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Chapter 152 puppet

Carpenter Jiang's birthday?

he Lingjiang looked at the winding hair on the puppet and understood in his heart: 'the hair on the puppet should also be my father-in-law's?'

Jiang Feng leaned forward to take a closer look. As expected, he saw that the puppet had three hairs on its neck, which were gray and white. At a glance, it was only an old man like his grandfather.

this man stole some of his hair secretly by exploring the name of carpenter Jiang, then tied his hair to the puppet and engraved the eight characters of carpenter Jiang's birthday on it.

in this way, the puppet can be used to hide in the dark to murder him.

he Lingjiang pointed to a short needle stuck on the puppet with dried blood on it: 'he used the puppet to seal the death of my father-in-law and put him in a state of pseudo death. In this way, everyone else would think that my father-in-law was dead, and he would be buried.'

'he's trying to bury his grandfather alive!' Jiang Feng was extremely angry, and he could not help but be afraid. His whole body could not help trembling.

he sternly questioned Zhang Su: 'Zhang Su, why did you harm my grandfather?'

seeing that he was surrounded by people, Zhang Su did not hurry to run. He bowed his head and smiled in a low voice: 'why should I bury him alive?'

he looked at the puppet in he Lingyuan's hand with a gentle look: 'I just want to help him, prevent him from suffering from illness, and live forever and ever in another way...'

he looked at the puppet's expression, affectionate and crazy. He Lingyuan couldn't help but understand: 'do you want to enclose his soul in this string puppet and make him into a puppet with a spirit?'

making puppets with the souls of living people?

people on the other side can't help taking a breath.

they looked at the room calmly, and saw that there were many puppets in it. Even on the wall, there were many puppets. Each of them was dressed in various colors, with powder smeared on his face, staring at the people in the room.

the room that I thought was ordinary suddenly became creepy.

the onlookers took a few steps backward and hurried out of the house.

'how?' Zhang Su looked up and asked with a smile, 'what do you think of my method?'

'it's hard to avoid suffering from various ailments and worries when you're in a human body. But if you change the puppet body, all these ailments can be eliminated. There's no need to worry about trivial matters in the world. Isn't it comfortable?'

when he went to carpenter Jiang a few days ago, I heard him say that as he got older, his legs and feet were not as sharp as usual, and every rainy day, he still had to suffer faintly.

and his grandson, who is now studying in a better college and worshipping a better teacher, will take the scientific examination this year. Every stroke of it is to work hard and save money.

since it's so annoying, it's better to be a puppet with him. It's inconvenient to save this countless troubles?

hearing his idea, carpenter Jiang couldn't help feeling bitter.

he really didn't think that he hadn't seen Zhang Su for a long time, but chatting with him about daily gossip was so much missed by him.

he Lingjiang sneered: 'by being free, you mean being treated as a marionette. Every move is guided by you? I'm afraid no one except you will think like that...'

'what's wrong with being a puppet? You don't need to eat and drink, you don't need to suffer from illness, and you don't need to bother.' Zhang Su's eyes gently slid over the puppets hanging on the wall. 'I treat them very well...'

he always strives for perfection with puppets.

for the wood used to make puppets, the best and most durable material is selected. It is not necessary for the dignitaries to check the cloth for clothes. The most expensive and tough silk thread is also selected.

even the makeup and painting on the puppet's face were carefully painted by him and the old craftsman who was very good at pastels.

half a year ago, he heard that there was an old craftsman in Le'an county. His woodwork was first-class, so he found him.

this old craftsman is really not bad. In addition to making some furniture, he can also make puppets. There is no choice in his craft.

he simply stayed and pestered the old craftsman to teach himself the skills of hand-made puppets, so that his puppet carving would be more vivid.

on that day, he was going to leave Le'an, but he heard the old craftsman say that his legs and feet were aching every rainy day in recent days, and he had to work hard to earn tuition for his grandchildren. He felt a move. It would be better to take him into this puppet and make a puppet, so that the annoyance would disappear.

the old craftsman who taught himself to paint was not the same.

people, in their old age, they still have so many worries. How hard life is. It's better to be a puppet with yourself.

his words really made everyone present speechless.

'it's just an excuse that can't stand even for harming others.' He Lingjiang shook his head. 'It's really funny.'

a person who can think like this is not a normal person. What's the point of arguing with him?

for such a person who can make excuses for his whitewashing at any time, it's just that he can't speak.

she whispered to poet he: 'uncle, take them outside.'

it's time to start!

poet he nodded, protected carpenter Jiang's grandparents and grandchildren, and hid outside the courtyard with those who came to see the excitement.

he Lingjiang turned the umbrella he was holding and carried it behind him: 'let me show you what wonderful means you puppet master has!'

the man grinned: 'don't talk big about your family. If you cry, I'm not responsible.'

he Ling Jiang Leng snorted, pulled out his lightsaber, and chopped at the puppet hanging on the wall. The silk thread was cut off, and the puppet fell to the ground, making a light noise.

Zhang Su's face twitched and he spit out two words in a vicious way: 'seek death!'

after that, he moved his hand, took out two silk puppets from his sleeve, moved his fingertips, and heard a sound. The puppet, which had been standing quietly in the corner of the room, suddenly moved.

the two puppets, holding double swords and double swords, are more than half taller than ordinary people, and immediately cut at he Lingjiang.

he Lingjiang's sword crossed in front of him to block the blow. The swords collided and made a clear sound.

she dodged sideways, turned her wrist, and then took out the sword to look at the puppet's wrist. The blade of the sword crossed the puppet's palm, and with a 'stabbing' sound, it unexpectedly made a sound of collision between gold and stone.

her eyes narrowed slightly. The shape of the puppet must have been tempered by magic, and it is no longer comparable to ordinary wood.

when the puppet saw that he could not hit, his other hand turned, and the sword stabbed at he Lingjiang's face.

the posture is flexible, which is much better than the two coffin bearers before.

he Lingjiang glances at Zhang Su, who is hiding behind and manipulating the puppet. He stoops to avoid the attack of the puppet. Then he passes through the gap and is about to attack Zhang su.

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