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Chapter 188 Priest

As soon as Yan Xiang went out, it was a year. At the end of the year, he brought in outsiders seeking holy fruits without the consent of the family. He would be punished.

he still wanted to say a few words for he Lingjiang, but the patriarch's cool eyes crossed him and he immediately stopped thinking.

just that. Anyway, he and the princess only accepted the lady and took her into the Roga department.

as for seeking the holy fruit, it is as difficult as climbing to heaven. She does not believe in evil, so she wants to try it. Now, as soon as I met the head of my clan, I was stopped.

it's no wonder the princess and him didn't succeed. After all, they had said it before.

he looked at he Lingjiang and shook his head helplessly to show that he had done his best.

he Lingjiang was immediately disappointed.

Yanxiang got up again to worship the patriarch, who led he Lingjiang outward.

before he left the room, he heard someone outside saying, 'priest Bimo is coming.'

as soon as he spoke, a man in white came in. The man was dressed as a wizard and covered most of his face with a big hood.

when he came in, the patriarch also stood up and said, 'isn't priest Bimo preparing for the mountain sacrifice ceremony three days later? Why don't you come to me when you have time?'

the man reached for his hood and showed his face.

he Lingjiang found that the priest was only in his early 30s and looked very young.

the slightly thin lips have less blood color than ordinary people, and the eyebrows are Yin red marks.

she originally thought that the priest of this tribe should be a gray haired and respected old man. Unexpectedly, he was so young.

the man replied in a low voice: 'I happen to have something to discuss with the patriarch.'

'it's still the most important thing to sacrifice the mountain now. If there's something to discuss, just send someone to call me. You don't need to go there.'

priest Bimo smiled and said nothing more.

he turned his eyes to he Lingjiang: 'are these two guests invited by lithofacies?'

'yes.' Yan Lianlian responded quickly, and his words were full of respect.

Bimo frowned: 'why did you two enter the stronghold?'

Yan Lianlian hurriedly told he Lingjiang about his quest for holy fruit.

Bimo pondered for a moment, then shook his head: 'the holy fruit is very important to the family, that is, I can't talk to others at will.'

petrographic originally wanted to make another effort for he Lingjiang. After hearing his words, he could only keep his mind down.

he Lingjiang's eyes, which had originally lit up, also darkened in an instant.

the patriarch waved impatiently at the lithofacies, signaling him to send the people out quickly.

he Lingjiang hung his head reluctantly and went out with the lithofacies.

suddenly, I heard a voice behind me: 'wait a minute!'

he Lingjiang turned around and saw priest Bimo walking towards her. 'This lady, can I borrow a step to talk with you?'

her eyes were slightly shocked, which seemed unexpected. After a while, she responded and nodded.

Bimo led her to a secluded place in the courtyard before stopping.

he Lingjiang, just like an anxious supplicant, asked, 'has the priest changed his mind?'

'if I can get the holy fruit, I will do my best to meet the priest's request in exchange.'

she did not understand why the Bimo priest suddenly wanted to talk to her.

what she said and what she said were holy fruits. If the patriarch listened to her, he would be very angry at her repeatedly thinking about the holy things of the Roga department.

but the priest Bimo did not show any displeasure.

his eyes narrowed slightly and he said meaningfully: 'are you really willing to give everything in exchange?'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'if I can get the holy fruit to cure my hidden disease, I will naturally be willing.'

priest Bimo nodded slightly: 'I've just heard about your hidden disease. If you can get the holy fruit as a guide, you will be cured naturally.'

he Lingjiang raised his head fiercely, and his eyes were full of surprises: 'that's right.'

in his heart, he secretly wondered what the Bimo priest paid attention to. He neither asked for evidence nor felt his pulse. How can he conclude that the holy fruit can really cure this disease?

the so-called 'cure all diseases' is just a myth spread by the world.

Moreover, even if it can cure all kinds of diseases, there are not only one hundred kinds of diseases in the world.

and she has this kind of disease, which she knows very well, that she does not have.

what is the meaning of such words?

he made Jiang's thoughts flow, but his face was full of joy.

priest Bimo showed pity and sighed: 'I have a good eye relationship with you, and I also want to help you cure this disease as soon as possible. But...

' the holy fruit is rare, and the opportunity is hard to find... That is, I am willing to lend it to you, but if you are not a predestined person, it is useless to eat it. '

he Lingjiang asked in a hurry: 'what is a predestined person? I'm sure I'm the predestined person!'

Bimo seemed to be moved by her sincerity, so he began: 'then I'll ask you, what's your birth date?'

he Lingjiang did not understand why he mentioned the eight characters of birthday?

Bimo patiently solved her doubts: 'the holy fruit is nourished by heaven and earth, and it is born by absorbing the spirit of the world. Similarly, if someone wants to use it to cure diseases, it must be combined with it.'

she nodded. Witchcraft also pays attention to the appearance of people in the world. She naturally understands this truth.

the southern barbarian tribes also pay attention to the appearance of heaven and the eight characters of birth.

a person with profound skills can not only calculate a lot by connecting the eight characters of the same birthday with one person's face, but also cast many spells based on this.

if she really wanted to get the holy fruit, she would naturally have been eager to tell him her birth date.

but she is not.

if you really tell him the eight characters of your birthday, it is equivalent to putting the handle on someone else's hand.

he Lingjiang took a turn in his heart, and on the basis of the eight characters of his birthday, he constructed another one that coincided with his face and informed Bimo.

after hearing what he Lingjiang said, he couldn't help but move: 'is your destiny yin?'

excellent, excellent...

'then I am a predestined person of the holy fruit?'

priest Bimo smiled and nodded: 'naturally, your destiny can't match the holy fruit.'

'that's great!' He Lingjiang couldn't help jumping up. 'In this way, will the priest give me the holy fruit? I'd like to exchange what the priest wants.'

'since your destiny coincides with the holy fruit, it can be seen that you are a predestined person. Naturally, I can't refuse any more.'

he Lingjiang was very happy: 'can I get the sacred fruit today?'

priest Bimo said calmly: 'as you heard just now, the patriarch will not agree to give the holy fruit to outsiders... And in three days' time, we will sacrifice the holy fruit.'

'but you just said clearly...' he Lingjiang seemed to be splashed with cold water.

'what I say naturally counts. However, the time between this and your holy fruit should be put after the sacrifice of the mountain, and should not be known to others in the family. If not, I can't account for it...'

after hearing what he said, he Lingjiang's eyes lit up again: 'then I'll stay in the village?'

priest Bimo shook his head and said, 'no, you have to leave the stronghold first.'

'how can I...

he Lingjiang was about to ask, and then he heard him say:' after that, I will avoid the crowd and turn around secretly...

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