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Chapter 193 Human sacrifice

He Lingjiang had a vague guess about Bimo's plan, so he took a serious and quick bath.

then, she changed into her broad plain robe, hid her belongings in a place close to her body that was not easy to see, and sat on the couch in front of the window, closing her eyes and meditating.

the branches of trees outside the window are reflected obliquely on the window, silent.

the censer at her feet, smoke curling up, and the fragrance dribbling toward her nose.

the body that had been sitting upright unexpectedly tilted up unconsciously and finally leaned against the window.

except for the subtle breathing sound, the room is silent.

after about a stroke of incense, footsteps came from far and near.

the footstep stopped in front of the door. It seemed that someone was standing in front of the door and listening attentively.

after half a cup of tea, the door opened with a squeak.

the broad robe slides gently over the threshold, and the footsteps get closer and closer, and then he stands still in front of he Lingjiang.

he looked down at her for a long time, then called softly: 'wake up, it's time to worship the Holy tree.'

he Lingjiang seems to have never heard of him. His breath is deep and long, and he seems to have fallen into sleep.

the man waited for a few more moments, bent down slightly, and held her horizontally.

before he went far, he Lingjiang felt that he had been laid down flat. His body was hard and cold.

sometimes there is a breeze, which gently blows across the surface.

this should be outside the house.

after Bimo put her down, he stepped back a few steps. Then he picked up the copper bell beside the desk and shook it. At his feet, he Lingjiang was lying in the middle.

he Lingjiang closed her eyes, and there was a sound of copper bells ringing in her ears. Then, the ancient and mysterious spell slowly flowed out, and it faintly echoed in her ears.

I don't know how long later, the spell stopped, and the copper bell gradually stopped.

in a trance, the night wind rolled her broad sleeves and brushed her face coolly. Someone came up again.

he Lingjiang opened her eyes violently, and saw a flash of light in front of her. She rolled over to avoid and fell to the ground.

'stabbed!' The sharp dagger fell into the air and scratched on the stone table, making a harsh sound.

he Lingjiang propped himself on the ground with one hand, and then he saw that he was under the Holy tree in front of the temple.

however, I don't know when there are candle lights on the ground, and hundreds of candles are placed in a mysterious array.

there is a stone table in the middle, from which I just fell.

beside the stone table stood Bimo in a plain white robe.

he has a little cinnabar in the middle of his eyebrows and a thin blade in his right hand. When he sees he Lingjiang suddenly wake up, he can't help but be shocked, and then he smiles indifferently.

'you woke up early. Was it just that you pretended to be dizzy?'

he Lingjiang stared at him closely and asked, 'what are you doing?'

Bimo took back his thin blade, bowed his head and lightly brushed his sleeve: 'as you can see, I'm just going to sacrifice trees.'

he Lingjiang glanced at the stone table and looked at the thin blade in his hand: 'but you look like you want to kill me.'

Bimo smiled softly: 'there is no conflict between the two. I just sacrifice your life to the tree.'

he Lingjiang's eyes narrowed slightly. If so, no wonder she felt a trace of blood when she touched the Holy tree last night.

'you belong to Yin. The blood in your body is most suitable for watering the Holy tree.'

Bimo raised his head, looked at the rich crown of the tree and smiled: 'this body can't be wasted. It's wonderful to be buried under this holy tree and just make it fat.'

he Lingjiang couldn't help but feel cold. It turns out that Bimo paid so much attention to it?

it's a good plan to sacrifice people for trees.

he Lingjiang thought of the two girls who had disappeared in the Roga department for two years. The time when they disappeared was almost the same time.

her eyes trembled: 'Magnolia and A-Mei of rock facies are under this tree now?'

Bimo opened his eyes and smiled softly: 'you are smart.'

if so!

he Lingjiang can't help feeling sorry when he thinks of the crazy aunt Magnolia and the petroglyph of finding A-Mei for a year.

she stood up, and the night wind did not know when it was strong. She rolled up her clothes and swayed slightly in the wind.

'since the priest wants to sacrifice me to the tree, can I die to understand? This is the holy fruit that can cure all kinds of diseases according to the legend of the Roga department. It really needs human blood to irrigate it?'

'well, you came with the holy fruit in mind. Now, I will let you die to understand.'

Bimo's expression could not help but feel lost: 'the sacred tree and fruit of our nation are naturally not those that draw people's blood. It's a pity that...

' as time goes by, this tree may also be decaying and withering day by day. '

about five years ago, the fruit of the Holy tree was getting less and less spiritual. Until three years ago, the spiritual spirit was so thin that it was almost the same as ordinary fruit.

before the specific day of mountain sacrifice every year, the holy fruit will grow to the best maturity for people to sacrifice the mountain.

however, at that time, and on the day of sacrifice to the mountain, the holy fruit did not mature.

people in the shrine are all frightened, and even he has a lot of uneasiness in his heart.

sacred fruit sacrifice is a custom of the Roga department for a hundred years. Because of this, the Roga Department has had good weather and no disasters in the past hundred years.

however, if the sacred fruit is not ripe and the sacrificial ceremony is delayed, no one can tell what the consequences will be.

Bimo locked himself in the room for three days and three nights. He looked through the family's Classics and found a way to accelerate maturation.

holy fruit is born by accumulating the spirit of heaven and earth, absorbing the Qi of the sun, moon, stars, wind, frost, rain and dew, and deriving the power of life.

if the spirit of life can also be sacrificed, it can replenish its spirit and accelerate the ripening of the holy fruit overnight.

among the many spirits of life in nature, human beings are the most advanced creatures, deriving seven emotions and six desires, and giving birth to the heart of wisdom.

it is best to sacrifice human life and water it with human blood.

among them, the girl with the most pure spirit in the world should be a girl of 14 or 15 years old. Women belong to Yin, and the girl whose fate belongs to Yin is the best.

when he had a way, he started to do it.

Bimo is a priest in the stronghold. He can easily know the birth date of any girl in the stronghold.

therefore, the first one to disappear is Yuxiu.

she went to collect herbs in the mountains and disappeared. Her grandmother became delirious as a result.

only two days after the sacrifice, people in the village are allowed to come and go to worship the Holy tree in the temple.

somehow, aunt Yuxiu pulled out a ring that had fallen off her hand under the tree and began to clamor for someone else.

fortunately, he said that Yu Xiu had been here before, and maybe it was the one who fell here that covered up the past.

she was so crazy and insisted on finding children. Bimo used some means to make her crazy more seriously.

next, there is the lithofacies A-Mei.

like Yuxiu, A-Mei of petrology is a Yin person. Bimo naturally followed her in the second year and took her away before sacrificing to the mountain.

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