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Chapter 16 Containing light

Poet he coughed softly and forced himself to save his face: 'you are so disrespectful to your elders. It is reasonable to punish you to kneel in the ancestral hall for a day, and then ban you for a month to copy scriptures. But since I am an elder, I can't help but have a bit of kindness. I can't bear to see you punished.'

'your fourth uncle, I also know some Kung Fu. You know, I was kicked by you just now because I was unprepared.'

'OK, fourth uncle. I see.' He Lingjiang replied, trying to make his voice appear sincere.

Heshi's popularity was badly damaged: 'if you don't believe it, let's make a bet.'

'huh?' He puzzled Jiang.

'it's up to you to make a cup of tea. If you can kick me within a half Zhang radius, I won't care about you. If you can't kick me, you can give me the picture of the cup under the moon drawn by Li Yu in your room. How about it?'

he recently established a Taoist priest in Huayang mountain.

the Taoist priest has a refined temperament and profound Taoist skills. It is even more difficult to cast a mysterious spell. Taoist priest was not as good as him in his life, except for the paintings of Li Yu of the previous dynasty.

if you can get this painting collected by he Xiaoqi, you are expected to learn from him.

looking at poet he's face, he makes Jiang suddenly: Oh, I wanted this painting.

she hesitated: 'that's not good... Although my niece accidentally bumped into uncle 4, she didn't know it before. If Uncle 4 wants to blame me, I have nothing to say, so I have to go to the ancestral hall honestly.'

'the picture of the cup under the moon is a favorite of my niece. I can't take it out for gambling.'

poet he knew that he Lingjiang was a girl who had no fear. He knew that no one in the house could punish her.

he changed his mind and said, 'it's always your fault. If not, just tell me what you want and take it out as long as I have it. If you win, it belongs to you. If I win, the picture of the cup under the moon belongs to me.'


'OK, OK, don't be!'

'OK...' he Lingjiang said helplessly.

she scanned poet he from beginning to end, and then said: 'then this lightsaber is on your waist.'

poet he could not help but cover the handle of his sword around his waist. This lightsaber containing light was forged by a famous master. It dances naturally and elegantly. It is both beautiful and practical. He finally found it.

'little lady, can you use the sword?'

'will you? I'll know later. How is uncle Si playing with this sword?'

poet he said confidently: 'of course, the sword moves like a swallow, and the sword falls like the wind stops. It's very good.'

he Lingjiang nodded, 'well, it's really a good sword. I'll take it.'

poet he was reluctant to give up, and his tone was somewhat seductive: 'if not, I have another one. I have precious malachite in my room. You can use it as paint. There are also a pair of night pearls. It's good for you to play with.'

'no, that's it. Could it be that uncle Si is reluctant to part with it?'

poet he rubbed the handle of the sword twice: 'OK.'

she can't win anyway. My kung fu is good.

because he Lingjiang couldn't bask in the sun, he deliberately found an empty big room and asked him to move all the things that were in the way aside. He personally drew a circle of half a meter on the ground and asked him to stand in the middle.

'well, we are in this circle. Whatever you do, if you can kick me, you will win.'

he Lingjiang nodded slightly to show his understanding.

poet he ha! Ha! A smile: 'can I let uncle four give you a little more?'

'it's unfair to let uncle Si give in to a bet.' He Lingjiang takes down Mi Li and hands it to aman who is waiting.

'OK, let's start.' Poet he brushed his sleeves and jumped into the circle gracefully.

'so... I'll start?' He Lingjiang.

poet he shows a confident smile.

before the smile fell, I heard the sound of 'ouch', a white shadow of the moon crossed, and fell out of the circle. There was still a shallow footprint on the moonlight robe.

he stared incredulously: 'how did you do it?'

he Lingjiang looked at his right foot under the train and said, 'it was done with feet.'

poet he has some doubts about life. He has been practising martial arts for many years. He is not proficient, but he has never failed to fight with the guards in the mansion. Is it possible that he has cheated him for so many years? But even so, he Xiaoqi will not be kicked out as soon as he lifts his foot, will he?

you must not be ready.

he didn't believe in evil. He got up and said, 'come again!'

he Lingjiang looked at him in embarrassment: 'fourth uncle, you have lost, and the Hanguang sword belongs to me now. Is it inappropriate to gamble on it?'

poet he patted his clothes and said, 'do you want the top malachite in my room?'

'it's not impossible...'

next, there was a sad cry from time to time in the he mansion, and the self-supporting 'come again!'

he Lingjiang looked at the man in front of her, and saw that the brocade robe was already full of deep or shallow footprints. She could not bear to look like: 'fourth uncle, if not, don't try.'

if he goes on like this, he will lose everything to her.

'no...' poet he was unconvinced. Even if he was not good at martial arts, he could not be so embarrassed.

Heling jiangfue: 'you can't avoid me.'

'why?' Poet he felt that he had been underestimated.

'people who practice martial arts say that they are quick witted and quick witted. Fourth uncle knows that I was addicted to painting before. In terms of eyesight, which one can match me. My feet haven't been raised yet. Where are you going to hide next? It's obvious from your posture.'

'you mean, you can meet me every time just because you have good eyesight?'

he Lingjiang nods.

of course, the key is that his proud Kung Fu is not very good. He has no problem dealing with threeorfour ordinary guards with his martial arts, but it is nothing in front of people who are proficient in martial arts.

although she is good at xuanshu, her martial arts are not bad. Poet he may have to practice for decades to surpass her.

he Lingjiang swallowed the words wisely.

poet he waved his hand dejectedly: 'forget it, I lost.'

he took the Hanguang sword held in the servant's hand, forced himself to face it, and gritted his teeth and handed it to helingjiang: 'this sword belongs to you.'

his eyes were full of regret and he told him: 'you must treat him well. Don't fall into the style of famous sword.'

just after saying this, he waved his hand again: 'forget it, you can't use the sword. Just keep it. Don't let it fall into the dust and rust.'

he Lingjiang reached out his hand to take it. When the long sword came out of its sheath, a cold light flashed across his eyes. The body of the sword is about three feet long and less than two fingers wide. The blade is like autumn frost. The killing mechanism is hidden. When you hold it in your hand, it feels thin and light. It is easy to handle.

she looked at the poet and casually held a few sword flowers in her hand: 'how can fourth uncle know that I won't?'

'once upon a time, there was a beautiful lady named Gongsun, who danced with a sword. Although I'm not talented, I've seen others dance with swords. I've thought about it in private, but I haven't tried it. Why don't I just dance today, and fourth uncle will give me some advice?'

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