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Chapter 169 Treat guests

Poet he felt a pain on his face when he heard this. He asked the guide with half confidence: 'is what she said really?'

Wuda laughed and said: 'yes, lady Liu didn't hear you wrong.'

'Grandpa Songli is the best wine persuader in our stronghold. Liu Langjun, you have some to drink at night...'

poet he suddenly felt his head was big and waved his hand repeatedly: 'I can't drink.'

'this is our local custom.' Wuda looked at him with a smile. 'And you have just agreed. Lang Jun can't refuse.'

poet he closed his mouth tightly and only shook his head seriously.

they passed through the stockade and collapsed in front of the bamboo tower where the clan leader was.

because he is the head of the aining tribe, this place is quite spacious. There is also a large open space in front of the bamboo building for the villagers to meet.

standing on the bamboo building, the old patriarch saw them coming from afar, bringing his wife and children, and came down to meet them.

in the courtyard in front of the bamboo building, there is a long table with a wine bowl filled with wine.

after their group came, the old patriarch raised the wine bowl and presented it to them.

a smiling Wuda explained: 'this is our welcome etiquette. As soon as you enter our village, you are the guests in the village. You should have a drink of this welcome wine.'

do you really want to drink? It's a bitter experience for poet he. He doesn't really want to intoxicate people, does he?

he Lingjiang, however, came forward, took the wine bowl and drank it all in one gulp.

this wine is fruit wine. It's cold and sweet. It's good.

she returned the wine bowl and thanked the old patriarch in the language of Nanzhao.

the old patriarch was a little surprised in his eyes, and then smiled: 'how dare you, the little lady of Dazhou, say something about Nanzhao?'

he Ling Jiang's lips were slightly curved and he said with a smile: 'I've always been longing for the beautiful scenery in Nanzhao. I learned some by myself in the past. Now I can really travel here. It's useful.'

the old patriarch nodded, but his attitude towards them was obviously more enthusiastic.

Nanzhao had been attached to the great Zhou Dynasty for a long time, and the culture and language of the great Zhou Dynasty were imperceptibly affecting Nanzhao.

although various tribes do not like Zhou people, they can learn two sentences of the great Zhou dialect more or less due to trade needs.

although the old patriarch is old, he can speak a few words roughly.

in addition, there is Wuda, the guide and interpreter in the middle. There is no obstacle for a group of people to communicate.

after drinking the welcome wine, the old clan leader welcomed them to the bamboo building.

beside the bamboo building, there is a wooden ladder connecting the upper and lower floors of the building. There is a corridor on the living floor, which is about half a meter wide.

the main room in the middle is the welcoming room, and the rooms on both sides are separated into several small rooms, which are the inner rooms of the residents.

since the guests have arrived, the banquet must be prepared.

the female relatives of the patriarch's family went to do their chores, while the rest of the people sat chatting.

just then, I heard a shout outside the room.

Wuda looked at the old patriarch with a smile on his face: 'patriarch, just now grandpa Songli said that he would come to accompany the guests. Look, here he is...

' he is an old boy! ' The old clan leader smiled and said, 'who has a guest? Who hasn't come?'

Songli is always fond of wine and songs. He is extremely enthusiastic. If any family in the stronghold has a guest, they will invite him to the banquet to talk and persuade him to drink.

but this time it was Zhou people from other places. The old patriarch wanted to have a dinner at home and ask them to have a quiet meal and sleep for a night. Then he would send them away.

it's hard to imagine that the old boy smelled of wine.

the old patriarch waved helplessly: 'go, I'll invite him up.'

when Grandpa Songli went to the bamboo building, he greeted the people. However, during this period, apart from he Lingjiang and the guard who could understand, others could only guess.

'OK, Song Li, sit down quickly.' The old patriarch waved his hand. 'You say so much, but the guests may not understand you.'

in the song, Grandpa was not discouraged: 'it's ok if you don't understand it. Our a'ning department's intention of persuading people to drink depends entirely on singing it. My song of persuading people to drink is excellent.'

just at this moment, the wine and vegetables are on the table.

the old patriarch beckoned the people to serve dishes. Grandpa Songli also picked up the wine pot, filled them with wine one by one, and sang at the top of his voice.

not to mention that grandpa Songli looks old, but his voice is loud and clear when he sings.

at one time, the guests and the host enjoyed each other.

although the people of Anning department are warm and hospitable, they do not force the guests to drink. He Lingjiang and several others drank a little, and grandpa Songli no longer forced them.

it's the poet who is suffering. Because he responded enthusiastically to Grandpa Songli's words, he has now decided that he should treat the distinguished guests well, and poured him a lot of wine.

wait until you have a meal. Poet he is already drunk.

the old patriarch glared at Grandpa Songli: 'look at you, old boy. You have drunk all the guests.'

grandpa Songli drinks another glass of wine and squints his eyes contentedly: 'you'll get drunk when you're drunk. Guests can stay in our stronghold for an extra day or two.'

'tomorrow is the March flower festival in our village. It's a good time for the guests to be young. We might as well join in the fun.'

'Oh?' Hearing about the March Flower Festival, he Lingjiang couldn't help being interested: 'can we also participate in this festival?'

Anning department is not far away from Yinsheng, only a day or two away.

he Lingjiang is not in a hurry now, but wants to know more about the local situation in Nanzhao.

in the land of Nanzhao Kingdom, although there were also Zhou people trading with them, they were still a few.

they are a group of people. Even though their faces are decorated, the costumes of Zhou people are still too eye-catching.

there are many Nanzhao tribes. They might as well pretend to be people of one of them. It's more convenient to communicate with each other in this way.

it's just an opportunity to stop here in Anning.

songli'a is just: 'why not? You are guests from afar. You can naturally participate in the grand events in the village.'

'maybe you can find your favorite lady or husband here...' after that, he couldn't help laughing.

find the right person?

he Lingjiang now understands what the March Flower Festival is.

Co writing is a festival for young men and women to look at each other and tell each other their hearts. It is somewhat similar to the Shangyuan Festival, Shangsi Festival and Qiqiao festival of the Zhou Dynasty.

it's just that men and women look at each other implicitly and quietly on the festivals of the week. But listening to Grandpa's words between the lines in the eulogy, this March Flower Festival is much more straightforward.

since it is a festival, you can stay here for another day. In this way, you can also talk to people in the village and learn about the situation of Anning department. It is more convenient to dress up in this fashion.

when you arrive at Yinsheng, you can act according to your situation.

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