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Chapter 192 Worship

He Lingjiang's eyes brightened when he said, 'is this a holy tree?'

Bimo nodded slightly, walked up to the tree, and looked up at the huge tree that has been nearly a hundred years.

he Lingjiang also hurried forward. In the light of the lights, he did see several red fruits hidden among the thick branches and leaves.

she looked at it intently, and even could see a thin layer of fluorescent light lingering around it, which was also tinged with light powder.

such fruits are really unprecedented.

he Lingjiang murmured: 'this is the holy fruit... It is really beautiful...

' at this time, it is not the best time for the holy fruit. ' Bimo took his hand and looked at the fruit on the tree.

he Ling Jiang Wenyan turned his head: 'when is the best time? But the best time to pick the sacred fruit is the day before the mountain sacrifice?'

Bimo turned his eyes and looked at her under the tree: 'when there is a chance, naturally it is the best time to pick the holy fruit...'

under the light of the lamp, the light in his eyes was beating slightly, faintly and elegantly, making people unable to guess the look.

he Lingjiang didn't understand what he said, so he didn't ask him any more. Instead, he stepped forward and slightly rubbed the huge trunk of the Holy tree.

after a hundred years of wind and frost, the epidermis of the trunk has formed deep or shallow scabs.

if a holy tree can bear such fruits, it should have some spirit.

however, the moment she touched the trunk again, she could not help frowning.

he Lingjiang looked up again, looked at the luxuriant tree crown and the pink holy fruit on it, and walked around the Holy tree twice.

Bimo was curious and happy when she first saw the Holy tree and fruit, but it didn't stop her.

it was not until he felt it was getting late that he said to he Lingjiang: 'it's dark now. Go and have a rest first.'

he Lingjiang took back his hand as if nothing had happened, followed Bimo around the central shrine, and walked not far back to his residence.

the house arranged by Bimo for her is in his own courtyard, only one room away from his own bedroom.

if it is in the big week, it is naturally extremely unreasonable to treat female guests in this way.

however, at this time, it was in the open Nanzhao, and Bimo didn't want others to know that she was in the temple, so he arranged her nearby, and he could rest assured.

Bimo pushed the door open and said to Heling Jiang, 'you can stop here for a while. In my courtyard, no one is allowed to enter on weekdays.'

'but for the sake of safety, you'd better not step out of the door in the daytime, so as not to be seen by the people in the temple and lead to trouble for nothing.'

he Lingjiang nodded, went into the room and looked around, and saw that the interior was clean.

'how should I arrange my diet?'

'I'll send it to you.' Bimo said, 'after tomorrow, it's the mountain sacrifice ceremony. After that, I'll give you a sacred fruit to cure your hidden diseases. Just wait.'

he Lingjiang nodded. There were food and drink here, so she acted according to Bimo's words.

after he wants to sacrifice the mountain, he can know what attention he will pay.

one day passed quickly. On that day, he Lingjiang never stepped out of the house as Bimo said.

in the evening, after holding back all the people in the shrine, Bimo carried a tray to the gate of helingjiang, which was covered with a piece of silk cloth.

he Lingjiang opened the silk cloth and saw a plain dress on it.

the clothes are new at first sight. They are made of cotton and hemp. They feel soft.

it is different from the clothes often worn by Nanzhao people or batik or embroidery, and also from the narrow sleeves often worn by barbarian women.

the clothes are all plain white without any other color all over the body. The clothes are loose, and the long large sleeves just hang down to the train.

he Lingjiang looked at Bimo's white priest's robe. It seemed that the robe was similar to what he wore. It looked like it was worn for sacrifice.

facing her puzzled eyes, Bimo put the tray on the table indifferently: 'tomorrow is the mountain sacrifice ceremony, and the holy fruit is the most precious sacrifice.'

'you are a foreigner. If you want to take the holy fruit, you need to clean your clothes and worship the Holy tree and fruit in advance.'

he Lingjiang naturally has no doubts.

since we have to worship the Holy tree, it's not good to have poisonous insects in our bodies.

Bimo stretched out his hand, drew out the poisonous insects in her body, and then led her to the place to bathe.

in the shrine, there is a place for people to bathe.

she followed Bimo all the way. There was no one in the huge shrine, as if she and Bimo were the only two.

he Ling's eyes flickered slightly, but he didn't ask anything.

when she got to the bathroom door, she pushed the door in and saw the fog in the bath. The air suddenly circulated, driving the lights in the room to sway gently.

the room is not big, except for the soup pool in the middle, there is only a small couch beside it for people to have a rest.

the surrounding windows are tightly closed, without any gaps.

the tip of her eyebrows is slightly raised without any trace.

'you clean your body and change clothes first, then sit on the couch and wait. After that, I will take you to worship in front of the Holy tree.' Bimo said this and took the door for her.

he Lingjiang walked slowly to the small couch. There was a small incense burner on the side of the couch. At the moment, fragrance was rising.

she leaned over slightly and took a light sniff, which made her feel the fragrance faint.

he Lingjiang frowned, took a few steps back, and then went to the bath. He leaned over slightly and lifted up the water in the bath to have a look.

the bath soup was warm, the water was transparent and clear, and she felt it at her fingertips. She smelled it close to the tip of her nose, but she didn't find anything wrong.

she has a number in her mind. When she reaches the rear window, she gently pushes the window open through a gap, then points to the key and outlines it slightly.

He Zheng, hidden not far away, suddenly moved when he fell into the bamboo ball at his waist, and then flapped his wings and bumped in the bamboo ball.

the small bamboo balls are floating, and they shake when they hit them.

this worm belongs to Princess Yinsheng and was taken away by chikuo.

when entering the Luojia department, he Lingjiang specially found two larger ones, planted marks on them, put them in bamboo balls, and gave them to He Zheng.

if something happens and he Zheng needs to be summoned to the hidden place, she will urge the marks in the insect's body to agitate and stir up, so as to inform He Zheng.

He Zheng got the news and looked around warily. Only then did he carefully approach the window.

'seven maidens.'

he Lingjiang whispered through the crack in the window, 'go and secretly ask Yan Xiang to come to the shrine. He said that there might be news about his A-Mei here.'

as she spoke, she slipped a message note from the window crack to him, which said to the lithofacies in Nanzhao language.

He Zheng's Nanzhao language is not authentic. Because of this, he never spoke a word when he entered the Luojia department. Lithofacies only thought that he was a miserably dumb protector.

'remember to bring people quietly, and don't make any noise.'

'also, if you don't have my orders later, you can't be impulsive, let alone take any action. Just remember, I have plans in mind, and nothing can happen.'

although he Zheng didn't know what she wanted to do, he nodded and took the order.

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