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Chapter 151 Study art

The carpenter Jiang's carpentry is unparalleled in Le'an city.

about half a year ago, a poor stranger from another place asked me to make some puppets for him to perform a puppet show.

most of the people looking for him come to make furniture, but few people know that Jiang's craftsmanship of making puppets and wooden gadgets is also rare.

he didn't have much to do at that time, so he agreed.

it took four whole days to make five vivid puppets for the stranger. His hands and feet are very flexible. When he takes the silk thread, he moves like a living person.

the foreigner was very satisfied with the puppet, and he loved it so much that he even wanted to learn puppetry from him.

carpenter Jiang is a good craftsman. If you don't want to find someone to pass it on, no one will believe it. However, his grandson Jiang Feng devoted himself to reading and showed no interest in carpentry.

he also took several apprentices, but they all learned to make furniture from him. Now, unexpectedly, someone wants to learn puppetry from him.

however, this man is a stranger after all, and he has no intention of becoming a teacher. Carpenter Jiang still politely declined him.

the man was not discouraged. He went to carpenter Jiang's door for advice for many days. Every time he came, he would bring a gift for him.

later, carpenter Jiang couldn't stand his grinding, so he promised to teach him the craft of making puppets by hand.

that man used to live by performing puppet shows. He has some puppet making skills. Now he learns from carpenter Jiang, and he is more and more amazed. Soon, there is a trend of being superior to the blue.

half a year later, carpenter Jiang felt that he had nothing else to teach in making puppets, so he asked the man not to come again.

then, the man said goodbye to carpenter Jiang and left Le'an for another place.

after listening to the old carpenter's words, Jiang Feng could not help but frown: 'Grandpa said that you don't know where the man is now?'

carpenter Jiang shook his head and said, 'that man came back to Le'an the other day and also came to our house. I think he is dressed up. Now he wants to come here as a beautiful person.'

'then why did he come this time?'

'he found me at home and said that he had not seen me for a long time. He came to see me. But he sat in our room, drank two cups of tea, and left.'

he Lingjiang looked at the puppet in the hand of the old carpenter and asked: 'my father-in-law may be sure that the puppet was made by that person?'

carpenter Jiang nodded affirmatively: 'when that man made puppets, he had a habit of polishing his hands and feet a few times to leave a unique arc.'

he rubbed the puppet slightly, and his eyes narrowed slightly: 'others will polish it here, and it will not be exactly the same as the arc he is used to leaving.'

he didn't know whether the person who hurt him was the same person, but the weird puppet in his hand was inextricably related to that person.

he Lingjiang took over the puppet in his hand and looked carefully at his hands and feet. It was so.

'since that man can control the puppet to carry coffins and rob people, he must not be too far away from here. Do you know where he will hide?'

carpenter Jiang thought carefully before he said: 'I remember his residence is not far away. I don't know if he is still here. Would you like to go with me?'

'OK.' He Ling Jiang nodded his head, turned his head again, and said to he poet, 'Uncle four, go and send a letter to He Zheng and his family. I may have to delay for a while.'

poet he shook his head when he heard the words: 'I'm with you.'

this laoshizi puppet is carrying the coffin, and the puppet master behind the puppet is really evil. He must follow to rest assured.

he Ling congealed on Jiang's noodles: 'if we don't go back by now, he Zheng and his family should be worried.'

'don't worry, I'll arrange it.'

poet he took a jade pendant from his sleeve and handed it to the stallholder who was paralyzed beside him with dozens of copper coins: 'boss, please take a token and send me a message.'

'just say that I and Mrs. Liu will delay for a while. Let them rest assured that we will find them later.'

then, he explained how to find he Zheng and how to deal with them.

the stall owner was a little unhappy. He still had a stall here. When he saw the copper money handed over by poet he, he couldn't help but be moved. It was worth the money he had earned in two days of hard work.

it's almost time to eat early, and he would have to put it away soon. In that case, he would run an errand for them.

he stretched out his hand to accept what he poet had handed him.

poet he put the jade pendant and the copper money into his hand: 'you have to pass it on honestly. You set up a stall here every day. If you collect money but don't do anything, you can run a monk but not a temple.'

as he spoke, he pointed his chin at he Lingjiang a little more and said: 'you see, that little lady is good at playing knives. If you provoke her...

he didn't say enough, but the meaning is self-evident. How can the stall owner not understand?

'Lang Jun can rest assured that someone will surely pass on his words truthfully.'

poet he winked at he Lingjiang: 'it's arranged. Let's go.'

carpenter Jiang and his party went to the man's residence, and the one who wanted to follow and watch the excitement fell behind them.

the place where the man lived was not far from the west of the city. After only a few turns, they came to a family that was left out in the cold.

it seems that the house has been neglected for a long time. There are many weeds growing in the yard. The whole yard is quiet and there is no sound of people.

everyone can't help looking at each other in speechless amazement. I'm afraid he's not here?

he Lingjiang stretched out his index finger, hissed, and motioned for everyone to be quiet.

then, she pushed open the wooden door and entered the courtyard.

the train slides slowly through the weeds, just like the wind blowing through the vegetation.

he Lingjiang steps up the steps, reaches for the door and pushes it gently. The sunlight outside flows in from the door, and the interior lights up immediately.

a middle-aged man in a cloak was sitting cross legged inside, holding a puppet in his hand, and was about to cast spells.

hearing the noise at the door, he slapped his hand and asked, 'who are you?'

he Lingjiang didn't answer, just closed his umbrella and entered the house, avoiding the sunlight.

the man's face sank, and his eyes showed a dark color. He was about to start when he heard a voice calling: 'Zhang su.'

he looked in disbelief and saw carpenter Jiang, who was supposed to be lying in the coffin, but came to the door with steady steps.

the middle-aged man named Zhang Su shrunk his eyes. He moved his hand and wanted to put the puppet in his sleeve. He Lingjiang moved faster than him. He dodged and snatched the puppet from his hand.

Jiang Feng took the first two steps and saw that the puppet was engraved with the eight characters of the old carpenter's birthday. He was shocked and said: 'this is my grandfather's eight characters of his birthday!'

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