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Chapter 178 Insect snake

Poet he is quite dissolute in his life. He likes to follow the example of a Ranger. He boasts that he is not afraid of heaven and earth, and wants to be an indomitable hero.

however, he was afraid of only two things in his life: snakes and rats.

he trembles at the thought of the long, soft and slippery object. There is also the mouse, with a long tail, which is also in response to people's tightness.

now, these two things unexpectedly appeared in front of him at the same time, and just now they were still running around under his feet. When he remembered them now, he was still cold behind and his heart trembled.

he Ling gave Jiang Bai a look and said angrily: 'then you can stay here and be the 18th husband with her.'

princess Yinsheng stopped shaking the silver bell and smiled at the corner of her lips: 'it turns out that Lang Jun can't speak, but he can't speak Nanzhao language, and can only speak Dazhou dialect...'

she heard poet he's scream clearly.

I can't blame myself for not saying a word to her for so long. I was afraid of exposing my identity as a Zhou person.

indeed, due to the situation, the people of the Zhou Dynasty are not safe in Nanzhao now.

many of the merchants in Dazhou who come and go disguise themselves as locals, so that they can safely transport their goods to Yinsheng city.

it is said that the people of the Zhou Dynasty attach the most importance to masculinity and innocence. A noble man was robbed by a woman in the street. If he is transmitted back to the Zhou Dynasty, he will be known, and I am afraid he will be laughed at.

if so, I might as well stay here and stay with her.

anyway, she knows it now. Poet he simply broke the jar and said, 'tell these snakes, insects, rats and ants to leave!'

princess Yinsheng fiddled with the silver bell on her wrist, raised her eyebrows and looked at the poet he on the tree: 'did you agree to stay in the city Lord's mansion and fly with me?'

poet he immediately blushed and bah, 'you think so beautifully!'

princess Yinsheng shook her head regretfully: 'then I can't call these babies back...'

after that, she smiled at poet he, and the silver bell continued to ring in her wrist.

the snakes and insects all over the yard seemed to follow the order, and all went downstream of the tree where poet he was. For a while, the insects and snakes under the tree were wriggling and creeping, frighteningly tight.

the bell sounded more and more loudly. The first few snakes were already spitting scarlet snakes' letter, and were going upstream along the roots of the trees.

at a glance, poet he shouted again.

'are you stupid?' He Lingjiang felt that poet he was very stupid at this time. 'What are the swords in your hands for? Just cut them down?'

she took a sword flower in her hand and flipped the guard in front of her to the ground. Then, he threw a five thunder amulet from his sleeve and threw it under the tree where he poet lived.

the five thunder charms with excellent appearance burst open immediately, and the snakes and insects gathered together were blown to the sky.

for a while, insects and snakes scorched corpses flew around, and the air was filled with the smell of baked insects and snakes.

poet he only heard a sound, and a flower in front of him, and a long thing fell into his arms.

he looked down and saw that it was the body of a snake that had been blown up to half its length!

poet he immediately bristled all over, threw the thing down in a hurry, and held the tree trunk for a long time without saying anything.

he Lingjiang also had no time to consider how his fragile heart had been hurt.

after eliminating the snakes and insects under the tree, she threw out several five thunder charms in succession.

at one time, there were frequent explosions, snakes, insects, rats and ants flying all over the sky, and the yard was filled with a disgusting burning smell.

princess Yinsheng confusedly avoids a dead mouse falling on her head. Her eyes are sharp!

is actually a great Zhou Xuanshi!

these dirty and evil things all over the yard, but in a flash, they called he Lingjiang to blow up those five thunder charms.

the rest are also in rout, and it is difficult to attack.

princess Yinsheng was so angry that she clenched her teeth, and the muscles on her cheeks twitched uncontrollably: 'you have destroyed my worm and snake!'

there are many grass and trees in Nanzhao area, and the trees are dense, which breed many insects, snakes, rats and ants. If it is put elsewhere, it will be annoying.

but they are southern barbarians. Besides being good at using poisonous insects, they are also good at adapting measures to local conditions and are good at controlling snakes.

these insects and snakes were deliberately fed by her in a remote and dark place. Unexpectedly, they have been destroyed all at once.

'who told you to call so many insects and snakes?' He Lingjiang shrugged his shoulders. 'It's ok if they lie down honestly, but they have to bite people. Such behavior is not good.'

'you also saw that the handsome gentleman you like was very scared. The princess didn't care for him? No wonder I wanted to touch them!'

princess Yinsheng's eyes were cold: 'I want to die!'

in front of the husband, she didn't want to make a move, which was a dead move. But now that it's the case, don't blame her for being cruel.

as soon as she raised her narrow sleeve on her left hand, she saw a silver light, fast as lightning, attacking he Lingjiang's face.

the poet he in the tree breathed a sigh.

he Lingjiang avoided the object with his head on his side and turned his feet slightly. Only then did he see that the object was a silver snake covered with snow-white, not more than ten inches long.

at that time, the object was spiritually alive. Seeing that it failed to hit, it continued to attack Heling Jiang.

it's very fast. It's called he Lingjiang. For a moment, he has no time to pay attention to others.

princess Yinsheng sneered. This silver snake contains strong poison. She has a small life. Let's stay today!

poet he jumped down from the tree. For a while, he couldn't care about the snake and mouse corpses in the yard. Holding a sword, he wanted to go with He Zheng to help he Lingjiang.

'leave me alone!' He Lingjiang evaded the silver snake biting at her waist and said, 'go and catch the princess Yinsheng first!'

the so-called 'catch the thief first, catch the king'. As long as the princess Yinsheng is caught, it is useless to let her use all kinds of means.

poet he and several others turned around and attacked Princess Yinsheng together.

almost nine out of ten of the guards beside her have been lying down. Now there are only two or three guards beside her.

Yinsheng's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the people who came toward him with their swords. Then he raised his sleeves and shook them, and something came toward poet he.

is Gu!

poet he cried out and jumped to avoid these insects without letting them fall on him.

however, it is night at this time, and the courtyard is dark, and the small poisonous insects are even more difficult to prevent.

poet he and others dared not move any more for a while. They only paid careful attention to the surroundings, lest the poisonous insects should enter their bodies again.

he Lingjiang saw this and clapped the silver snake that was clinging to him.

'snapped', and the silver snake was knocked to the ground by her, lying on the ground softly, unable to move for a moment.

she took advantage of this opportunity to tear open the brocade bag around her waist: 'chikuo, come out!'

the outline turned into a wisp of smoke, which came out of the brocade bag and lingered around her: 'why!'

'there are poisonous insects in the courtyard. Go and eat them all.'

chikuo shook his head in disgust: 'I don't want to eat these little bugs. They are so disgusting that I can't digest them after eating them. What's wrong with eating them!'

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