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Chapter 19 scab

He Qianli couldn't help but stare and ask, 'what is this?'

'fireworks.' The little gentleman in the mansion hurriedly replied, 'it was made by Uncle four.'

everyone looked at each other and smiled: 'this old four has always been able to toss about these things.'

'but it's strange. The whole Jiangzhou has never heard of it.'

'the sound sounds frightening, but it looks good.'

the servant in the mansion said: 'Mr. Lang, madam, a lot of people have gathered outside the he mansion just now to see the fireworks.'

'even now, everyone is still there. They are unwilling to disperse.'

Mrs. he said with a smile, 'the fourth brother has made a big noise this time.'

poet he was proud: 'I said my fireworks were extraordinary.'

the young gentlemen on one side shouted: 'Uncle four, do you have any more? I still need to see.'

'no, no, just this one.' Poet he was so noisy that he waved his hand.

'then do it again.'

'just do it again'

poet he was helpless: 'it's not something that can be done in a while.'

the fireworks in front of us are very beautiful, but they are fleeting. After the prosperity, it is a pity.

I never thought that he Lingjiang would miss this beauty.

she smiled and said, 'it's not too difficult to make fireworks, but the ratio is a little complicated.'

'Uncle three, I remember we still have a shop specializing in artillery?'

'yes.' He Qianli nodded.

'I've heard that there are similar skills in making fireworks and firecrackers in Nanzhao. Uncle Si might as well call some old craftsmen from the firecracker shop and ask them to help you. It will be much more convenient.'

'the Shangyuan festival will be half a month later. If Uncle Si brings people to make more fireworks, he will be able to invite Linchuan people to enjoy it.'

poet he has always been interested in these things. After listening to them, he said, 'you know a lot.'

'brother, I remember that every year on the Shangyuan Festival, our he mansion always has two streets full of lanterns for everyone to enjoy. This year, why don't we set up an open space for the fireworks to enjoy with the whole city?'

he Qianli fuzhang said: 'this is a very good method. Fourth, if you can really do this, our he family will certainly be able to outdo others in this Shangyuan Lantern Festival.'

he has always been responsible for the Lantern Festival. At this time, he has quickly figured out where to arrange it and where to arrange it, so as to attract people's attention to the greatest extent.

'this year's Shangyuan Festival is going to be rescheduled in a different way. The excitement we must do will make the fireworks in the he mansion astonish the whole Linchuan and make it famous in Jiangzhou.'

he Xiangshan just wanted to ask him not to make too much publicity, but when he saw the expectation and desire on the faces of the people, he swallowed it.

forget it, he won't spoil the fun.

for a while, he Qianli had a lot of thoughts on his mind. He took him to discuss with him the layout preparation for the day of Shangyuan.

poet he even waved his hand: 'I don't know anything about shops, restaurants and business. I'm only responsible for making fireworks. The rest, brother, you can see the arrangements.'

he Qianli sighed helplessly, 'OK. I'll arrange it myself.'

he raised his head again and said, 'fourth brother, how do you make this fireworks? This time, brother a will make your fireworks famous.'

he Lingjiang looked at their complacency and could not help laughing.

when the fireworks were over, the ladies in the mansion set off firecrackers again. She had been standing in the corridor for a long time, and had no intention of trying it herself, so she turned back to the flower hall.

he Xiangshan had been ill for a long time. He was obviously depressed by the time he arrived, so he had to go back to his room and have a rest at the persuasion of the Song family.

after saying goodbye to him, the rest of the people continued to sit in the hall chatting and waiting for the new year. They didn't go back to their room until dawn.

after he Lingjiang bathed, he sat down in front of the dressing table and took down the white silk wrapped around his neck. The long stitched mouth looked ferocious even though it was fine.

stretch out your hand to brush the neck and gently place your index finger on the carotid artery. Where there should have been blood gurgling and a pulse beating hard, there was peace.

she raised her hand and gently removed the veil from her forehead. When she saw the wound in the mirror, she could not help sighing.

more than 20 days have passed. If she is an ordinary person, the wound on her forehead must have scabbed and began to heal. However, her wound seems to be no different from the previous one.

she leaned close to the bronze mirror and examined it carefully. When she examined it carefully, her hands were full of food.

the wound on the forehead is no longer exposed as before, but covered with a thin layer of tender red scab.

she reached out and touched it. It was very soft. Compared with others, this scab is really hard and slow.

however, this has made her happy.

after scabbing, the wound will gradually heal. So, is it possible that this body will have the same temperature and heartbeat as ordinary people one day in the future?

she took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then she sat cross legged on the bed and began her daily practice.

there are many temple fairs in the first month of the year. Just after the first day of the lunar new year, the little ladies and gentlemen in the mansion can't stay. They go shopping and play.

in the past, if he Lingjiang didn't paint, he wouldn't be able to stay idle and would have to run out. Now, she can only stay in the house honestly.

as soon as she opened a book, she heard qiongzhi come in and say, 'seven niangs, Erlang Lord came to see you and said he would play chess with you.'

he Lingjiang put down the book and said, 'please invite uncle two to the small study.'

after that, he asked aman to hold an umbrella.

hexiancheng is sitting in the small study waiting for her. Qiongzhi offered her hot tea and put it on the small table before bending her knees and retreating.

he took a sip of the tea cup at hand and squinted.

when he looked up, he saw he Lingjiang coming. He asked the man who was walking towards the threshold: 'listen to your second aunt, you can't bask in the sun now. Do you even have to avoid walking in your own yard?'

he Lingjiang enters the room, then takes down the power fence on his head and hands it to qiongzhi.

'I feel uncomfortable in the sun, so I have to avoid it more. Doctor Sun said earlier that maybe my skin is suddenly sensitive to the sun.'

'it's said that this symptom only appeared after you came back from Chu mountain?'

'yes. I don't know where I hit when I accidentally fell off the cliff. When I woke up, I felt sick all over.'

hexiancheng stroked the short beard under his chin: 'it's not a big problem, so Jiang shouldn't worry too much.'

he then asked, 'do you really remember what happened that day?'

he Lingjiang shook his head: 'I don't remember. I don't know which month or year I can remember.'

'however, the second uncle is right. Apart from the inconvenience of daily travel, these are not major problems. If you encounter people or things you don't remember, there is also a maid nearby to remind you. It doesn't matter.'

'ha ha! Ha, that's right. That's what we need to think.'

he Lingjiang asked him strangely, 'uncle two is not busy today. Why are you free to play chess with me?'

'your second aunt took Yun Rou and them to a foreign house. I have nothing to do. I just came to play chess with you. We haven't played chess for a long time. Come on, let me see if your chess skills have improved.'

as he said, he had put it on the chessboard.

he Lingjiang nodded his head and sat upright in front of the small table.

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