Oh? Really? I still don't remember.' He Lingjiang shook his head.

poet he was dizzy with anger at her deliberately pretending to be silly. He took a deep breath, quickly got up and patted his clothes. There was a light footprint on the moon white silk robe.

he said in a vicious way: 'he Lingjiang, you remember! I am your fourth uncle, he poet!'

he Lingjiang wondered, 'are you good at writing poetry?'

'what's your business!'

'how do you call it a poet?' She said seriously, 'if you call yourself a poet and can't write poems, you'll lose face.'

poet he felt that he had been hurt. He felt that he had come back. He Lingjiang stabbed his heart and lung tubes at the girl.

as an old son of his grandfather, he grew up in the palm of his hand. After his father died, his eldest brother was much older than him and spoiled him.

who wants to know that since he Lingjiang was taken back to the house by her elder brother, all her love has been taken away by her. Now she is going to climb on his head!

poet he pointed at her and said, 'wait for me!'

'OK. What are you waiting for?'

poet he choked. As an elder, would he beat up the girl? I can't go to complain to my elder brother and sister-in-law. What's more, my elder sister-in-law is still ill.

'the fourth uncle blames me for disrespecting my elders?' He Lingjiang sighed, 'I was also a subconscious reaction to see Mi Li robbed. You may not know that my niece is not feeling well these days and can't get the sun.'

'I can't believe you didn't avoid it, uncle. You didn't try so hard. I just kicked you lightly and you fell out. I'm sorry.'

after that, she bent her knees slightly to salute the poet to show her apology.

poet he blushed: 'it's my fault to rob you of the power fence. But you can't win! How can a young man be so ungrateful?'

'what do you want?'

'do it again!'

'ah?' He Lingjiang doesn't understand. Does this mean that she should kick him again?

is there something wrong with the head of the fourth Lang of the he family?

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