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Chapter 18 Fireworks

It was only a few days before the new year's Eve, and the he family began to get busy, cleaning the house and courtyard, cleaning the shrine kitchen, and replacing the new Tao Fu. It was a lot of excitement.

hexiancheng, the county guard in Linru County, has also taken a rest and is on his way home.

on New Year's Eve, the people in the fourth room of he family had dinner and handed out new year's money. After that, they sat around in the flower hall and waited for the new year.

he Xiangshan's charm has been completely removed, and his vitality is also recovering day by day. In addition to being somewhat weak, he can walk, sit and lie with ordinary people. Even his face is much better, and he shows a somewhat ruddy color under the light.

hexiancheng took a sip of the wine and said with a smile, 'elder brother seems to have recovered.'

he Xiangshan nodded: 'yes. I didn't expect to stay with you this year.'

'this is a good thing. I think my elder brother will recover soon.'

hexiancheng couldn't help wondering, 'but which famous doctor has the government hired?'

'I didn't, but I used the medicine as before. Maybe I knew that I had been ill for too long and was stared at by the people in the house. I was too embarrassed to continue to be ill, so I had to get better as soon as possible.'

hexiancheng can't help Ha ha! And smile: 'elder brother is becoming more and more interesting.'

he Xiangshan pointed to he Lingjiang beside him and said with a smile, 'this is what Jiang said. The second brother should say this to her.'

'it's said that Jiang didn't go out again these days. He often accompanied his elder brother?'

'yes, the child is becoming more and more sensible.'

song smiled: 'Xu is happy to have children with him. He will soon recover from his illness.'

'yes.' He Qianli also said, 'people say that the mind is comfortable and all diseases disappear. Now it seems that this is not the case?'

'come on, let's drink to our elder brother.'

he Xiangshan raised his glass and said, 'you have worked hard these years.' After that, he drank the wine in the cup with his head up.

song just wanted to stop him. On second thought, Lord Lang's body is now well. It's OK to drink less.

the brothers laughed and talked, but they soon finished a pot of Tusu wine.

the younger ladies and gentlemen couldn't sit still, arguing to set off firecrackers in the yard.

'OK, go ahead.'

it's rare. The adults didn't stop them. They just let the servants and maids watch carefully and let them go.

the little ladies are timid. They all sit in the corridor and watch the servants set off firecrackers.

'be careful not to get too close.'

'come here, take shelter from the wind. It's just right to stand here.'

a servant took the bamboo and put it into a brazier to ignite it. The bamboo crackled.

on New Year's festivals, people often burn bamboo to make it burst and sound, so as to expel the God of plague. Because the burning of bamboo makes a 'crackling' sound, it is also called firecracker.

the naughty little gentleman is not willing to stay in the corridor. After seeing the servant burn firecrackers, he clamors to set off firecrackers by himself.

they put the firecracker on the ground, twirled the firecracker with the burning incense, and then ran away with their ears covered.

just listen to the sound of 'pa', and the firefight will explode.


'this sound is loud.'

'one more, one more!'

for a time, the yard was filled with the sound of firecrackers and firecrackers, accompanied by the laughter of the little lady and the little Lang Jun, which made the new year's Eve even more noisy.

Si Lang's chief congratulatory poet is also a playful person. He commanded his servant to bring a thing and put it in the yard. He said, 'what's interesting about these small artillery battles? It's just a sound.'

'look, uncle Si, it must look good.'

the little lady and the little husband in the mansion stared curiously: 'uncle, what is this?'

poet he said, 'you haven't seen this before.'

several young men had already surrounded it. They saw it standing on the ground squarely and tightly wrapped with a layer of colored paper, which made people unable to understand.

they poked curiously with their hands, but poet he quickly stopped them: 'don't touch it. It's dangerous.'

'what on earth is this?'

he Shiren: 'this item is called fireworks. It is named because it looks like a flourishing flower in the air when it explodes. When it disappears, there is only smoke in the air. We don't have this item yet. I saw it by chance when I traveled around Nanzhao and improved it on the original basis.'

'Oh, did Uncle Si make this by himself?' Heyunjia was surprised.

he Ling looked at Jiang Wen Yan and saw that it was fireworks.

in the 10th year of Zhenyuan, Nanzhao and the envoys of the great Zhou Dynasty were annexed by an alliance. The imperial court set up the Yunnan pacification department in Nanzhao to govern Nanzhao.

in the fourth year of Chengyou's reign, Yinsheng was plagued by disasters year after year. Shifu took her to travel here. She used a small bamboo tube to contain saltpeter and sulfur, which was ignited. Smoke of gunpowder and fireworks dispelled the miasma in the mountains and reduced the prevalence of plague.

when fireworks are scattered in the air, they look like flowers. Therefore, master named this object 'fireworks'.

Nanzhao mountain is densely forested with heavy moisture and miasma, which is prone to outbreak of plague. Local people often use it to drive away miasma and prevent plague.

it was Chengyou's eighth year. She was in Linchuan and had changed her body.

unexpectedly, poet he brought the fireworks to her.

poet he nodded proudly: 'exactly. Just watch.'

he directed the crowd to step back and leave a circle of space in the yard. Then he took the incense to ignite the twister.

after being ignited, the slender twists suddenly light up and shorten rapidly like a tongue of fire in the night.

poet he quickly jumped aside and shouted, 'cover your ears!'

the young ladies and gentlemen immediately covered their ears and stared nervously at the object in the yard.

just listen to 'Peng!' With a sound from the ground, a fire burst out of the sky, and a small red fireball rose in the gray sky, which made the hearts of the people jump.

he Lingjiang felt her right hand warm. She looked down and saw that she was heziyu, the only husband of the he family.

maybe he was scared. He held her hand tightly, but his small head was still slightly raised, and his eyes were staring at the air nervously.

and then 'Peng!' With a sound of the ground, the fireball exploded in the air and burst into a golden chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum petals were like threads, shining streamers in the dark night, stretching out, and then turned into a meteor sliding down from the air and disappearing slowly.

it's so beautiful. He Lingjiang sighed in his heart. He didn't think that the fireworks that were only used to drive away the miasma on that day had become so dazzling.

when the adults sitting around chatting in the house heard the news, they also hurried out to check. As soon as they looked up, they saw that the sky was full of flowers, and the whole sky of he mansion was illuminated, just like the day.

when the golden chrysanthemums fade away, the peonies are in full bloom. They are dazzling with colorful flowers. The petals are like rain and silk. After they are in full bloom, they fall down one after another. It seems that they are within reach, but they are all hidden in the air.

people hold their breath.

after a while, the flowers fell out, just like a flash in the pan, and the sky was silent again.

the people who gathered around he mansion did not know when. They could not return to God for a long time.

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