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Chapter 17 scabbard

'So Jiang knows how to dance sword?' Poet he was very interested. 'If you really can dance for a while, uncle four, I will make peace with you on the piano to cheer you up.'

he turned to his servant and said, 'go and get my piano.'

the boy hurried back to his room and held his favorite Jiao Weiqin.

when the boy took the piano from his hands, he lifted up his robe, sat cross legged on the ground, placed the piano between his knees and asked, 'what song do you want to accompany?'

he Lingjiang smiled: 'Uncle four is free.'

poet he thought for a while, raised his left hand gently, fingertips flicked the strings slightly, and the gentle music would be released slowly, just like a gurgling mountain stream flowing freely in the forest.

he Lingjiang at the side pulled a sword flower and moved his toes gently.

at that moment, her whole body became nimble, and she swam around with her sword and steps.

I saw the shadow of the sword flashing and the silver light shining. When my posture was rotating, it was like a wandering goose and a dragon.

the clear stream flows and the wind blows through the forest.

the sound of the zither suddenly rises like a pine wave array.

she rises from her body, and the sword momentum also becomes fierce. The sword Qi is like a rainbow, born from her heart and moving from her body, just like a flying dragon flying in the nine days.

after landing, the foot turns sharply, and the sword tip spins out like a phoenix crowing on a high hill.

before she knew it, a song was about to end. Only the lingering sound curled around the beam. Her movements slowed down gradually, and then she stopped to take back her sword, just like the river and the sea.

'OK!' Poet he couldn't help clapping his hands and praising, 'it's really my he girl!'

he Lingjiang Wenyan just smiled, then took the sword back to its sheath and handed it to Qingzhu.

poet he put down his piano, walked quickly to her and asked, 'is it really the first time for Jiang to dance a sword?'

he Lingjiang smiled in his eyes: 'seriously.'

this is really her first sword dance.

you know, in the past, she used to carry a sword to kill people and repel the enemy.

poet he gave her a thumbs up: 'I never thought you were so gifted in this way. Just thinking about it in private can make many sword makers look down and feel ashamed.'

the green bamboo silently sighs: the talent of the seven maidens is really amazing.

learning to draw can become the first person in Linchuan. Now learning to draw symbols and dance swords is also better than others. I can't complain that the seventh lady is so confident.

'Uncle Mu praised it. Your zither skill is really unparalleled.'

he Lingjiang thinks that his zither skill is really superb and free.

this person should not be called a poet, but a zither player.

she turned and said with a smile: 'now, fourth uncle, don't worry. I'll bury this lightsaber again?'

poet he ha ha! A smile: 'it's your turn, it's your turn! This time back, you're much more fun than before. You don't always think about your boring paintings and calligraphy.'

he Lingjiang smiled and said, 'people have their own interests. As long as they like what they like, it's boring. It's fun to sit still even if it's what they want.'

'however, people are fickle. They used to be good at painting, but they may like other things in the future. They can't be accurate. They just do what they want.'

'what a good man would do if he wanted to.' Poet he patted his hand. 'I didn't realize that you are such a good girl for me before.'

he thought it was interesting, so he followed helingjiang to her yard to see what she was thinking about recently.

he Ling Jiang Qi said, 'is the fourth uncle coming back today? I saw you go to my father's yard just now, but I want to see him?'

poet he patted his forehead: 'I've been gambling, but I almost forgot about it.'

he wandered outside for more than half a year. He didn't return until the end of the new year. I don't know how his elder brother would nag him.

he put away his piano and said, 'I'll see you later. I'll send you the things I lost to you.'

'no hurry.'

he Lingjiang Mu hurried him to he Xiangshan courtyard. Looking at his robe covered with dust and footprints, he thought: I forgot to remind him to change his robe and go again.

if my father heard that he cheated him so many things, he would have to nag.

however, when I think of how much I have gained from going out of the house today, those nagging are nothing.

she took the lightsaber and felt more and more happy. She looked at the big umbrella in aman's hand. The handle of the umbrella was thick and matched with the width of the scabbard. For a moment, she thought about it.

when he returned to the courtyard, he Lingjiang ordered someone to invite a skilled craftsman.

an old man in his fifties and sixties entered the hall with the green bamboo, bowed down and said, 'what do you want from the seventh lady?'

he Lingjiang takes out Han's lightsaber, pulls out its body and puts it in front of the old craftsman.

the old craftsman wondered: 'what does this mean?'

she asks aman to take the new umbrella she specially asked someone to make, open the handle and turn the umbrella slightly.

the umbrella ribs are polished with extremely tough Southern bamboo. The umbrella surface of the twenty-four bones is paved with huohuanbu, which is fearless of fire and has excellent heat insulation. Then it is boiled with natural tung oil and coated on the umbrella surface. It looks simple, thick, firm and durable.

five color velvet threads are worn between the umbrella ribs, adding a bit of refinement and beauty.

this umbrella is really excellent.

he Lingjiang handed the umbrella to the old craftsman and said, 'I think the width of the sword body is less than two feet, which matches the umbrella handle. I wonder if there is a way to embed the sword body into the umbrella handle?'

'seven maidens' means to use the umbrella handle as the scabbard

he Lingjiang nodded: 'exactly.'

the old craftsman took Han's lightsaber and saw that the body of the sword was covered with autumn frost. The whole body was thin and thin. He didn't feel heavy when holding it in his hand. He couldn't help thinking that it was a good sword.

looking at the handle of the big umbrella, it seems that there are two fingers thick.

he compared the two carefully. When he saw that the body of the sword was indeed narrower than the handle of the umbrella, he was confident.

'it is not impossible to use the umbrella handle as a sheath, but we need to think more about it without damaging the original structure of the umbrella.'

the old craftsman asked, 'but the seventh lady still needs to take it?'


she didn't want this lightsaber for collection.

the old craftsman said, 'if you embed the sword body into the umbrella handle, you should not only embed it, but also pay attention to the smoothness of getting out of the scabbard and into the scabbard. If a good sword is equipped with a good scabbard, the umbrella handle needs to be polished again.'

'I'll bother you. If you need anything else, just tell me. If you do it well, you'll get a heavy reward.'

the old craftsman should bow down.

in order to facilitate the old craftsman to polish, he Lingjiang gave Han's lightsaber and umbrella to him to take back, and sent someone to take him out of the house.

two days later, the old craftsman brought the umbrella.

the umbrella is closed. He Lingjiang opens the umbrella. The handle is no different from the previous one, but the handshake at the end is slightly thicker.

after polishing, the superior green bamboo becomes smooth and smooth. It is carved into a handy shape, with a circle of cloud patterns embossed on it, which is somewhat elegant.

there is a mechanism at the end of the umbrella handle. She presses it, and the hidden light sword pops up. With a move of her hand, she pulls out the whole sword.

the sword handle is the handshake of the umbrella handle, which is really clever.

the gap in the umbrella handle is the scabbard. The opening of the scabbard is slightly wider. When you look closely, you can find that the middle is polished more smoothly.

he Lingjiang took a sword flower in his hand, then put the sword body into the handle of the umbrella, and put it into the sheath smoothly. Just listen to 'click!' The sword body was locked in the hilt with a soft sound.

she nodded with satisfaction.

holding an umbrella can cover the sun and the moon. Pulling a sword can kill evil spirits. That's good.

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