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Chapter 186 Chance

Seeing he Lingjiang later, he could not help breathing a sigh of relief as he avoided the stones and stood there intact.

lithofacies goes to Aunt Yulan and says, 'aunt Yulan, you are going to hurt people in this way.'

Aunt Magnolia shrunk and dodged aside.

he Lingjiang sighed silently from the bottom of his heart, and motioned Yan Xiang not to quarrel with her, just send her home.

Yanxiang nodded, took Magnolia's hand and patted her on the shoulder placidly: 'don't be afraid... We'll take you home...'

'go home... Go home...' Magnolia's mother repeated unconsciously.

'yes, go home.' Yanxiang took her in one hand and comforted her in a low voice.

he Lingjiang and he Zheng quietly followed them and watched her gradually calm down.

after walking around the elm tree and walking eastward for only a hundred meters, several low houses appeared in front of us.

lithofacies pushes open the half open firewood door and makes a 'squeak' sound.

the yard is very small, and there are some firewood in the corner. In the moonlight, it looks like a black animal squatting in the corner of the yard.

there is a large temperature difference in the mountains in the morning and in the evening, and at night, it is somewhat cool.

Yanxiang took aunt Magnolia into the room, lit an oil lamp, and coaxed her to sleep in bed.

Aunt Magnolia seems to have been sober for a few minutes and lay down honestly.

the lithofacies bent down and carefully tucked her in.

I don't know how many times the quilt has been mended. There are patches on it one after another, and there are many stains that I can't tell.

Yan Xiang looked at her, sighed and said in a low voice: 'since Magnolia left, her illness has been mild and severe. She can only rely on the help of everyone on weekdays.'

'when I left the village earlier, she was like this, and she didn't live very well...'

he Lingjiang sighed. Such a person has no relatives around to take care of her. Even with the help of the neighbors, what great use can they make? How can they lead a better life?

Xu was tired. Aunt Yulan soon fell asleep and fell asleep.

lithofacies blew out the oil lamp on the table, which led him out of the room with he Lingjiang.

they went through the small yard, took the firewood door, and headed for the lithofacies home.

Xu came to clean up when there were uncles and aunts. The house in Yanxiang's home was clean.

he Lingjiang and he Zheng each found a vacant room and went to have a rest.

I was delayed by Aunt Magnolia outside for a long time, and it was very late at this time.

after Zi, he Lingjiang secretly left the house. Outside the courtyard, he Zheng was also standing in the dark waiting.

'is lithofacies asleep?' He Lingjiang asked.

He Zheng nodded back: 'I just looked at him. He is already asleep.'

they are foreigners. Tonight, the attitude of the people in the stronghold may not be very friendly to them, so how long they can stay here is unknown.

the two of them came to Ailao Mountain. At this time, if they have the opportunity, they will naturally go to investigate first.

the entrance of Ailao Mountain is in the southwest of luojiabu village. Follow the winding path and pass through the village.

the moonlight spreads cool. He Lingjiang looks down the road into the mountain, and the mountain is dark.

it's night, and it's not a good time to look for things. But it's always good to know first.

he Lingjiang and he Zheng spent about two hours getting familiar with the environment and terrain here, and decided to go back first.

as the moon sets and the sun rises, a few crows of chickens come from the village, and a new day is coming.

Yan Xiang beckoned the two to eat too early and said: 'I still need to ask the patriarch and the priest about the holy fruit. Why don't you come with me to meet the patriarch first?'

they didn't really ask for holy fruit on this trip, but since they entered the Roga department under this excuse, they naturally had to behave.

he Lingjiang certainly has no doubts about this arrangement.

she and he Zheng went all the way to the residence of the patriarch with the lithofacies.

the Luojia people who came and went on the road were surprised to see that Yanxiang had returned from the village and greeted him happily.

but he Ling, Jiang Tong and he Zheng, two foreigners, are not so enthusiastic. They still look at him with a little alienation and vigilance.

he Lingjiang doesn't care.

the Luojia department is different from the aning department. Although the latter is far away, it also has trade with outsiders from time to time.

there are dense forests in front of Luojia, and Ailao Mountain behind it. The Ju people are hidden from the world.

in the past ten years, few people from the tribe have gone abroad, let alone outsiders.

because of his seclusion, he had little contact with the outside world. It was the Nanzhao court that went to collect tribute from various tribes, but it was not on their heads, but on their heads.

according to petrography, the Luojia people are the royal family of Yunnan.

a hundred years ago, in Nanzhao, the dominant family was not mengshe Zhao but Luojia.

they also unified the barbarian tribes, but the good times did not last long, and the regime of this small country was on the verge of collapse.

in order to seek the help of the great powers, the king of Dian at that time asked the princess of Dian to go to Daxing country of the former dynasty to make peace with her. He also brought a generous gift with him, hoping to get the support of the emperor of Daxing country.

the emperor of Daxing Kingdom responded and was ready to order the dispatch of troops from the border to assist the royal family of Dian.

however, after all, the mountains are high and the road is long, and the news is blocked. When the reinforcements of the Zhou Dynasty arrived, the king of Yunnan and his family had been killed by the chaos department.

the princess who is far away in Daxing country is very sad after receiving the news, but she is powerless to recover.

she lost her father and brother, and did not want her people to die in the struggle and revenge of various ministries.

so he asked emperor Daxing to send troops to protect his own people in exchange for the secrets of the royal family of Yunnan.

hundreds of people of the Luojia tribe moved eastward from Puning City, the former capital of the state of Yunnan, to the foot of Ailao Mountain, which was sparsely populated. They planted dense forests outside the village and never walked out of this place for life. They are also considered to be the tribes that survived the turbulent times.

as for the state of Dian, since then, it has been divided and broken up, and various ministries have become turbulent. They have also joined forces to form the six imperial edicts, and there are often frictions and wars.

the whole land of Nanzhao was divided again.

after the founding of the great Zhou Dynasty, the mengshe imperial edict gradually became powerful with the support of the emperor Gaozu, reunifying the six imperial edicts and establishing the Nanzhao kingdom.

he Lingjiang is very curious about the secret that the princess of Yunnan used to exchange with the emperor Daxing.

she once asked about lithofacies, but it has been a hundred years. How can he know so much as a young man?

he Lingjiang's heart moved and he thought of the map and the copper symbol of he's.

if what is directly pointed to behind the map, it is really a treasure.

then, is the treasure hidden in Ailao Mountain a relic of Yunnan?

but if it is true, logically speaking, the secret and the map should have been in the hands of the emperor of the previous dynasty. How did they get into the hands of the he family?

he Lingjiang narrowed his eyes slightly. If we say that the bronze amulet handed down by the he family is not an original thing of the he family, but a coincidence of the ancestors?

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