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Chapter 167 Token

Cui Shu's cup of tea was gradually empty. Qiongzhi picked up the teapot and asked, 'Mr. Cui, would you like me to add another one?'

Cui Shu nodded, swallowed what he wanted to ask, and handed the tea cup to qiongzhi.

he Lingjiang took the roasted Nang cake and dried meat and asked Cui Shuo in a low voice: 'Cui Langjun, do you want some more food?'

'thank you, Madam Liu. We have already had dinner.' Cui Shu declined with a smile.

since he was like this, he Lingjiang didn't give up any more. He took his own food and used it.

poet he also took the Nang cake from qiongzhi's hand and quietly bowed his head to use the humble dinner.

the so-called silence in eating and sleeping.

he Lingjiang and his group only bowed their heads and focused on the food in front of them. There was only the occasional 'crackling' sound of firewood burning beside the campfire.

Cui Shu will be embarrassed if he sits here again.

he bowed his head and drank all the tea in his hand, then arched his hand and said: 'I won't disturb you two for dinner. If anything happens, you can call me.'

he Lingjiang nodded. He was really relieved to see that he had returned to his home to rest.

the rain in Shaoyang will continue for many days. Even though the rain here has been much less, it still drizzles until dawn.

he Lingjiang woke up in the rain. After breakfast, they packed up and prepared to go on.

the same is true of Cui Shu.

he collected his things and came to say goodbye to the poet he Lingjiang Tonghe: 'I'm going to say goodbye today, but I don't know when we can meet again. Please take care.'

'so is Cui Langjun.'

he Lingjiang looked at the continuous drizzle outside the temple and reminded Cui Shu: 'Shaoyang is going to have a heavy rain these days, and the rain is getting heavier the farther ahead. I'm afraid there will be floods. It's better for Cui Langjun to take a detour.'

they came from the direction of Shaoyang County. In that case, it must be true.

when Cui Shu arrived at Shaoyang, he heard that there was a severe drought here. It had not rained in March.

it rained just after entering Shaoyang yesterday afternoon. He also asked whether this place was extremely peaceful.

listen to lady Liu. After the drought, I'm afraid there will be a flood.

drought during spring planting has already affected the harvest of the year. Now the flood is coming. I'm afraid it will be difficult in Shaoyang this year.

I only hope that the court can respond in time, allocate grain to bear the disaster, and help Shaoyang people tide over this disaster.

he sighed in his heart: whenever the people suffer the most...

'thank you liuniang for reminding us. After that, we will go round to Hengyang and return to Jiangzhou.'

Cui Shu is a man without official status. Even when he comes to Shaoyang, he can't help him. It's better to go back as soon as possible and report the news here to his father who works in the court.

Cui shutI walked out of the broken temple. Although it was still raining outside, it was still much brighter than inside the temple.

the bodyguard beside him, who had already prepared the horses, hurried forward to ask for instructions when he came out: 'Lang Jun, are you going to start?'

Cui Shu nodded slightly, then saluted he Ling and Jiang, who were standing under the eaves: 'goodbye now.'

poet he also bowed back: 'don't pass, Cui Langjun, be careful on the way.'

in the drizzly day, he Lingjiang looked at his face, but his eyebrows were slightly frowned. He stopped Cui Shu, who was about to get on the horse. 'Wait a minute, Mr. Cui!'

Cui Shu doesn't know why, so he turns around and asks, 'what's wrong with Lady Liu?'

he Lingjiang didn't say anything, but frowned and looked at him carefully.

Cui Shu was puzzled by her: 'Lady Liu?'

poet he couldn't help pulling her sleeve.

he Lingjiang looked at Cui Shu intently for a moment, then stretched his eyebrows, then took out a wrapped talisman from his sleeve and handed it to him: 'here you are.'

Cui Shu reached out and took the talisman. His face was slightly suspicious: 'what is this?'


Cui Shu's heart jumped violently, as if it had been wrinkled by the spring wind.


he was about to speak when he heard he Ling Jiang Suran say:' I think your Yintang is dark and your face is pale. I'm afraid there will be blood and light recently. You'd better take this amulet close to your body. It can protect you once at a critical moment. '

Cui Shu's face was frozen, the Yintang was blackened, and the disaster of blood. This is not the first time he heard of it. It's just that this situation is quite unexpected...

the two guards behind Cui Shu looked at each other, and their eyes were full of laughter.

Mr. Lang is graceful and graceful. Wherever he goes, he is highly sought after by young women. It is no exaggeration to use the fruit throwing cart in ancient times on Mr. Lang.

in addition to brocade and handkerchief sachets, there are countless little ladies who give the husband various amulets and marriage charms.

Lang Jun has always refused with a smile.

however, it is the first time that Liu Niangzi, like Liu Niangzi, uses the excuse of 'blackening of the Yintang hall and bloody disaster' to deliver things on the first day of the new year.

'why? Don't you believe me?' He Lingjiang raised eyebrows.

how can he say this...

Cui Shu couldn't help smiling bitterly, but still shook his head: 'how can I? I naturally believe what lady Liu said.'

he said he believed, but only he knew how much he believed.

he Lingjiang didn't smile on his face, but surong said: 'I never deceive people on such matters.'

whether others believe it or not is up to them.

after that, she slightly lifted her skirt and went to the carriage. Seeing this, aman immediately followed with an umbrella.

Cui Shu was stunned.

poet he was afraid that he wouldn't believe it and later lost it. He still reminded him: 'my sister is a little proficient in metaphysics. Cui Langjun might as well take this with her first, just in case.'

Cui Shu slightly raised her eyebrows. Does lady Liu still know xuanshu?

'thank you for your advice. I will take this amulet close to my body.'

he took the amulet into his arms, then went to he Lingjiang's carriage and saluted the carriage: 'thank you, Madam Liu, for your concern.'

'green water and green mountains. See you and me later.'

he Lingjiang lifts the curtain of the car, looks at Cui Shu in front of the car, and says: 'don't thank me.'

she's not a person who doesn't ask for anything in return.

'if this amulet really works, Cui Langjun will answer my request. How about that?'

he will go to Yingdu sooner or later. Cui Shu is afraid that after the imperial examination, he will also be an official in Yingdu like his father.

if she bumps into him one day, if she can't think of a reason to prevaricate, she can also take this opportunity to make him shut up and stop investigating her false identity.

the guards behind Cui Shu make a look at each other again. Look, lady Liu is still going around the corner to approach our husband.

hearing her words, Cui Shu was stunned and smiled. The smile in her eyes was like a spring in the forest, flowing slowly from people.


he Lingjiang caught a glimpse of the attendants behind him and said with a light smile, 'Cui Langjun, just rest assured that I won't make any unreasonable demands.'

'naturally, you can rest assured.'

poet he got on the carriage at this time, and he ordered Jiang to nod his head: 'then let's say goodbye. It's fate to see you again.'

after that, she knocked on the wall of the carriage, and the carriage swayed forward. In the spring breeze and drizzle, it gradually disappeared.

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