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Chapter 194 Used

He Lingjiang listened to him and told him what he had done without shame.

she couldn't help getting angry: 'are you willing to kill innocent people just for these fruits?'

'if there is no sacred fruit on the sacrificial mountain, it is the sacrifice to look for. Why must human life be used to hasten the birth?'

Bimo said indifferently: 'we in the Roga department have sacrificed holy fruits for a hundred years. If we touch the mountain god, who can bear the consequences?'

he Lingjiang sneered and asked, 'since the mountain god is the spirit of protecting the people, how can he allow others to kill people without authorization?'

'you keep talking about mountain gods, but in Ailao Mountain, do you really breed gods?'

mountains and stones are also natural things. They have been supported by people for a long time. Because of the people's incense and faith, they may be able to breed spirituality, which is the mountain god.

however, such opportunities are hard to find after all. It is a great blessing that one of them can be derived over thousands of years.

unlike plants, flowers and birds, fish, insects, animals and birds, mountains and stones are born without the power of life. It is almost impossible to cultivate wisdom through their own power.

it is also hundreds and thousands of times more difficult than other creatures to turn into spirits through the power of people's incense and belief.

because of this, there are countless villagers and people in the world who are enveloped in mountain gods, but few can really sprout mountain gods in their mountains.

it has been only a hundred years since the Roga Department moved to the foot of Ailao Mountain. Before that, although Ailao Mountain covered a large area, there were few people in a hundred Li radius, let alone people who sincerely believed in it.

it was the Roga department who came here and began to believe in this mountain. In the vast universe, this hundred years is just a snap of the fingers.

the probability of actually giving birth to mountain spirits is extremely small.

to put it another way, even if there is a mountain spirit, the sacred fruit used as a sacrifice is suddenly stained with the blood and life of the people she protects. If the mountain spirit is really intelligent, how can it accept the sacrifice with indifference and peace of mind?

those who believe in mountain gods have opened up her spirituality and provided her with an endless force of faith for her to gradually grow stronger. On the other hand, she ate the blood of the believers and took the lives of the believers.

this practice is not easy between heaven and earth. Even if she has a spirit, she will be eaten back.

according to the people of the Roga tribe, even in the past two years, Ailao Mountain has stood silently in the world, and there have been no major disasters in their tribe.

this is unreasonable.

the idea of mountain gods should only be their belief. In fact, mountain spirits have never really been bred in the Ailao Mountain.

Bimo, as a priest, should know all about this, but he keeps talking about the mountain god.

he Lingjiang narrowed his eyes and looked deeply at Bimo: 'I'm afraid that you didn't give birth to the holy fruit for sacrificing the mountain, but for other purposes?'

how could she think of this?

Bimo's face showed surprise: 'you are really much smarter than I thought.'

in Ailao Mountain, he could not be clearer whether there was really a mountain god living here.

this holy tree was long here before the Roga Department moved here. From its appearance, it was hundreds of years old at that time.

because I grew up in this desolate place, I got the essence of the sun, the moon, the rain and the dew all the year round, and finally gave birth to some spirituality. The fruit I produced is where my spirituality lies.

the people of the Roga tribe all use it as a sacred offering to the mountain.

as long as the holy fruit leaves the tree, its aura will dissipate between heaven and earth in a moment.

all previous priests used secret methods to seal up the holy fruit after it was picked.

when the sacrificial ceremony is in progress, the seal is untied and its spirit is released to the heaven and earth, which is to be sacrificed to the mountain god for his enjoyment.

however, a few years ago, after the last generation of priests left, Bimo took over his post, but his mind was moved.

it's a pity that such holy spirit should be sacrificed to the mountain who doesn't know when it will give birth to wisdom. It's better to take it and keep it for your own use.

when picking the sacred fruit, all the highly respected people in the clan must be present, and then the head of the clan should personally hold it and bring it to the altar.

however, at the beginning of the sacrificial ceremony, except for the priest himself, all the people in the village had to stand far away from the stage and could not see the situation on the stage.

Bimo took the opportunity to replace the holy fruit with a fake one he had prepared in advance.

in this way, the three sacred fruits will belong to him and be used for his cultivation.

it is also by virtue of this holy fruit that his secret arts can be refined so fast.

he Lingjiang looked at his pale young face, and the corners of his eyes narrowed slightly. 'I heard from Yan Xiang that this year, priest, you are already in the year of knowing the destiny of heaven. Is it possible that your secret skill is the skill of keeping your appearance?'

'the art of beauty retention?' Bimo seemed to laugh when he heard something funny.

'it's made of the essence of human blood and the spirit of holy fruit. It's as bright as rosy clouds. It's light to take, and it can keep your face from getting old. It's immortality and anti-aging medicine that everyone wants...'

'but what does it mean to a person who practices art?'

Bimo stopped laughing, and seemed to have a little resentment on his face: 'what I'm looking for is just that I hope my magic can reach the peak.'

'however, this secret medicine, which has been painstakingly condensed, is only half as beneficial to people as I expected in terms of technique, and it has been used to improve appearance and prolong life.'

even so, it is much faster than my boring practice day after day and year after year.

he touched his face and said: 'staying in Rongrong for a long time is not a bad thing. At least the clansmen look up to me and fear me more when they see that I am not old. My skill is profound...'

'as long as I live long enough, this skill is gradual, and one day I will reach the peak...'

since he joined the previous priest to practice witchcraft, he has often been rejected for his ordinary talent. It is a world-wide difference from the elder martial brother who is beside the priest.

what elder martial brother can understand at a glance always takes him ten times or a hundred times to understand.

elder martial brother can learn this little skill once, but he has to practice it ten times and a hundred times.

he was unconvinced. Would he have to be crushed by his senior brother all his life, and never be able to turn over because of his unusual talent?

but even if he tries harder, the gap between him and his senior brother is still growing.

seeing that the priest was about to choose the successor, he suddenly had a plan in his mind. He deliberately deceived his senior brother to the high cliff in Ailao Mountain, saying that there was a rare spirit grass in that dangerous place.

elder martial brother really believed it. He did a little trick. Since then, there has been no such person in the world.

the title of the priest's successor can only fall to him.

then, he is practicing step by step to this day with the power of the holy fruit.

the old priest stood in front of him again and said that he had ordinary talent and could not compare with senior brother. He could easily knock him down.

Bimo couldn't help closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. A smile appeared on his face, as if he was enjoying the blissful feeling of his shame.

he Lingjiang's eyes were frozen. He suddenly burst out, spun out the short blade in his sleeve, and stabbed Bimo fiercely.

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