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Chapter 191 big tree

After a night of renovation, he Ling and Jiang Tong and he Zheng entered the dense forest again.

at this time, they have the root bug in their hands, and it is easy to distinguish the direction.

when he was about to leave the dense forest, he Lingjiang ordered He Zheng to stop.

'I don't know if there is the eyeliner of priest Bimo outside the forest. Please wait here and I'll have a look.'

he Lingjiang, holding the root worm, poked out of the dense forest. At this time, the sky was already covered with red clouds, and it was getting late.

however, the sky was not completely dark after all, and Bimo wanted to avoid the people, but he did not appear at this time.

she returned to the dense forest again and led He Zheng out across the forest border.

He Zheng looked around the dense forest, and there was no one there.

apart from Bimo, no one knew that the seven maidens still had a root bug in their hands, and even less did they expect that they would enter the Roga department again.

if they sneak into Ailao Mountain through the village of Roga department after nightfall, they will be silent and will not disturb anyone.

'seven maidens, do you really want to go to the shrine with the Bimo priest first?'

the seven maidens are not afraid of insects. They might as well show up later. Bimo can't do anything about her, let alone think that they have entered Ailao Mountain.

the best way for them to avoid Bimo is to enter Ailao Mountain without anyone noticing.

he Lingjiang gently rubbed the insect on his left arm: 'it's natural to bypass Bimo and go straight to Ailao Mountain. But I can't figure out what his previous calculations were.'

'I'm such a person...' she looked at the village from afar and squinted. 'I don't like others to calculate on me.'

their party, from Linchuan to Yinsheng, and then to Luojia department, should be unknown.

but nabima just heard that Yanxiang had brought them to the stronghold, so she suddenly popped up and tried to lure her into the Roga department again.

he'd better not pay any attention to death, otherwise, she won't kill him in reverse.

'Bimo lured me into the stronghold to avoid the people in the Roga department. In this case, nobody knows about this.'

'I will follow his wishes and leave quietly. When we know the cause and effect, we will make plans.'

in short, after joining the Roga department this time, she won't be expelled so easily. She must go to Ailao Mountain to find out the truth of the map.

He Zheng is carrying a package on his back, which contains things for entering the mountain.

he Lingjiang wanted to ask him to enter Ailao Mountain first. At the place they marked last time, she would meet him after she had solved Bimo.

however, he Zheng is worried that if there is an accident, it will be bad.

'seven maidens, your subordinates are still not far away. Follow them from afar.'

'although your methods are powerful, and you have a ruler following you, you don't know Bimo after all. My subordinates follow you. If anything happens, I can help you.'

he Lingjiang thought a little and accepted his proposal.

although her present body is not as strong as before when she encounters a little sunlight, she is afraid of light after all. She still needs to be careful to avoid light in daytime.

it's better to have He Zheng follow.

since you have decided to enter the shrine first to explore Bimo's plan, it's not convenient to carry these things on your back.

he Lingjiang looked at him, found a remote place, hid the thing, and then hid there, completely hiding his breath.

he Lingjiang went a little farther and sat down with a stone.

she lifted up her sleeves and kneaded the formula in her right hand, which untied the restrictions on the insects on her left arm.

because the blood is too cold, the insect is not bound, still dormant in its place and motionless.

he Lingjiang even slightly pricked the insect to make it recover some vitality in order to avoid Bimo's detection.

then, she sat quietly in her place and waited for Bimo to come.

the red clouds gradually darkened, and the last ray of the setting sun disappeared in the sky.

she put away her umbrella, put it at hand, and watched the sky getting darker and darker.

from afar, the people in the village are already lit by stars.

after waiting for about an hour, I heard the subtle sound of clothes rubbing in the heavy night.

he Lingjiang just didn't realize it. When the man came to him, he looked up and stood up in surprise: 'priest!'

the man who came was the priest Bimo.

however, this time he wore a black robe to avoid being noticed.

seeing he Lingjiang coming according to his agreement, he gently blew to the dog: 'my maiden keeps her promise.'

he Lingjiang smiled and said, 'I'm waiting for the holy fruit to cure my illness. Naturally, I'll come as agreed.'

after that, she pointed to herself: 'can the priest take out this insect? It's in my body. I always feel a little afraid.'

'the woman is really a little timid. For 74 tribes of wuman and Baiman, this insect is not common?'

he Lingjiang curled his lips and said: 'I am naturally not afraid of planting it on others. But now this insect is on me, and I always feel a little hairy.'

Bimo smiled at the words, and his pale and indifferent face also had a little more common feeling: 'don't worry, madam. I will certainly get rid of this insect for you before you leave the stronghold. But now, don't mention it first...'

'OK...' he Lingjiang's voice was faint. After all, anyone who has a insect in his body will feel uncomfortable.

Bimo just didn't notice her gloom and said quietly: 'go, I'll take you to the shrine.'

'the sacred tree of our family grows here. The sacred fruit is ripe and will be picked in two days to sacrifice to the mountain.'

'holy fruit!'

he Lingjiang's stuffy feeling was immediately swept away, and his face was happy again.

Bimo lowered his eyes to collect her expression, but he was relieved.

he Lingjiang followed him all the way, but found that this path was not the path that the lithofacies had taken them to the village before.

Bimo led her, not through the village, but around the village a few times, and then came to the place where the shrine was located through a hidden path.

the shrine is located in the easternmost part of the whole Roga, covering an extremely wide area. It backs on Ailao Mountain, and is guarded by the residence of the elders of the clan in front of it.

ordinary people are not allowed to enter unless it is an important event in the family or the permission of the priest.

the place where he Lingjiang is standing at this time is the back of the shrine.

only a few feet away is the cliff of Ailao Mountain.

she raised her neck and squinted slightly to see Ailao Mountain. The towering cliffs soared into the sky and were hidden in the night, making people unable to see the end.

the location of this shrine was chosen very well.

it is extremely difficult for anyone to enter without permission in front, back, left and right.

Bimo led her through a secret passage and into the shrine.

Xu told me in advance that there was no trace of anyone else in the shrine.

the temple in the center should be the place where he prayed and sacrificed all his days. At this time, the lights are bright and the courtyard is bright.

in front of the hall, a towering tree stands quietly in the night.

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