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Chapter 184 warmth

A few low barks of dogs came from the distance, accompanied by curling smoke, all of which seemed quiet and serene in the spring evening.

at this time, every household should be preparing dinner.

at this time, there are few people in front of the village.

he Lingjiang followed Yanxiang. As he approached the stronghold, he met a man who was cutting firewood and returning late.

petrography saw the man from a distance. When I saw his face, my eyes were wet.

'uncle, are you back from cutting firewood?' Yanxiang held back his tears and shouted hello to her.

the man had a large basket of firewood and grass on his body. Originally, he only bent down and walked with his head buried. When he heard the words, he looked up and said: 'you are...

' it is a lithofacies! '

he couldn't believe it, and then his eyes burst out with violent surprise.

he quickly put down the basket on his back, stepped forward with an arrow and put his arms around Yanxiang's shoulder: 'you child, you have been out of the stronghold for a long time, and finally know that you are back?'

Yan Xiang smiled, but his tone was full of apologies: 'it's my fault to leave uncle and aunt!'

'you... Just know that you are wrong. Don't be so reckless in the future.' The man looked at the rock, and his eyes were full of joy of seeing each other again after a long separation.

'you just came back from outside. Let's go. I'll go home for dinner with Uncle ah!'


lithofacies came forward and borrowed his basket. He squatted down and lifted it up. With a slight effort, he bumped the falling basket onto his shoulder.

uncle a followed him and was about to lift his steps. He noticed he Lingjiang and he Lingjiang standing not far behind him. They smiled and said, 'these two people don't seem to be from the stronghold. You brought them back from outside?'

lithofacies nodal should be.

the man looked at he Ling and Jiang, with a look of vigilance in his eyes: 'what are they?'

the lithofacies moved two steps closer and attached it to his ear to explain their purpose.

the man shook his head and said: 'the holy fruit is a sacred thing of our family. It is difficult for people to get one, let alone outsiders...'

the petroglyph whispered: 'I told them these things too, but they insisted on coming to beg in person. I can't help it...'

the man gave him a cross look: 'You didn't listen to the patriarch's advice and insisted on going out without saying anything. Now you disobeyed the patriarch's order and brought outsiders into the village. I'm afraid the patriarch won't let you go lightly.'

lithofacies sighed lightly: 'I can't help it... When the time comes, I'll ask Uncle to help me talk about love in front of the patriarch.'

the man shook his head helplessly: 'you go with me first. I'll talk about the next thing tomorrow.'

knowing that he was soft hearted, Yanxiang happily 'Ai' and turned to greet he Ling and Jiang to go in with them.

he Lingjiang followed them through the winding path in the village and stopped in front of an extremely simple courtyard.

at this time, the sky was completely dark, and the whole courtyard was in the darkness. There were one or two dim lights flickering in the room, which was very peaceful and quiet.

a path in front of the bamboo gate in the courtyard extends to the low houses nearby.

the woodcutter pushed open the bamboo door and shouted, 'I'm back!'

I saw a middle-aged woman's face stretched out from the house. She showed a smiling face: 'come back! The evening meal has just been prepared. I'm wondering why you haven't come back!'

said that, she came out of the house and followed the path to the courtyard.

when she saw several figures suddenly appearing behind the woodcutter, she was shocked and wanted to ask questions.

lithofacies has stepped forward and held her hand: 'aunt, it's me. I'm lithofacies!'

'lithofacies?' She was startled, as if she could not believe it.

she hurriedly pulled him to the lighted house, looked at the dim light, and finally recognized the familiar young face.

'it's really a rock...' the woman's eyes can't help but burst into tears.

this child lost his sister last year. After searching for her in the stronghold, I don't know who said that his sister might be out of the stronghold, so he insisted on going outside despite the advice of the patriarch.

after nearly a year of trouble, I finally came back.

she noticed that behind the lithofacies, there were two people, a man and a woman.

it's dark outside, and she can't see people's faces clearly. Is she really looking for his sister and bringing her back?

she patted Yan Xiang's hand, and then went forward to see he Lingjiang's appearance carefully.

Yanxiang knew what she thought and smiled bitterly: 'Auntie, this is not a sister, but a guest from outside the village.'

the woman stretched out her hand and said, 'it's not A-Mei...

it's that I haven't found...

she sighed and stopped mentioning it.

for so many years, no outsiders have come to the village. When Yan Xiang went out, he brought two people back. Tomorrow, the clan leader will know. How can he be angry.

she was about to speak, but the middle-aged man reached out and pulled her sleeve: 'eat first...'

well, we'll talk about it later.

she beckoned the people into the low house.

he Lingjiang found that this was a kitchen. There are still firewood under the stove, and the pot is filled with hot gas.

in the corner of the kitchen, there is a humble table surrounded by two low stools.

although the house is simple, it is clean and tidy. It can be seen that the woman is a hardworking person.

there are a lot of people today, and there are not enough stools and things to prepare, so the woman has to prepare again.

she greeted warmly: 'sit down first. There's a lot of soup today. I'll bake some bait and fry some eggs, and we can eat it.'

Yanxiang asked he Ling and Jiang to sit down and put the bowls and chopsticks on the table.

the middle-aged man went to find two low stools and put them in front of the table with a wooden stake.

the woman brought out the hot food.

the food is still very simple, just half a dish of scrambled eggs, a vegetable dish, a pot of soup, and some baked bait.

'eat while it's hot. I'm in a hurry today. The food is a little shabby. Please don't dislike it.' The woman greeted me with a smile.

although they are foreigners, they are guests. Since everyone is here, naturally there is no reason to treat others coldly. Otherwise, the rock face will not look good.

he Lingjiang smiled to express his gratitude, holding a thick porcelain bowl and drinking a hot soup. A strong fragrance instantly diffused on the tip of his tongue.

after a few mouthfuls, even with her body, at this moment, all her limbs and bones seemed to be overflowing with warmth, diluting the cold and overcast after a day in the dense forest.

the woman took a loving look at Yan Xiang, put a large chopstick of eggs in the small bowl in front of him, 'eat more, I've lost weight in the past year...'

Yan Xiang's eyes are slightly wet, and only he knows the pain outside.

but now I'm back in the stronghold, facing uncle and aunt, the bitterness that he forced down suddenly fills my heart.

'thank you, Auntie...'

the woman also suppressed her tears and said with a smile, 'eat quickly.'

he Lingjiang, watching the warmth between them silently, can see that Yantong and his wife should be very familiar.

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