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Chapter 161 Get a letter

Sure enough, after he Lingjiang waited for a while, he saw the old servant coming in a hurry: 'Sir, the sheriff asks you to come in.'

he Lingjiang nodded and followed the old servant across the yard to the flower hall.

the Sheriff of Shaoyang stood in the hall with his hands. When he saw he Lingjiang, he looked at him carefully. Although the man before the meeting was young and thin, his every move was free and unrestrained. He had a somewhat superior posture, which was somewhat different from that of the ordinary Jianghu magician who swaggered.

his face was slightly frozen, and Su Rong asked: 'what does this gentleman mean by what he wrote on the paper?'

'if you tease me with nonsense, don't blame me for beating you out.' The tone was already a bit intimidating.

he Lingjiang was not afraid, but just smiled: 'since the sheriff invited me in, isn't it because he was afraid that what he wrote on the paper would come true? In that case, why do you pretend to threaten me...

it will rain tomorrow. Moreover, the heavy rain will continue for many days, creating a hidden danger of floods.

after a great drought, there must be a great flood. That's what I said.

he Lingjiang's note is only to inform the Sheriff of Shaoyang of the divination result she calculated.

whether it is the current drought or the rain praying tomorrow, it is all his worry.

if the drought continues, the people in Shaoyang will continue to suffer.

if the Taiping religion really asks for rain tomorrow, it will be good for Shaoyang.

however, in this way, the influence of Taiping religion will be further expanded.

the Taiping religion and the government have a hidden opposition. If its position is further consolidated, it will not be good for the local governance of Shaoyang Prefecture.

if something goes wrong carelessly, it will be even more difficult to explain.

but even so, the governor of Shaoyang privately hoped that the Qing Yuan religious Reverend would really, as he said, beg for rain to avoid the suffering of Shaoyang people from water shortage.

now, suddenly, a Xuanshi who claimed to be the Taiqing temple came to the door and said that it would surely rain tomorrow. Moreover, the rainstorm lasted for many days, and the accumulated water became waterlogged. It was feared that disasters would occur in the future.

even though he had doubts in his mind, he still invited people in for the sake of caution and asked more questions before he could rest assured.

'how do you know that Taiping will pray for rain tomorrow?' Shaoyang sheriff's eyes narrowed slightly and asked her with half confidence.

he Lingjiang motioned him to look at the banners in his hands. The four characters 'measuring and praying for rain' were particularly clear in the light of the lights in the hall.

'most of the Xuanshi in our Taiqing temple have their own skills. What I'm good at is just the method of divination and calculation. The rain will fall tomorrow, and naturally it will be calculated. The natural phenomena are clear.'

'do you mean that the rain was not obtained by the Ching yuan sect of the Taiping sect?' Shaoyang prefect's eyebrows moved slightly.

he Lingjiang smiled sarcastically on his face, as if disdaining the idea of praying for rain: 'the road is natural. Is it controllable by just a few people?'

in the dark, there is a definite number. They are people of Xuanmen, but they are also in the middle of the road. They follow suit and try their best to fight for that chance.

'the so-called praying for rain of Taiping religion is just a prediction in advance. If it is predicted that it will rain tomorrow, it will release the wind of praying for rain a few days in advance.'

the Sheriff of Shaoyang opened his eyes wide and completely understood: 'when the rain falls, it should be a natural phenomenon, but the Qingyuan religious Reverend can take the opportunity to say that he prayed for it, so as to win the trust of the congregation.'

he couldn't help scolding secretly in his heart. That Qingyuan religious Reverend was so cunning that he relied on the rain time calculated in advance to attract the people's support!

I can't complain that earlier, when Shaoyang people asked the Reverend of the Qing Yuan sect to set up an altar to cast spells, he said that the time had not come, so he refused and waited for this day!

if you can calculate the timing of the rain, it will be very severe.

it is different from praying for rain to measure whether the weather is sunny or rainy.

the former is not as good as the latter, which can attract many people and believers.

the Sheriff of Shaoyang was angry, but he did not completely believe what he Lingjiang said: 'you said that you came to the conclusion that it would rain tomorrow through calculation. Can you provide evidence?'

after all, the Xuanshi in front of him said that he came from the Xuanmen's Taiqing temple, but he couldn't give a voucher. He couldn't completely believe it even if he touched it up and down.

what's more, the paper also said that if the rain continued for seven days, there would be floods.

it is natural to believe in such things rather than nothing.

however, if we want to make preparations in advance, the manpower and material resources involved should not be underestimated. If this Xuanshi wants to win people's trust, he still needs to show more reliable vouchers.

he Lingjiang sighed lightly. The Sheriff of Shaoyang would not believe her so easily.

she raised her eyes and looked at him intently.

the Sheriff of Shaoyang only realized that at that moment, the momentum of the people in front of him suddenly changed, and his eyes were quite impressive.

he was immediately hit by me, and I don't know how to react.

however, he Lingjiang's eyes stayed on his face for only a few moments, then he turned his eyes and closed them slightly for a moment.

later, he raised his eyelids and said: 'the governor was born in the south of the five ridges. When he was six years old, he almost fell into the water and died. Fortunately, he was helped by passers-by to save his life.'

'when I was 25 years old, I was a scholar, and then I became an official. Now I have two out of 40, and I am the prefect of Shaoyang.'

the governor of Shaoyang's heart moved. It's not difficult to find out how old he was and how he rose and fell in the officialdom. But few people know about the six-year-old who fell into the water.

he Lingjiang's words were not finished yet: 'in this life of the governor, the son's interest has been prosperous and the family has lived together. Only...

after a pause, she slowly said:' parents are shallow... It is difficult to repay the kindness of life... '

he unexpectedly knew!

the Sheriff of Shaoyang was shocked. He had to believe that the magician in front of him really had some tricks.

everyone knows that the governor of Shaoyang is filial to his mother, but nobody knows that his mother is actually his aunt.

he was born in a humble family. Before he was born, his father went hunting in the mountains and lost his life. His mother was stimulated to give birth prematurely. She fought to give birth to him, but she went like this.

it was his widowed aunt who brought him back, who was crying for food, and brought him up through all kinds of hardships, and sent him to study for the imperial examination.

when he was a little older, his aunt told him about his father and mother, but he always regarded his aunt as his biological mother, which is daily and also called 'Auntie'.

this matter is unknown to everyone except Auntie and him, that is, his wife and children.

it is obvious that this Xuanshi can deduce so many things from his face.

in that case, what is written on the paper is naturally not nonsense.

tomorrow, after the emperor prayed for rain, it will surely rain, and the rainstorm will not stop, and floods will occur in the future.

thinking of this, he can't help frowning.

if it rains tomorrow, I'm afraid the people in the city will be very happy. If he reminds people at this time that there may be floods in the future, I'm afraid it will be difficult to win people's trust.

looking at he Lingjiang in front of him, he expressed his doubts and asked her for advice: 'since Taoist priest can calculate the timing of rain, I wonder if there is a way to make Shaoyang people no longer believe in Taiping religion, but can be alert and take precautions in advance?'

he Lingjiang stroked his sleeve and said in a low voice: 'I have a plan here. Maybe the sheriff can listen to it.'

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