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Chapter 172 Yinsheng

'I advise you, Madam Liu, not to go any further. Now, Nanzhao is not a good time to travel.'

the old clan leader has a good impression on them. Now he has talked a lot, but he still urges them to return to Dazhou for safety. He is quite sincere.

he Lingjiang nodded: 'OK, thank you for your advice. I'll talk about it with brother later.'

speaking of this, she frowned slightly: 'I'm afraid it's not safe for the people of Zhou to travel in Nanzhao after listening to the old patriarch's words. I wonder if we can borrow some ordinary local clothes from the patriarch, so that we can change the clothes of Da Zhou so as not to worry about the thieves?'

what she said was borrowing, but in fact she still wanted to exchange it.

the old patriarch understood what she meant, and naturally did not extrapolate the opportunity to make money.

'of course. I'll ask my mother-in-law to find some clothes with you later. It's better for you to walk on the road so as not to attract attention. You'd better go back to Dazhou as soon as possible...

' I've written it down... 'He Lingjiang said.

at sunset, the Flower Festival ends, and the young people in the village also return with each other.

he Lingjiang looked at the happy poet he and asked: 'how is it? This trip is interesting?'

'that's a duet between young men and women in the village. It's interesting.'

speaking of this, he raised his head: 'don't mention that I'm quite popular here. Several little ladies are singing to me...'

he has covered it up and is still so popular. If he takes off his decoration and reveals his true colors, won't he be more charming to a group of little ladies.

he Lingjiang chuckled: 'brother, you are very popular, but can you understand what other girls are singing?'

'I really don't understand it. If not, I can say two sentences.'

the little ladies who were singing at him saw that he could not hold his voice for a long time. They turned away from him and found another husband to sing to.

in the Department of Anning, when you are looking for the person you like, you still have to sing songs to select people?

thinking of this, poet he is quite unconvinced.

'you'd better forget it...' he Lingjiang shook his head reluctantly. 'They're singing songs here to find someone they like. Brother, do you want to find me a sister-in-law here?'

poet he laughed: 'just kidding. If I find a Nanzhao girl to be my daughter-in-law, I'm afraid I'll be punished when I go back.'

he Lingjiang knew that he was just talking, so he repeated what the old patriarch had said to him.

poet he also looked dignified: 'it seems that Nanzhao is not stable. We'd better get things done quickly and leave here.'

naturally, they are not afraid of bandits, but if they reveal their tracks to the temple, it will be bad.

Moreover, if Nanzhao clashed with Dazhou, it would be bad for them to be here.

he Lingjiang nodded: 'we will leave for Yinsheng city tomorrow. I borrowed some clothes from the Anning department from the old clan leader. We will pretend to be local people of Nanzhao and stop wearing the clothes of Zhou people.'

then she asked poet he: 'you went out with Wuda today. Can you ask him more about Anning?'

in the Anning department, there are few people who can speak Zhou language except the old clan leader Wuda Tong.

if you want to inquire about something, you can only start from them.

there is a flower festival in the village. Wuda, as a young man in the village, will definitely attend it.

he Lingjiang simply asked poet he to go with him. Along the way, he could not only get closer, ask more about the affairs of the Ministry of Anning, but also learn two sentences of the local language of Nanzhao.

in this way, it can also avoid that even if you wear the clothes of the Anning department, you will have to reveal your true feelings when you open your mouth.

poet he nodded: 'Wuda is also a good talker. Today, taking advantage of the festival, he introduced a lot to us.'

their previous understanding of Nanzhao was also limited to what he Lingjiang saw and heard a few years ago, as well as the travel notes of predecessors and modern people that he could find.

however, in terms of understanding, naturally no one can compare with the local people. It is also helpful to talk more with them and have a look at them more locally.

in the evening, there is also a bonfire party in Anning. Young men and women in several nearby villages will gather together and sing and dance around the bonfire.

this is a rare occasion. Just after dinner, Wuda and the old clan leader urged them to join in and join in the excitement.

for the people of Zhou Dynasty, such a grand event of Nanzhao was not common.

although he Lingjiang had been to Nanzhao before, she had not participated in the local bonfire event. In addition, the people in the village were so kind that she also changed into local clothes and went with her.

the sky has completely darkened. Young men and women in the stockade all around the campfire barbecue and drink. When they are excited, they all stand up around the campfire and dance arm in arm.

he Lingjiang and several others mingled with him, and Wuda followed them. Nobody knew that they were not from the Anning department, but they were also from the stronghold, pulling them to dance happily.

he Lingjiang was tired, so he sat aside and watched quietly.

this most simple dance does not have any magnificent action performance. However, the figures leaping in the campfire are so pure in joy that people can't help but feel happy.

as the night deepens, the excitement and noise of the bonfire party gradually fades.

the young men and women may go back to their villages in pairs or threes, and some of them are congenial. They directly find a place to tell each other their hearts.

the lively March flower festival gradually passed with the night.

in the morning of the next day, he Lingjiang and his party said goodbye to the old patriarch, left the Anning department and went to Yinsheng city.

Yinsheng city is not far from Anning. After a day and a half, they entered Yinsheng city at noon the next day.

Yinsheng is a big city, which is also the nearest big city to Dazhou except for the border cities.

many trade transactions between Nanzhao and Dazhou are conducted here, so it can be said to be prosperous.

although Nanzhao is not very friendly to the people of Zhou Dynasty, the interests move people's hearts, that is, for the profit of trade between them, and many merchants risk their lives to travel between them.

nowadays, there are frequent looting incidents in Nanzhao, and even some caravans have specially hired escort teams to come and go.

therefore, although this Yinsheng city is more lively and prosperous than in the past, it is already extremely prosperous compared with the towns and tribes that come all the way.

if you want to enter Yinsheng City, you'd better not use the previous identity document of Da Zhou.

he Lingjiang stayed in the village of Anning Department yesterday. He didn't do anything but chat with the old clan leader.

from the words of the old clan leader, we can hear that this aining Department has paid many tribute this year, and the village is already a little embarrassed.

therefore, she took the opportunity to ask the old patriarch to prepare local clothes for them, and asked the old patriarch to prepare another local identity certificate for them, so as not to encounter trouble on the way back to the big week.

of course, it also cost a lot of money.

however, what they lack is the identity of Nanzhao people, so as to achieve stability. What the old clan leaders lack is money. In this exchange, each gets what he needs, and no one loses.

now, with this new public test, they have entered Yinsheng city in a fair and aboveboard manner, bearing the identity of An'ning people.

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